Turning Your Favorite Song Into a Short Story - 4/26

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RE: Turning Your Favorite Song Into a Short Story - 4/26

Postby MoonlightSkywriter » Mon May 02, 2011 9:30 am

I will follow him.... To the ends of the Earth... Yeah right

Doo wap....

My Boyfriends Back... From the Dead!

he came into the Johnny's candy store looking so punk like of the 50's with the song in
the background. " I will follow him" I kept on saying right? Who is going to follow him? He
is the last person I want to follow, even with his slick black hair pushed to the side of his black
slicky hair and his aftershave smelling like brill cream toilet water, yuck. and his black patent leather fake jacket and those crappy high top black and white sneakers, not even a Sketchers kind, the cheap Mc Crory's five and dime shoes...
Here comes my momma
calling me, Mrytle your dinners ready, soon you have to do your homework dear. Always busting my horns, we say in italian bee oins...

"To the ends of the earth", yeah, yeah yeah, I will sing that song, that keeps on singing in my head. It never really the charts, it was a song that my brothers group made in the early 1960's with his group Vinnie and the Meridians, and Gloria. Well, Gloria really took off... and boy did that shoot to the stars, but my brother never really had a chance after Frenchy took off to find his love and dreams in Calif, which to my surprise, he became an undertaker and soon died of starvation, after he could not find anymore bodies on the way towards the desert.
So we sing doo wap songs on the way towards our old familiar haunts in town.... "My boyfriends back", well that is what we think that he is back from his grave, since he took his own life nearly forty years ago!

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RE: Turning Your Favorite Song Into a Short Story - 4/26

Postby greendaisy320 » Mon May 02, 2011 12:05 pm

Based on "Sand in My Shoes" by Dido Armstrong

Going through the night, on the road where the cars never stop.
I don't have time, I don't have time.
I know a life where I can't watch the sunset

Two weeks away feels like the whole world should have changed,
but I'm home now and things still look the same.
I Should run a bath, and then clear up the mess I made before I left here;
I think I'll leave it till tomorrow, try to forget to unpack, for one more night that I'm back in my flat .
But I wannna see you again, I wanna see you again.

I've still got sand in my shoes and I can't shake the thought of you.
We said goodbye, I should get on forget you... but why would I want to.
But I wannna see you again, anything else would've been confused.

Tomorrow's back to try to work, and down to sanity, remind myself that I was happy here before
I knew that I could get on a plane and fly away.

I've still got sand in my shoes and I can't shake the thought of you. And take my time going from the road where the cars never stop, to a life where I can watch the sunset through the night... and take all our time.

I should get on, forget you, but why would I want to, I know we said goodbye, anything else would've been confused, I wanna see you again.

Two weeks away, all it takes, to change that I wanted to see you again and turn me around.
I walked away, and never said I've fallen.

I've still got sand in my shoes But I can't shake the thought of you;
why would I want to. I should get on, forget you, but I know we said goodbye anything else would've been confused...I wannna see you again.

I've still got sand in my shoes and I can't shake the thought of you
I should get on To forget you, but why would I want to?
I know we said goodbye, anything else would've been confused,
But I wanna see you again, I wannna see you again...wannna see you again.

No words were added or subtracted, just mixed around.


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Re: Turning Your Favorite Song Into a Short Story - 4/26

Postby chris1711 » Fri May 06, 2011 5:46 am

Around the roofs of a downtown suburb, dawn is breaking. By the controls of the television, Karl stands counting the lights that go off in the darkness as the dawn rises. Each house releases the shadow from its eaves that it gained it in the evening. He, the planter of trees in spring, credits the fall for giving the grapevine its blush, and watching it, he feels his heart rise to Heaven in his stomach inch by inch. He is lean and feverish, like the trees themselves, and the leaves on the grapevine outside rustle in a dawn wind. Like papers blown from a long forgotten lesson, like little lotuses hovering on an invisible pond. He feels that love is the making of man, that every mountain vanishes in the night, the shadow of snow smothering its slopes like a blanket. One other person, just one, and he runs over the questions in his mind, and he raves at his inability to remember what was said. He feels he should be resting but the fruit on the vine ripens perceptibly as he watches, controls set to 'fast' in the shadow. A shape rises above the far buildings – the sun itself, determined to swallow the last moments of shadow, that fleeting moment before the day comes to make the vestiges of the night's horrors tremble. He turns away without waking fully, holds onto the wall, becomes a watcher, watching the faraway world beyond his apartment to see whether any of the questions and answers will be resolved in his mind, and which. Who will be the first to break. Whether the wine has concealed everything in its dark embrace or whether it is true that in wine, there is truth. There may have been a witness to his yearning; and to any response she may have made. If there is, he may be lost, forever.

Based on "Set the controls for the heart of the Sun" by Pink Floyd

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RE: Turning Your Favorite Song Into a Short Story - 4/26

Postby Ashayami » Thu May 26, 2011 1:00 pm

You were my sun. You were my princess. You were my god. I was the sword that protected your life. I was the victim of your glamour and grace. And then, that day, blood stained the water scarlet and the sky burned. I swore to wait for you when you ran for the skylines. I swore never to rest one day until the sky rained light. Yet no one can lay in the shadows, waiting, forever, for a love that only half existed. For your sake, I forgave your sins. For your sake, I prayed for your life. And you could not conserve your half the love. I showed you love. You wanted more. I could not give you more. You warmed my icy heart. You brought light to my life. But I could not make you happy. And when you were unhappy, so was I. Every night, the wind whispers your name to me, and I see your shadow on the shorelines, on the skylines, on the railroad mainline. What’s left of me is so close to nothing. I raced up and down the horizon, I waited. I knew if I stopped you would never forgive me. My enemy’s life poisoned my well-being; my enemy was your absence. I could not live without you; your disappearance cut through my limbs and stabbed through my eyes. And still I swore to wait until I died. Please, I thought, please come back. And now I know you will never forgive me. I shed blood and sweat and tears over you, and still I waited. But the shorelines and the mainlines and the skylines still told stories of your life and your coming back, and still I blindly believed in them, and still I waited. I, the broken soldier, could not rest until my princess was once again in my arms. The moon above watched each night, each month, each year. It watched time pass, it watched me wither, still waiting for you, my bride. I never slept, I never woke. I waited for you; I waited to die. Oh, how I kept that vigil. Watching the sky burn with the fiery sunset each night, watching the blazing sunrise each morning, feeling its heat on my back in the summer. Feeling the snow on my back in the winter. Each day I swore tomorrow I would see you once again. And each night I swore that you were just a little late. My head hanging, I only stayed alive. Oh, how I wanted to follow you that day when the sky burned and you ran for the skylines and I stayed, darling, swearing not to rest a day until I embraced you once again. I was the last man to go when hell came. My soul was already gone. I set my eyes on the skylines, watching for your return. Your quest could never last forever, I told myself. Wasted days. I spent my life waiting for something that would never come. And it didn’t matter that I waited until my mouth was parched dry, until the tide came in and went out again. And the moon shone her light every night, as she watched me from the skies. Each night I begged for it to be tonight, each morning today. Until one day, the day I realized that this was your vengeance. You had run for something new, a new life. A true love would have stayed while the sky burned, watching the flames devour the sun and the clouds and the moon. A true love would never have run from her faithful follower. I understand now. You were not running for me; you were running for yourself.

This is based on "Hey Nightmare, Where Did You Get Them Teeth" By A Skylit Drive :)


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