The Morning After - 4/19

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The Morning After - 4/19

Postby Brian » Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:51 am

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The Morning After - 4/19

Postby Brian » Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:51 am

You are out partying with friends when one slips something into your drink. The next thing you know, it's the morning and you don't remember anything--though you have a collection of mysterious items surrounding you and you have a new tattoo. Your friend stops by and explains, much to your surprise, what happened.

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Re: The Morning After - 4/19

Postby vlmckay » Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:13 am

The party got out of hand before we all knew it, you were dancing on the table. A friend of ours suggested that we all get tattoos and sure as luck, he knew how to give tattoos and even managed to have his tools with him to do it. So while we were all passed out, our friend was giving us tattoos.

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Re: The Morning After - 4/19

Postby nerfhurder » Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:37 am

"You had better get dressed if you want to make a good first impression." My buddy John was standing beside my bed waving an odd looking gun in my face. There seemed to be a lot of activity outside my apartment building by the sound of engines and loud commanding voices shouting orders. Another look at John and now he was wearing a black and gray jumpsuit, multiple electronic gizmos decorated it in the shape of a single wing.
"Dude the ship leaves at eight o'clock....uhh I mean oh eight hundred hours." What in the hell did I sign up for this time? He opened the uniform without physically touching it by simply waving his hand over it. I am now looking at John's chest where a cluster of unearthly symbols form some sort of pattern which means nothing to me except maybe we went to an hippy tatoo artist. "Same as your's bro, it means we're the same rank in the E.V.A."
My confused expression cued him to explain further. "The Earth Volunteer Army." We signed on last night after that long conversation with that blonde chick who turned out to be a visitor from the planet we call Gliese 581g."
Now it was coming back to me. We did hit on her at first but after hearing her story of her people's frequent battles with a small but feisty interstellar race we signed on with the E.V.A. But of course only after she agreed to go out with us afterwards. More of her race were assistng a secret division of the U.S. Army get the new recruits familiarized with their new uniforms and weapons.
I'm glad she explained to us about the pill in our drinks last night as well. After we agreed for this mission the pills contents mixed with alcohol would prepare our minds for the jump to light speed. She had seen too many recruits refuse the pill and then go crazy once they reached their destination. Once crazy, they had to be "fixed", erasing part of their memory to protect not only the presence of Gliesens on Earth but to protect the recruits from being rejected and ridiculed by society.
Hopefully this will not be some hundred year war since I promised my mom I'd be over for Easter dinner.

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Re: The Morning After - 4/19

Postby Electrawriter » Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:34 pm

That morning after was unlike any morning after that I had ever experianced. It was the time of the "Monday night parties". When we all lied to our parents about dreamt up games of badminton in the school gym, we were actually going to party at a friends house. Our friend was a guy who lived with a bunch of other guys, partied lots, and had Tuesdays off. So therefore, his house became known as the "Monday night party house". I remembered the first part of the evening well. Getting ready with the girlfriends, spraying and fussing with our then -big hair, tight pants and satin tops. We laughed and had fun as always walking to Rays. We got there and I had my usual beer. I never had more than two on Monday nights. Sometimes I had hard liquor. That night the first beer went down quick. I was half way through the second when I just felt woozy and odd. I awoke the next morning in somebodies basement. It smelled like a basement. Dank, I think my father used to call it. It was dark. There was another person beside me. I slipped out from beneath the covers. I was fully clothed.- shoes and all. My shoes in fact were caked with mud. I didnt look back. I snuck out the door and up the stairs to the outside door. I ran down the path to the fence and turned right. Thats where my instincts told me to go. It was either dusky evening or early morning. I had no idea where I was but wanted to get as far away from the house from where I had fled. I didnt seem to be near Rays. I ran and ran. I turned corners and ran up hills, turned more corners, thinking if he tried to follow me I would lose him with my twists and turns. I dont know how long I ran before I saw a bus stop. I always carried my bus pass in my pocket. I patted it just to make sure and jumped on the bus. It was a number I didnt recognize. "Do you go downtown?" I asksed the driver. He nodded. I went to the back. I had no idea what time it was or if it was day or night - it was sureal feeling. I tried to remember what happened. I was downtown before I knew it and turning the key to my apartment, hoping my parents were not up; I was in luck ! I headed straight for my room and shut the door quietly. I looked around my room. It looked like a hurricane had hit it. I tried to remember what happened. Had I come home last night? My cell phone rang. It was Carol,one of my gal pals I was with last night. She said she was on her way over before I could ask her what happened. I went into the bathroom and peered into the mirror shocked at my appearance. My hair was a mess. My make up was all over my face, dark and blackened eyes. I went to scratch my left arm it stung like a bee bite ! I was horrified to find a tatoo ! It was not even something I would have picked ! I looked around the bathroom and the strange items that lay around the sink. I walked back into my bedroom. What had I done? What had I done? parents !!! I heard the sirens. That was really all I remember of those times. Of that day. I remember Carol being there, explaining to me what happened. Or trying to explain what she knew. What she knew I had done. Me. I had picked up some thug. I had gone to my parents home. I remember laughing.... I remember nothing seemed right or real. I didnt know what I was doing. They didnt believe that someone put something in my drink that night. Nobody did. I had tried drugs before, so they decided I was on a high getting my kicks. Now I have no family. No friends. Its not that the drugs I tried ended ruining my life....but because of my reputation, nobody believed me. Nobody beleived me and I guess I understand why. Now all I can do is sit in jail and enter these writing contests.

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Re: The Morning After - 4/19

Postby UltraJoe » Tue Apr 19, 2011 2:36 pm

"Look, I know you don't like tattoos."

"That's an understatement."

"There's a good reason for this."

"A good reason for being knocked out — when I don't even drink alcohol?!? — and getting a permanent mark? There had better be a GREAT reason, pal!"

"It's time."


"Look, Joe, I know you've always believed the Rapture would take place before the final 7 years. It didn't. What got slipped into your drink was the only protection He provided for the coming of the Beast. If we had been awake, we would have his Mark."

"So this thing," I said, pointing at the tattoo, "isn't the Mark of the Beast?"

"Nope, and it's not just a tat, either. We're calling it the Ark, like Noah's ark or the Ark of the Covenant. Plus it sounds good when a Brit says it."

"This is supposed to be the mark of Christ?"

"Yep. All of God's real people can see it. So can the Beast's gang. We can see their marks, too. Most people can't, though. If somebody spots it, you'll know which side they're on, because everybody is marked now."

I notice Ralph picking up a variety of … things. I see I've got a supply of them, too. They have size, color, smell, and a few other things that just don't have words to describe them.

"They're the armor of God. Hope you're not disappointed it's not Elizabethan armor or Iron Man's rig. The mark is the breastplate of righteousness. The iPod contains the word of God."

"The sword of the Spirit?"

"Yep, except this iPod also launches real fracas weapons — shuriken, caltrops, knives, spears, whatever you want. An unlimited supply, as long as you have faith."

He continued to identify the parts. The belt of truth was, as expected, a "utility belt" to hold everything else, plus some purely physical nastiness and a buckle that could throw a light brighter than the sun. Some running shoes were, of course, the gospel of peace, though Ralph assures me kickboxing isn't out of the question with them. The helmet of salvation looked like earbuds that plug into the iPod, though Ralph assures me they'll more than compensate for hypersonics and, worse still, lies.

"So what about the shield of faith, Ralph? Is that some big Frisbee-like thing with a cross instead of a star?"

He scowls a bit at me. "Nope. The shield of faith stays as invisible and intangible as it ever was. You're gonna have to trust me on this one."

With that he begins to explain to me about the principalities and powers that we, and thousands of surviving Christians, would have to go against, and most likely be killed by, just to finish the race to the end … seven years from now.

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RE: The Morning After - 4/19

Postby JBG » Tue Apr 19, 2011 4:23 pm

I awoke with the room spinning and my head feeling like I had been beaten with a sledgehammer - the flickering light from the television burning my eyes. The urge to vomit motivated me to move quickly to the bathroom.

As I knelt on the floor hugging the toilet, I noticed an empty black duffel bag on the floor of the bathroom. I looked inside and found one gold and diamond stud earring. Maybe it belonged to that strange girl Kit brought with her last night. What was her name?

My head continued to throb as I flushed down my contribution to the city's sewer system and slowly stood up on two feet.

What a night.

I leaned on the sink and splashed cold water on my face. As I reached for the towel, a plain gold wedding band fell into the basin. Who's ring is this?

I continued to splash water on my face and into my mouth - spitting out the vile remains of last night's party. I popped a couple of aspirin and swallowed them down with a palmful of water.

Oh my God. I looked in the mirror and not only did I look like crap, but I had a blue teardrop tattoo under my right eye.

Suddenly, I was very alert.

I walked back into the bedroom and found more jewelry on the floor and the bed. A gold chain, bracelet and a single dangling gold earring.

"Pat!" I heard Kit on the other side of the door. Kit pounded on the door like a 300 pound man.

"Pat! Let me in now!" Kit continued to yell and pound with her tiny but loud fists.

"Hang on - let me put on some clothes". I pulled on last night's jeans and shirt.

I opened the door and there stood Kit with same blue teardrop tattooed under her right eye.

"What happened last night?" We both cried out in unison with the same confused panic.

"I don't know, Kit. I don't know. I can't remember anything after we sat at the bar with that chick you had with you. What was her name?"

"Chick? I thought she was your friend. She said her name was Sabrina - she knew you from work."

"No, Kit. I don't work with anyone named Sabrina. Maybe this is her jewelry."

"You really don't remember do you?" Kit looked surprised.

"And you do?" I asked her. I was beginning to get pissed off. "No, I woke up this morning feeling like hell with this damn tattoo on my face!"

Kit explained that after we had a few drinks at the Mulligan's, we headed down to Spider's Tat Shop. We were drunk and it was Sabrina's idea to get the blue teardrop tattoos.

"You guys seemed to hit it off so I went home." Kit noticed the jewelry and picked up the gold chain.

"It looks like I robbed Levin's Jewelry Store or something, Kit. This doesn't make any sense."

"Oh my God! Look! You did rob Levin's!" Kit screamed as she pointed to the television screen behind me.

I turned to see my own image on the news. There I was with Sabrina on Levin's store video - smashing jewelry cases and shoving the goods into a black duffel bag.

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RE: The Morning After - 4/19

Postby marc » Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:25 pm

Woke up with a head full of feathers. Like chicken pulled from the meat shop. At the bottom he saw around the traces of a hangover yesterday's event. In the bathroom he discovered that it's not sore forearm injury-but recent tattoo covered with a bandage. Despite the swelling saw a girl on a motorcycle and a tiger.

Is not yet over when to bathe, there was a knock at the door: - Hey it's me. Open.
He crawled out of the shower wrapped in a towel.

She sat on the edge of sofas.

It will never end, "she said. I know, "he said.

On the table lay a suitcase, two sets of keys and glass orchid. Plug-on, the jacket flap.

He remembered what happened only to 13 in the afternoon. Yesterday was the 19th birthday. The hotel has to leave before ...

I agreed to it? - he asked. She smiled in response. My *****, "said affectionately. I'm crazy about you.

She came up and he took it. She kissed him again and left.

He heard the silence in the room. It grew hot. He dressed himself in the things that he found in the closet.

  If I get out of this alive. Then, after her come.

Orchid glanced in the sun. After a while came the roar of the departing motor.

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RE: The Morning After - 4/19

Postby missycamp » Thu Apr 21, 2011 9:28 am

Soft. Comfortable. Familiar. The feel of my sheets, the warmth of my blanket, the smell of freshly-washed linens. Then I ease my weary eyes open. I take a bleary-eyed look around my room...only to be startled wide awake! I jump right up....”what the HELL happened last night? Where did all this stuff come from?” There were candles, red, white, pink...incense had been burned down to nothing...and there was a clear globe on my nightstand! And on the other....a OUIJA BOARD?? I rush to the bathroom to splash water on my face, thinking perhaps I just drank too much at Tim's party last night and wasn't thinking—or seeing—straight.

Then I noticed it. A strange tattoo on my left arm, obviously fresh. It was a misshapen star with a heart in the center, and spikes surrounding it. I tried with all my might to remember what had happened at the party....all I could recall was drinking beer and laughing at Tim's party antics...and meeting a strange lady dressed in some sort of afghan or cloak, with a type of tiara or crown on her head. Nothing else came to mind.

The tattoo, the candles, the incense, the 'game' board, the translucent the HELL did they end up in my apartment? And how on earth did I, of all people, get a tattoo—and not remember any of it?? How did I even get home?

A gentle knock at the door interrupts my introspective talk.

“Crystal? Crystal, are you okay in there?”

I rush to the door and fling it open. I wrap my arms tight around my best friend and begin to cry.

She soothes me, telling me everything was going to be alright.

“You were at Tim's party last night, weren't you, Selena? Can you tell me what happened? I woke up this morning with all this weird stuff in my room and a freaking TATTOO! I'd NEVER get a tattoo of my own free you have ANY idea what happened?”

Selena gives me a strange half-smile. “Are you sure you want to know? It's kind of creepy...”

“Of course I do! If you know something, ANYTHING, please tell me! I can't remember ANY of this stuff!”

“Do you at least remember the Gypsy?”

“You mean that strange lady with a tiara? Yeah, I vaguely remember her...”

“Well...once you found out what she was, you asked for a reading, just for fun...but she said she needed a quiet place to do it in, so she drove you and me to your apartment.”

My jaw was agape....I had actually ASKED a real GYPSY for a reading?? I had definitely been drunk...

My friend continued, “Once we got to your apartment, she performed some sort of 'cleansing' ceremony as she called it, using the candles and incense. Then she made some sort of liquid concoction and dropped some kind of pill into it that made if fizz...then she asked you to drink it and you did. After that, she read your palms, but you wanted more information...”

Selena smirks and goes on, “So we held a séance. She consulted her crystal ball—which I'm sure she'll be back to get---but anyway, she told us she saw danger in the ball, and you, in your drunken state—and whatever she had you drink—sorta freaked out. So she called upon the spirits, supposedly, with the Ouija board...they allegedly told her you needed a protective mark to prevent tragedy. Turns out, she also does she got into her bag and gave you that tat. She said the star was for good luck, the heart was for love, and the 'barbs' or whatever you want to call them were for protection from evil.”

I was in utter disbelief...I could not wrap my brain around the idea that I of all people would participate in ANY of this....especially getting a tattoo!

I sighed and bowed my head, covering my face with my hands. “Oh my God,” I uttered in a hand-muffled tone. “I can't believe I really DID all that! And don't even remember it!”

Selena smiles brightly at me just as I lift my head and drop my hands to my sides. “Well,” she said, “at least nothing caused you any harm...and who just might work for ya!”

I smiled back at my best friend. “I guess you're right. And the tat actually looks kinda cool...I think I'll keep it!”
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RE: The Morning After - 4/19

Postby » Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:47 am

God! My damn head hurts. It was hurting while I was asleep, hurting so bad that it woke me up. Guess I do need to get up anyway. It's 12:15 in the afternoon. My mama always said there was no reason for a person to sleep that late. What time did I go to sleep? Around 3? 4? I'll ask Naimah. Ugh! My throat is dry. I hate when my throat gets dry. It was from the drinking, I know. How many drinks did I have? My ass cain't remember poop unicorns and rainbows. Thirsty. I love drinking water from the bathroom faucet. The water is always cold and I just like something about the way the water flows down my throat while my head is tilted. Ah. Good feeling there. What the **** is that?! There is a tattoo on my neck...and the poop unicorns and rainbows won't wipe off! Some tribal poop unicorns and rainbows I cain't read or understand. The ink bulges from my skin and I can see dots of blood. Why the **** did I do that? What is my boss gonna say? I should of never went to that damn tattoo party. I ain't go to get a tattoo and ended up getting one anyway. My skin is brown, so it may not show so easily. But I saw it easy. That better be Naimah at the door.

“You feelin alright?”

“Hell naw! My head hurt and why you let me get a tattoo on my neck?”

"I didn't. When I found you, you was in the chair and he had the tattoo gun goin to work. You was real messed up last night. I thought you had ran off with that dude."

"What dude?"

"The dude you was talkin to all night. Remember he asked if you would get his name tattooed on you?" I could tell she was staring at the abominable tattoo on my neck.

"I think so. What he look like?"

"Light-skinned. He was cute. You must've had too many drinks in yo system cuz you was in a zone. I was talkin to you and it seemed like you ain't know who I was, so I took you home."

"What you mean? I ain't have that much to drink. I know my limit."

"Yeah, well...Meeka put some tequila in yo drink."

"What? Now I got this stupid ass tattoo on my neck." I thought about something. “Meeka need her ass whooped. I’m ‘bout to call her up right now.”

"It's cute though."

"**** cute.” I hate when people patronize me. She watches as I phone Meeka. A ringing line to voicemail; end the call.

“You was like real ****ed up last night.” I can’t believe she almost finds my drunken folly as humorous. “Trippin over people and getting real loose. She was jus tryin to be funny though.”

“I guess. I was so ****ed up, but I was still long enough to sit in a chair and get a tattoo I don’t even remember what it meant.”

“Well, it was a tattoo party,” Naimah says to pacify me, but I feel exploited or insulted. What’s that?” she points to some things laid out on my kitchen floor.

I walk over. Those things on the floor are just a bunch of papers. Of course, I don’t recall throwing them there. My head feels so heavy, bending down to pick up this trash. Wait a minute. These are not mine. A bunch of papers, flyers about a new world order and not the one everybody talks about…some cultist propaganda. This says:

Night falls in the early afternoon, and the herder and his cattle shall always be afraid.

At the bottom left hand corner of each paper is a weird symbol embossed and enigmatic in its meaning. The same as the one I now have on my neck. Now I remember. It was Brian, the cute guy I was joined by the hip with last night. He gave me a bunch of papers and I put them in my purse. He said they needed recruits.


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