Blind Date 5/29-6/4

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Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby Brian » Tue May 29, 2007 8:17 am

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Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby Brian » Tue May 29, 2007 8:17 am

You've been going through a dry spell in the dating department, so you've been set up on a blind date. You're asked to meet this stranger at the food court in your local mall. When the date arrives you're shocked to find out that it's a famous fictional character. Describe the scene (who's the mystery date, how did you react and what happened the rest of the date).

Please limit your response to 500 words or fewer.

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby Leo_Crow » Tue May 29, 2007 9:43 am

I'm so tired of being alone, I finally want to furfil my yearning for a companion in my unoccupied life. But, I don't even know what this persons name is or if their even straight! It could all be a trick as far as I see it.
I got up from my cafiteria chair as I was getting ready to walk right out of that mall. But, in my upruptness at getting out of my chair I picked up my bag by it's bottom, and stared at all my junk spilled out on the floor. My courige for this blind date spilled out with it as I bent over in my blue ripped jeans and picked up all my stuff embaressed at my clumsiness.
Then a man was kind enough to bend over and take the time of his day to help me pick up my make-up supplies that had bine scattered all over the granite floor.
"Looks like you had quite a spill there," The man said as he handed me my eye liner. I pushed a strand of my black hair behind my ear, but as I did the mans voice echoed in my head, I had heard that voice before.
I looked up and as soon as I did I knew who's voice that was, and I stared into those boyish blue eyes."Peter Parker," the man whispered as he gave me a smile, and offered his hand.
" Leo Crow," I whispered as I took his hand in mine.
"Oh you must be her. I haven't have a lot of luck in ya know....girls" He said as he stood up.
"Me nether. But, I meant in guys," I said with a blush,"Then it looks that we will go along perfectly," Screw Mary Jane , He's mine. Man he was so handsome in person, I felt like drooling. Take me to bed Peter Take me to bed, and mind screamed.
"So where are you from?" He asked taking notice of my jamacin accent.
"Oh yes... I am from the caribbean, jomaca in fact," I said as I stared at him through my sea green eyes. " So why did ya choose ta go on na blind date?" I though the question at him, I think to uptruptly."Oh em sorry, I didn mean to go to quick," I said as I blushed a little.
"No no, don't be sorry. You have a right to know," He said as he stared at his hands.

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby irishpisano » Tue May 29, 2007 11:48 am

Reeee-diculous. That’s me in a nutshell, or should I say my waste of a dating life in a nutshell, though one must have a dating life in order to waste it, and I do not. Found out the ex was cheating on me with her ex and had been since we got together. We dated for about a year, and things ended close to six months ago. Imagine that! She dumps him, goes out with me, then keeps sleeping with him for another year! All the while I’m the cuckold who’s doting on her day in and day out, not that she cared. So I ditched the bitch and took a few months off to regroup.
About three months ago I started hitting the dating scene, or rather it hit me… repeatedly… without mercy. Nothing at the bars ever went passed them saying thank you for the drink, and then walking away, or simply ignoring me. The clubs weren’t much better, though I did finagle a one night stand a few times. But they never left me satisfied, in fact they I’m pretty sure I left them unsatisfied as well. Either I was still on the rebound or maybe I was just too pissed off at my life to care. Regardless, after about the third one, I called it quits. I went celibate, like Paul Rudd in 40 Year Old Virgin, though without the psychotic episode where I videotape my ass.
Weekends were Blockbuster rentals and pan-fried pork-chops for me while my friends hit the clubs. Fortunately they didn’t entirely abandon me. Monday night was still football down at the local bar, so I did manage to get out once in a while. And one of them, my old college roommate Ray, even offered to fix me up on a blind date with a girl in a similarly desperate situation. Great, I thought. Two losers moping over dinner feeding off each other’s misery. After a few more weekends of solitude, I gave Ray a call and said I’m in for the date. I had nothing to lose except a few bucks on a decent dinner.
Out came the sport jacket, pants and leather shoes. If I was as desperate as I thought, I might as well make a decent last-ditch effort tonight and spring for dinner at the local three-star restaurant. I might even shave. From what Ray said, this girl didn’t have porn-star quality looks, but wasn’t a heffer either. I guess that’s a good thing. Thankfully he did not say she’s got a good personality. Always a bad thing to hear. And so the night was upon us. I made it to the restaurant, jacket pressed, pants washed, face shaven. Gave my name to the maitre de, who showed me to my table where my date was waiting. Halfway through the dining room I turned and split. Jackass move, I know, but hey… as desperate as I was, there was no way I sitting down with Debby Downer.

---admittedly not my best effort, but hey, when you're typing in spurts at work, whaddaya want?---

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby Leo_Crow » Tue May 29, 2007 1:55 pm

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby arunner » Tue May 29, 2007 4:03 pm

As a rule, blind dates are taboo, but given that summer was creeping in, the fantasy of having someone to share balmy nights with was appealing. With that in mind, I caved and allowed a well-meaning acquaintance to set up a date with a guy I just had to meet. My one stipulation was for the meeting to be in a public venue and that I would receive one emergency call within a half hour of our meeting time.

When I pulled into the mall parking lot, I cursed myself silently for even agreeing to the stupid date. Who would have guessed that Joe would have set up the thing before the weeks end? Whose desperate, I mused, him or I?

Oh well, I thought, here goes nothing and parked at the very edge of the lot to give me scoping time to see if perhaps I could spot my mystery man as I got closer to the food court entrance. The only thing I had to go on was that mystery man had dark, long hair that he wore in dreads. Im all about long hair on a guy, but a bit skeptical of the dreads since I hear they can get pretty nasty with lack of washing. I inched closer to the door but to no avail, I would have to venture inside to meet my mate.

I looked hard through a sea of people, standing in lines, gathered in corners and mingling at tables, for a long hair, Marley type. I was getting no where fast because the food court seemed to be bursting with teens that either where preppy jocks or the wanna be rappers. I checked my cell phone for the time just to see how late I was and to make certain that no one had called with a last minute ditch. As I was putting my phone back in my pocket, I felt a tap on my right shoulder, "excuse me luv, can you share the time?"

I turned around knowing that this had to be him and was shocked to find myself staring into the most piercing dark eyes on screen today.

A hand waved crazily in front of my eyes, "Hello? Time? Got it per chance?" The impatience and comical rudeness confirmed that I indeed had the king of swill right in front of me, dreads and all.

"Uh, ya, looks like it is about 2:35."

"Right. Thanks. Never was one for time, just used the old sun to guide me." Jack titled his head and started to study me with a calculating gaze. "You wouldnt by Rebecca, by chance?"

I had a split second decision, travel the high seas or take the high road. It was tough, but I had dated more than one captain in my time and found that the sea ended up being the only woman that they could be faithful.

"Nope, sorry, my name is Elizabeth."

"Elizabeth? Oh, that name, again!"

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby jestersrevenge » Tue May 29, 2007 6:25 pm

My fourth onion ring… these things don’t have the appeal they once had, but I still shovel in this ketchup laden, deep-fried morsel still regretting the decision. My diet soda is flat; I’ve been sitting here too long. Why does time drudge through the hourglass one grain at a time like it’s a coagulated mud whenever I’m anxious for what’s to come? The bright neon-like colors, fat stripes and rainbow-colored polka dots almost give me a headache. Now I remember why I rarely come to the food court anymore. These cheap mall napkins do nothing to sop up my sweaty forehead. I sure do hope my friend got it right. I told him that I’m not too picky; I just want someone to talk to and become friends with. Age is no barrier and I’m beyond the all superficialities like hair or eye color or weight for that matter. I just need something to quench the dry spell, get me back on my feet. I bide my time day dreaming of past loves, past wants and past what-was-I-thinkings.
A baby’s cry next to me awakens me out of my reminiscence and my ears are filled once again with the steady drone of the mall patrons echoing throughout, loud, constant and incoherent. This break in my meandering recollection allows me once more to raise my chin a little to scan the horizon of bobbing, chattering heads at meal-time. My friend said this mystery date would be wearing a corsage. I have on my baby blue wind breaker. Not the most fashionable article for a first date, but noticeable in a crowd. Surely we won’t be able to miss each other seeing as how we both will be trying to find the other. No luck though, she must be late. I lower my eyes to the remains of my greasy, over-priced distraction.
As I’m about to regret another decision of an onion ring I’m paralyzed by an old, drawn voice from behind me. “You must be the one I’m looking for.”
My stomach tightens as I turn to unveil the mystery. The first thing I see is the corsage, grandiose in its tattered gaudiness. What confuses me is that even though I’m sitting down, the corsage is still in my lower peripheral vision. As the rest of the puzzle is uncovered my mouth dries, my palms sweat and heart begins to quiver in pallid anxiety.
“Mr. Magoo?”
Oh, the humiliation.
“Why yes, young man.” He says attempting to squint through coke-bottled lenses, small animal tugging at a leash on his left hand. “Our mutual friend said you would be the one to help me out with a prostate exam. Although I must say this is quite a busy doctor’s office.”
The only words I could utter were, “Well…” paralyzed with shock.
After a moment of sputtering and stammers I was finally able to vocalize my shaken thoughts into something coherent, only then was I able to introduce myself. After that we were able to talk a bit and following a rather embarrassing procedure (for I had never performed a prostate exam before) right there on the food court table the rest of the date went on without a hitch, full of laughs and high adventure. I'll have to remember to thank my friend later.

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby janersh » Wed May 30, 2007 5:36 pm

Dating bites. Especially when you've been out of circulation for over 12 years, like me. It feels good to be out of a loveless marriage and on my own but lately I've been in need of more conversation and stimulation than talking to my cat while watching old reruns of bad 70's television shows on cable. I guess that's why I jumped at the chance to meet this "really great person" my friend begged to set me up with. Normally, blind dates are not my cup of joe, but hey, we're going to meet in a busy, crowded mall with lots of witnesses should he turn out to be some kind of freak. Or worse, like my ex-husband! Anyway, my friend also claims he has a pretty good, albeit dry sense of humor, is into crime stories and solving mysteries much like myself (I call myself an armchair CSI) and quite a snappy dresser. She told me he's a little older than me but says I'll love his English accent. The biggest bonus about him and what finally prompted me to accept the date is that he's not a sports fan but plays the violin. He gets points for that already! What I'm beginning to wonder, however, is if he's going to blow me off. I've been sitting in this noisy mall food court for almost 45 minutes now. Being late isn't scoring any additional points. At least there are plenty of interesting and bizarre folks to watch while I wait. Like that guy over there in the plaid cape with the fancy ivory pipe hanging from his mouth. He really stands out in a crowd. Wait... is he heading this way? I think so. He looks familiar. Handsome; cultured; suave.
"Excuse me, young lady. Is your name Marie, perhaps?"
"Yes. Yes it is."
"And are you currently waiting for a gentleman caller to join you in a bit of conversation and a bite to eat?"
"Yes. Yes I am. May I ask how you know this?"
"Elementary, my dear Marie."

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby pat roe » Wed May 30, 2007 10:38 pm

Blind Date

Like usual I was running late. but I did overtime in getting myself ready. I spent the afternoon shopping for a sexy dress, had my hair done at the beauty parlor, and spent one hour meticulously putting on my make up. Even if it was a blind date I was going to look my best.

By the time I arrived at the Steam Town Mall I was a half hour past our designated meeting time. Though I was a little worried about being tardy, I told myself it wasn't a job interview and he might as well know something about me from the beginning, I"m always late. If he waited, that in itself would tell me something about him that he wasn't a stickler for being prompt.

As I entered the mall I glanced around. I saw someone that fitted his description standing near the Colonel Sanders food section. He was tall, had black hair and a moustache, much more handsome than I envisioned he would be.

I took a seat at a table near the window overlooking the trains. Within a few seconds he approached me.

"Is your name Charlotte?" he inquired

"Yes, and you must be... then I stopped because I didn't know his name. I was only informed you'll know him by the way he talks.

I started to explain why I was late, but he quickly responded.

"Frankly,my dear I don't give a damn" then he smiled and winked. Please let me introduce myself, My name is Rhett"

I just stared and didn't say anything because thats exactly who he looked like, Rhett Butler. I was in too much awe to even ask his last name.

" I was just about to order some food, are you hungry? he asked "I myself like southern food. So I'll be having the fried chicken."
" I'll have the same" I said

As we ate the chicken he quickly started a conversation with me.

" I'm not from around here, I'm from the south, the state of Georgia. Can you tell me about the trains out in the railroad yards?" he inquired

" The railroad yards have been here ever since I can remember and probably my parents or grand parents can remember. This area was big with King coal at one time. Those yards were first owned by The Delaware,Lackawanna and Western then became the Erie Lackawanna railroad, then they were bought out by Conrail. After Conrail moved out, nothing was going on.Then slowly but surely industry left. It's now the Steam Town Historic Site. It's quite interesting if you like trains or are a railraod buff" I informed him.

"That's the only way I ever traveled, by train or horse." he said, "mostly by horse though. But tell me more, I like trains."

" Well they give guided tours of the railroad yards and excursion tours on either a steam locomotive or a diesel engine, depending on which day you purchase your ticket. Let me see, today is Friday, that would be a ride with a Steam engine pulling the passenger cars."

"Sounds good my dear, if you don't have any plans for this date, could we go on a train ride? I'd like to see more of your area."

"There's more to do than the train ride. The guided tour will take you through the round house. Which houses a collection of Steam locomotives, Diesel electric locomotives, passenger cars and freight cars."

"Diesel Electric locomotives ?" he questioned, his face expressing he didn't understand.

" The guide will explain" was the only thing I could think of to say.

After we finished eating we headed for the ticket master to board a train for scenic tour of the area.

 I could see Rhett truly enjoyed the ride.

"It's been awhile since I've rode on one of these but things haven't changed," he commented, as the whistle blew and smoke poured out from the stack on the engine. I know a little about how these operate, had a friend that was an engineer. He told me one of these locomotives can use about 6 tons of coal in one hour, that's about shoveling 200 lbs. of coal a minute."

"That's why the railroads invented automatic stokers" I replied,smiling.

"My friend neglected to tell me that" he answered

"You have a pretty area here, but you don't seem to have any large willow trees or trees with moss like we have in Georgia"

"No, but we have a lot of white birch trees here"

After our train ride, we then took a guided tour Of Steam Town. Rhett was highly impressed at the information the guide provided.

"This really is railroad country here. Three steam engines that operate. And that Big Boy Locomotive weighing 600 tons. I sure learned a lot I didn't know" he commented.

" This date has been a wonderful experience my dear, if you plan on visiting Georgia here is my card" he smiled, kissed my hand, and tipped his hat to me as he parted.

It read: Rhett Butler, Tara Plantation, Georgia.

No way, was I going there, next I'd probably meet Scarlett.

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby kralph02 » Thu May 31, 2007 5:27 am

I arrived half an hour before my “pre-arranged”(PC for “blind”) date. I was angry at myself for agreeing to do this, excited about meeting someone new, discouraged because I felt fat, hopeful because I was….hopeful.

I thought I looked half way decent, but the damn shoes I was wearing were uncomfortable and unstable – matching not only my outfit but my mental status. By the time I turned my ankle for the third time, I thought I had better sit down. Immediately after sitting, I had to get up again. I was nervous. I needed to pace. I wanted a safety blanket. I wanted to go home.

As my nerves began to unravel, I began eyeballing the vicinity. It was time for him to show, but no one matched the description – tall, lean, salt and pepper hair with an easy gait. My friend said he’d show up in a Hawaiian shirt, sure as the sun rises in the east. He had lovely blue eyes, a wicked sense of humor and authority issues. Right up my alley.

So I paced. I stumbled. I paced. I stumbled. I’m surprised no one gave me a horse tranquilizer and tried to put me out of my misery. Finally, the inevitable happened. My ankle went north, my leg went south and my body hit the tile with all the grace of The Beverly Hillbillies Christmas Show. I let out a holler that silenced the entire ground floor of the mall. I didn’t care. It hurt. I hollered again, took both shoes off and flung them far and wide.

“Let me help you,” a man finally said. He kneeled down beside me. “I’m a doctor….and I don’t just play one on tv.”

I didn’t look at him. I didn’t need jokes.

“Really…I’m a doctor. M.D….Me, Doctor.”

I grabbed my ankle protectively. “You don’t touch one inch of me until I see your medical license.”

He leaned back with a sly grin, whipped out his wallet and began furiously pulling everything out. Business cards. Pieces of paper. Pictures. Lint.

He gave me a little poke to get my attention. He placed the lint over his lip in a mock mustache. “What are you doing for Lint?” he asked coyly, one eyebrow raised.

Then I saw him. Salt and pepper hair. Warm blue eyes that stared right into you….a killer smile and a Hawaiian shirt. He gently ran his delicate hands from my calf to my ankle. No words would come out of my mouth as I realized he was my date. I was not about to question any part of this. This, I would accept unconditionally as a gift from above and keep my suspicious, smart ass mouth shut.

“My Dear,” he announced with pride, helping me to stand. “you are just fine.”

“But my ankle -- it still hurts…” I squeaked out, staring at him.

“Oh, your ankle is probably broken, but your throwing arm is perfect.”

I leaned into Hawkeye Pierce, M.D. and limped away.


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