Declaring Independence 07/04-07/10

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Declaring Independence 07/04-07/10

Postby Brian » Mon Jul 03, 2006 5:14 am

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Declaring Independence 07/04-07/10

Postby Brian » Mon Jul 03, 2006 5:14 am

It's Independence Day, which celebrates the day America declared its independence from Britain. Write about the day you declared independence from your parents. If you can't remember, be creative.

Please limit your response to 500 words or fewer.

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RE: Declaring Independence 07/04-07/10

Postby jmar2 » Mon Jul 03, 2006 12:50 pm

Jimmy couldn’t believe it. They had grounded him. Sixteen years old, been throwin’ a paycheck into the pot every week since he was twelve, and they grounded him. It wasn’t even for anything real; a dammed ‘F’ in Polymorphic Bionics. How was he to know the Principal had an unshielded ocular device? Besides, it isn’t like it was permanently damaged, and he did offer to repair it.

“Well they can just kiss my clone!” he mentally shouted to himself. He was outta there. A shuttle was leaving tonight for the Andromeda Galaxy and he intended to be on it. Let them try to ground that. It was time he left home anyway. Family - who needs them!


The voice alarm awoke Mr. And Mrs. Gillespie at 3:30 locals Mars time. “Official personnel are at the airlock, they request you both be present and allow them to enter.”

‘Big Ed’ Gillespie managed to knock the alarm onto the floor during its third repetition. He almost had made it back to sleep when his ears popped with the air pressure change that accompanied all airlock entries. He immediately thought of a meteor strike, then realized that his wife, Vera was not lying there beside him. He heard voices, then heard his wife screaming.

Staggering awake, he stumbled into the living dome and saw two SecBots holding a small male body. He felt his heart swell up into his throat and turned his head away, vomiting onto the living, green, algae covered floor.
“Wha-How”, was as far as he got. A small dark female stepped from behind the SecBots, wearing the official uniform of the Port Patrol.

“Mr. And Mrs. Gillespie. We are so sorry. Your son was trying to sneak aboard the Andromeda shuttle. You know the last thing a shuttle does before lift-off, is to vent all exhaust tubes. The Martian sand is so fine, it gets into everything.”

‘Big Ed’ managed to croak out, “Wha-what happened?”

“Your son was standing directly under the port exhaust vent when the crew purged it. SecBot #7346 saw him and sacrificed itself to try and reach the boy, but it was too late. His suit was sand blasted open in a thousand places and he immediately decompressed. Again, I’m so sorry. If it’s all right, the SecBots will take him to processing while still fresh.  He has a lot of nutrient value and Mars needs all the help she can get.”

Vera scrambled over to her husband who wrapped her into his arms and then nodded to the uniformed officer.
“He was a good boy, he’d want to help. Always was independent and always wanted to be on his own. Could, could you use him in the arboretum? He liked to go there to study.”

The officer nodded and with her SecBots, turned and entered the airlock. With a soft whoosh and a slight popping of ears, Jimmy Gillespie was finally free.

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RE: Declaring Independence 07/04-07/10

Postby Breeze61 » Wed Jul 05, 2006 12:42 pm

Washington's Union Station was quiet and almost empty - it was Saturday and the crush of weekday communters had been replaced by tourists and the occasional maid or gardener headed for the suburbs. The American propensity for sneakers muffled even those few footsteps as I stood with my father at the coffe shop counter. My neck itched. I hated wearing ties, but the Army's Class A uniform included one.
"Looks like the train's on time for once," my father said, looking over my shoulder at the departure board.
I didn't even turn. "Of course. The one day I could stand for it to be late."
"It's not like you're going to be gone that long. You'll earn a few days leave by Christmas."
"Yeah, but that's a long ways off."
My father smiled. "Nervous?"
"Of course. You know me."
An amplified and slightly distorted female voice intoned "Amtrak's Capitol Limited to Chicago. All aboard."
I tossed my still-full cup into the trash can. "That's me." I hoisted my duffle bag onto my shoulder and we turned and walked towards the gates.
My father put his hand on my shoulder. He looked older; though taller than me, he looked smaller than I had ever seen him.
"Good luck," he said. "Call me when you get to Colorado."
"I can probably call you in Chicago when I change trains." He shook his head.
"Nah, I'll be busy."
Now a human voice, male and commanding, sang out, "Booooaaard!"
"You have to go." He put out his hand. I don't think I had ever shaken my father's hand.
"I'm proud of you," he said.
I didn't have a response, so I muttered a thank-you and moved towards the train.
I was almost out of earshot when I heard a soft "I love you".
I turned and saw a tear on his cheek, moving slowly towards his smile.
"Love you too, old man." I gave what I thought was a "manly" wave, and the conductor grabbed my bag as I climbed into the car. I found my roomette just as the train lurched, pulling me away from the man I had aspired to be and towards the man I was about to become.


RE: Declaring Independence 07/04-07/10

Postby kitty05158 » Wed Jul 05, 2006 7:11 pm

So, there I was, about seven years old laying in bed awake as usual. I know I was around seven because I was in the Via Del Sol house and in the back facing room. Man that house was big. I think I was thinking over my recent notions of running away while every once in a while petting my new kitty, Spaz, lying next to me. A few times when I got really mad, I would lay out my yellow blanket on the floor, fill it up with the essentials ( a few stuffed animals, a book, and an apple ), and then gather it up and throw it over my shoulder. I never had the guts to really leave though, and would just sit and eat the apple instead.

My cat was purring loudly and he was just so cute. My sister and me had really used our best powers of persuasion to do it. There had been some people giving away the kittens from a box in the front of the grocery story the time we had just so happened to be on the grocery trip with our mom. Amanda being the gutsy one asked if we could go look at them while mom was shopping. So we went and found the cutest gray striped kitten we had ever seen. We went back to our mom and told her all about him, but she was still hesitant, so we ran back out for some convincing facts. By the time our mom reached the checkout counter we had, more like my sister had, worked up a scheme. Amanda told mom all the great facts while I agreed and did my sweetest pouty/smiley face. It worked like a charm. At first we called the cat Sebastian, sticking to the "s" names of our first two cats Sadie and Sabrina. After a few days of seeing just how rambunctious this cat was, jumping like ten feet in the air and tearing up the couches, my dad suggested Spastic - Spaz, and it was a fitting name.

It was a hot summer night so I kicked off the covers, this scared the cat and he basically attacked my leg. Scratching it on the side. It didn't hurt too much and instead of going to my parents downstairs, I just walked to the bathroom and cleaned the cut with water and toilet paper. All the while I remember thinking, "See, I can do this, I can take care of myself... I don't need my parents."

That was my internal declaration of Independence and from then on I always tried to assert the freedom I thought I had. This has not made my mom very happy over the years and so far I have not been able to achieve real independence, but that is hard for most 17-year-old girls who are the "baby" and have really good parents.


Declaring Independence: Duh That '72 Dodge

Postby CharlotteWebb » Sun Jul 09, 2006 2:43 am

Duh, That ‘72 Dodge Coronet
By ©Charlotte Webb

On graduation day,
I was given
An old highway patrol car,
What a vision!
Ready to be driven,
To hit the pavement of tar!
It didn’t have a bow,
It wasn’t wrapped,
Nothin’ like that,
Just sittin’ there in the street,
I’ll no longer be on my feet!
Keys in hand,
I was trapped!
A ‘72 Dodge Coronet,
I had won,
But did it run?
There was a time in my life,
I thought love was lost,
With Freedom that sweet ‘69 Ford,
Now I was floored!
All it took?
Just one look . . .
That 440 under the hood,
I knew my sweet Freedom was simply misunderstood!
At that moment Freedom might have been . . .
Only a figment of my imagination.
Again I was bitten,
Love at first sight,
I was quite smitten
With wondrous delight!
As it roared like a lion,
I almost started cryin’!
Thoughts swirled in my brain.
Is this real?
I was feelin’ no pain!
It was like being hit by a train!
I started him up,
As the engine was racing,
So was my heart pacing!
The speedometer went all the way to 140!
Oh, Good Lordy!
How I could run!
Where could this take me?
How fast I could get there!
Could I, would I break the speed of light?
Maybe I’ll try it this very night!
All right!
My parents must love and trust me . . .
Now wait a minute . . .
Being all of seventeen, a high school graduate and all,
Things became clearer as I walked to the house,
Quiet as a mouse.
Much to my surprise,
My parents smiled and entered with a gleam in their eyes.
What’s up with these guys?
With their looks so wise?
Let me see . . .
Lookin’ at you lookin’ at me.
Let me think . . .
I got plenty of cash for gifts,
Lots of luggage,
A great trunk,
For all my junk!
And a car!
What a great gift,
That I don’t even have to shift.
What a wonderful day!
Yet, what does it all mean?
What could they be trying to say?
I’ve got a car, luggage . . .
Pack your crap,
Leave nothing behind,
No excuses, no doddling,
That’s a wrap!
Could it be,
They’re tired of my crap?
Oh yes indeed!
Now I get it . . . got it,
The ways and means,
To pack and haul my things,
Cash in hand, keys in pocket
To go far away . . .
With great speed!
Oh, now I see.

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RE: Declaring Independence 07/04-07/10

Postby meloncholy » Sun Jul 09, 2006 5:57 pm

The day I declared independence from my parents was sometime during the summer when I was 19. My mother had long ago discontinued her coddling but thought she ought to keep the possessive worrying mothers often have. Her boyfriend would say things loudly behind my back. Either he is really stupid or blatantly manipulative.

"She's 19, you know. She's old enough to be on her own. I don't care how many problems she has. If it's that bad maybe you should send back to the hospital." He yelled.

With that, I slammed my door and stewed for awhile. My mind was reeling with scenerio's of somehow making him disapear.

I disconnected myself from her. I told her I didn't need her anymore. I'm an adult now. I can do things on my own. I even challenged her when she said I wasn't ready. She wanted to keep me there for selfish reasons, as a tool to provoke him. An excuse to get out of things.

I lived with her for another year after I broke myself off from her. We existed around each other but she knew that I had grown in a different direction.

Maybe I did allow him to manipulate me in many ways and maybe I did succumb to his harsh criticism, but I realized during this that the only person I had to count on was myself. You only make that discovery once in your life and once you do you become endowed with the power to make yourself into anything.

Because of him I'm determined to succeed.

I'll thank him one day....before I kill him.

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RE: Declaring Independence 07/04-07/10

Postby 4thtroika » Mon Jul 10, 2006 5:57 am

It was my first job. Ergo, it was my first paycheck.

And I knew exactly what I wanted to get with it. Or at least, $100.00 of it.

In 1950, comics publisher William M Gaines launched his infamous horror comics: Tales From The Crypt, The Vault Of Horror, and The Haunt Of Fear. They soon became known for their lurid artwork and storylines and were loved (and hated) by people across the country. But in 1955, a senate subcommittee forced Mr. Gaines to cease publication of his beloved comics. Over the decades they developed a cult status, and finally in the mid-eighties, publisher Russ Cochran reissued the comics in five-volume hardcover sets, $100.00 each.

My Dad said, "Son, it's your money. You can get whatever you want with it."

Mom just crossed her arms and turned her back.
I ordered Tales From The Crypt. Several weeks later, a huge box came addressed to me. As my parents looked on, I tore into it. Inside was the five-volume hardcover set of-Crime SuspenStories (another EC Comics title). Mom wanted to say I told you so, Dad wanted to strangle someone, and I wanted to drop dead.

But a quick call to Russ Cochran publishing soon put things right and the sets were exchanged. I soon owned all three sets. And worth every penny. :)

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