Voicemail from Boss - 7/5

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Voicemail from Boss - 7/5

Postby Brian » Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:23 pm

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Re: Voicemail from Boss - 7/5

Postby jinhessel » Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:14 pm

When the Boss is not in Charge

He had one message blinking when he checked into his cubicle. It was his boss and the call was an hour old. Really, thought DJ. He’s not at work yet?

“Listen,” his boss was saying. “Don’t put this on speaker phone. Hear my message and then delete it at once.”

Why me? DJ didn’t even know George – Mr. Turtole – that well. No one did. He had worked here – Jack Pot Realty – the longest. That gave him rank, maybe? Only thing DJ knew about George was that he was in the middle of a miserable divorce and custody battle.

George was whispering hoarsely in the recording: “I messed up. I got myself tangled up with a stripper – he hissed the word in low tones – at The Body Check last night, and I barely remember the details, but she’s still with me and won’t let go. Says she wants to hang with me long time – threatening to go public if I don’t move her in. You’re a single guy, DJ Come on over here and divert her or something. I’m over my head. I’ll owe you one.”

DJ ran it around in his head on the ride over. George didn’t seem the strip club type – square-looking geek in button-down pastel shirts and tan pants, his thin wisps of hair coaxed over his pink skull. You just never knew….

The gal was sitting at the walnut dining table and pouring a strawberry wine cooler over her cornflakes when he got there. She was wearing silver nylon pants, black halter top and no support garments. She looked up at DJ and smiled a wide toothy smile beneath a cascade of carrot-colored hair.

“I’m Tippy, honey buns,” she said. “You shoulda been with us last night. Know that floating restaurant on the river? Your friend is a real big spender.”

George winced at DJ from behind her back.

DJ smile weakly back.
“Actually, my message for George is quite personal, but since you’re on such…uh…close terms…. Is she okay, George?”

George frowned and nodded.

“Got a call from the chief of police. They’ve been monitoring a certain night spot called The Body Check for quite some time – security cameras and all – and thought you might come down to help then out with their investigation, boss. It seems some of the activities conducted there….”

“Oh!” Tippy slapped her and over her mouth. “Will you look at the time!” She pulled out her phone and checked the screen. “I’ve got to get back for rehearsal.”

And with that, she pushed herself away from her boozy breakfast bowl, turned from the table and sailed out the door. “We should see other people, George,” she said over a creamy bare shoulder. “Know what I mean? Don’t get stuck in a rut.”

The door slammed shut and George mopped his high forehead with a table napkin.

“Thanks, man. I haven’t screwed up this bad since I don’t know when.”

“Brings it all back, don’t it?” DJ couldn’t stop grinning. “The wild rides, the rich food, the endless booze and the grappling in the dark… the dry heaves, the head on fire, the deep what the hell have I done, after it all.”

George shook his head with a look of pained misery.

DJ raised and lowered his eye brows. Why did he feel like he’d just heard a great joke? And why did he feel it was only the first of many from now on?
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