Changing Your Childhood - 2/8

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RE: Changing Your Childhood - 2/8

Postby missycamp » Fri Apr 01, 2011 7:59 am

The Bully

“Willy the bookworm! Willy the bookworm!”

Silence followed, as usual. I never could stand up for myself.

“Awww, Willy has lost her tongue! Maybe I should call you Tongueless Willie instead!”

Then it happened. Something inside me clicked...I suddenly found my voice.

“Hey, jerk! I don't appreciate your slander!” I placed my hands on my hips, held my head up high, and stared him unblinkingly straight in the eyes as I continued.

“Every single you day, you defame my name in public...and I do NOT deserve it! I have NEVER wronged you or anyone else in the seventh grade...or any OTHER grade, for that matter...who the hell do you think you are?? Do you honestly BELIEVE you are more special or important than me?? Well I got news for ya, buddy, you ain't! In fact, you are among the LOWER folks on the totem pole, in my book, because you only pick on those weaker than you that you know will never fight back! Do you know what that makes you?? A COWARD, that's what!”

By this time, my was face was refuscent with raging anger and indignation. Eric was stumped, and a roaring hush fell over the crowd at the bus stop, all jaws agape and eyes wide. No one dared speak; they knew not what to say...for none of them—or me--ever expected such and outburst from 'Tongueless Willie'.

I went on during the reticence...

“Furthermore, you are not only a bully and a coward and a total jerk, you are also IN TROUBLE!! I fully intend to report you to the school—and no matter how long it takes, you WILL be punished for your bad behavior! Yes, I know I talked to them before, and it only angered you and made the teasing worse...but I am Tongueless Willie no longer, and will not rest until you are censured in some fashion! I no longer CARE how you talk to me or treat me, but I will nonetheless make damn sure you are punished for it! You WILL stop this behavior, one way or another, because not only do I not appreciate it—even if it doesn't bother me anymore—I am not the only one you pick on! Now what do you have to say to THAT, huh? Mr. Bully?”

Before he could conjure an intelligible answer, the bus showed up—much to his relief. I stomped aboard, sat hard in my seat, and huffed and puffed as I opened my ever-present book (thus his favorite nickname for me).

At school, I spoke to several people in charge of such matters, all at once, gathered by my absolute insistence that they all be there...and the threat of parental consequences. I DEMANDED that Eric be punished for his actions, since simply talking to him about it obviously did not prevent re-occurances of ill behavior, and in fact made it worse. After some time, they finally agreed to suspend the boy from school for three days.

I was satisfied. Justice, at least in part, had been done.

For the next three days, my classmates were all abuzz the whole thing. I was quiet again, yet still willing and ready to lash out again if need be. I was congratulated by some, and glared at by others who were angry with me for what I had had done to Eric, but no one dared speak out against me.

On the fourth day, the bus stop was muted again, no one knowing what to say to Eric—or me. He was taciturn, his head hung low in embarrassment. He averted his gaze from me and all present, preferring the cement below us...but he never again teased me or anyone else at the school. I finally stood up for myself—and I won the unspoken battle between us.


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