Starring In Your Movie ... 08/01-08/07

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RE: Starring In Your Movie ... 08/01-08/07

Postby m.l.scion » Tue Aug 08, 2006 5:08 am

The stars of my movie would include a collective of people in the hip hop community:

Myself: Christina Milian
Hubby: T.I.
Brother: Xzibit
Brother-in-law: Young Jeezy

It's strange and pretty interesting how these stars resemble my family!


M.L. Scion

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RE: Starring In Your Movie ... 08/01-08/07

Postby SilverCrow » Tue Aug 08, 2006 8:01 am

Me: Kevin Nash (pro wrestler) minus about 6 inches

Dad: older Viggo Mortensen

Mom: Kathy Bates

Granny: Granny from Beverly Hillbillies (No Lie)

Wife: Drew Barrymore or Renee Russo

Daughter: E.T. Drew Barrymore

Son: Blonde Opie

Ex Wife: Jaime Presley(with MUCH smaller breasts)

Sister: Mina Suvari(sp?)

Brother: Eric Stoltz

Paw Paw: Marlon Brando (minus a hundred pounds)

Best friend in NC: Young Gregg Allman

BFinNC's wife: Angie Harmon

Bandmate Harley: Arn Anderson (pro wrestler from the 80's) with less teeth and hairier back

Bandmate Reno:  taller Bernie from weekend at Bernie's

Bandmate JB: shorter David Caruso with a Sam Elliot moustache

Uncle Bill: thick, white Richard Pryor

Now give all of them a West Virgina/NC drawl and we're ready to go to the movies

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RE: Starring In Your Movie ... 08/01-08/07

Postby desertrose » Thu Aug 10, 2006 10:21 am

Late as usual...but I still wanted to have with this.

Denis Leary as husband if I play the leading role of myself. (For the love scenes) blush
Randy Quaid if Mare Winningham plays me. We look nothing alike but I think she’s a great actress and she’s my age.

Sarah Rose Karr (youngest girl in the Beethoven movies) daughter #1

Alison Porter (the girl from Curly Sue) daughter #2

Haley Joel Osmet (“I see dead people”) for my son.

James Con, in older appearance, for my dad.
Betty White for my step-mom.

Jane Alexander would be my mom.

Sissy Spaceck would be my neurotic sister.

Kathy Bates would be my best friend. (She’s often told she resembles her)


RE: Starring In Your Movie ... 08/01-08/07

Postby ntdramamama88 » Thu Dec 07, 2006 3:06 am

The cast to the movie of my life:

Me: Drew Barrymore

Boyfriend: Channing Tatum

Dad: Adam Sandler

Mom: Jamie Lee Curtis

Brother: Johnny Knoxville

Best Friend #1: Ashlee Simpson

Best Friend #2: Jessica Simpson


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