George Washington on Twitter - 2/22

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Re: George Washington on Twitter - 2/22

Postby Richard81086 » Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:03 pm

-“I splintered my teeth on this God forsaken apple!”

-“J. Adams just changed his relationship status to single, look out ladies.”

-“When did the buckle look go out of style?”

-“If we had XBOX in my day we would never have gotten anything accomplished that said this Madden game is awesome.”

-“I can’t believe you guys haven’t invaded Canada yet, we wrote that we were planning that on the back of the Constitution.”

-“Hey everyone secret Free Masons meeting tonight at Alexander Hamilton’s house. BYOB.”

-“Sam Adam’s beer today is much better than it was back when he made it. The guy didn’t know his way around a brew house at all.”


-“How come Lincoln gets a sculpture and all I get is a big phallus?”

-“Man, I’m glad Franklin didn’t come back with me, he’d be trying to slip in with the former Mrs. Adams.”

-“You guys know that we didn’t know everything when we wrote the Constitution right?”

-“Just bumped into S.P., she told me that I wasn’t a real American. Crying in the bathroom now.”

-“How do you answer this thing??…”

-“Ah, I cut my finger! I don’t want to get the plague! Nooooo!”

-“You cured that? Oh, my bad, good job.”

-“Toilet paper, really? Pansies.”

-“How come the children aren’t working?”

-“Muzzle loader means something else now?”

-“Just had a picture taken soul still intact, I think.”

-“Our closest ally is the British? Didn’t see that coming.”

-“I like Lady Gaga.”

-“Don’t worry America, Washington is back. Oh wait, Martha is calling, best of luck with this mess. Bye!”

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Re: George Washington on Twitter - 2/22

Postby Neets » Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:42 pm

Richard1086 has my vote!

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Re: George Washington on Twitter - 2/22

Postby Richard81086 » Tue Mar 01, 2011 4:03 am

Thank you Neets, you're very kind and I appreciate the compliment very much.

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RE: George Washington on Twitter - 2/22

Postby aeeastman » Tue Mar 01, 2011 5:07 am

If George Washington were running for president today, he would have a much different experience than he experienced originally. He originally didn’t want to be president but was convinced to do so thereby becoming our first president of the US. People believed in him so much they chose him first of everyone at those times. He was a great leader and did a lot of thinking on his feet to be able to save his troops in war from dying as much as possible. It was a great start and he was a great president.

Today, however, it could be such a different story depending on his actions. President Washington, in my view, would appear to be a conservative person in today’s standards. Anyone who stands firm on their beliefs if often scoffed at for being too conservative especially if it’s back by morals which Mr. Washington was all about. He could be also republican which is not looked upon fondly in the US. However, as for what we know with Washington, he would’ve made every decision with a whole heart and everything good and pure in mind while doing it. He would have passion for his country and want it to be the best possible. He would strive to the ends of the earth to save the US from all its perils that it’s created for itself.

Washington would have great opposition and I believe he’d strive forward and never give up. However, I don’t think he’d go for a second term and he’d gladly hand over the gavel to the next candidate.

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RE: George Washington on Twitter - 2/22

Postby Frank » Wed Mar 02, 2011 5:52 am

I never worried about tooth decay -- only about termites

The only Secret Service protection I ever needed was my cutlass and a swift horse.

No, no, my dear fellow, I don’t wish to cross the Delaware powered by a 200 Yamaha - whatever that is.

Watch a Super Bowl? Why, sir, after the excitement of Yorktown, I fear I might be bored.

If I hadn’t been the country’s first president, I would have devoted my life to farming. Politics and cleaning out the cowshed are closer than you might think.

Ben Franklin a ladies man? Why, any man who dangles a kite in a thunderstorm already knows what playing with fire really means.

Old Abe can be heavy-handed with a joke. For example, he often whispers to me at Mount Rushmore, “George, why so stone-faced?”

My idea of fast food: Three hours at The Kings Tavern in Williamsburg over dinner, wine, and good company. And the only big Mac is our friendly Scotch waiter.

I’m a bit unhappy about the “King’s Speech” getting all those Academy Awards.

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RE: George Washington on Twitter - 2/22

Postby tvkwriter » Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:23 am

George Washington’s Twitter Messages

Bought new Windows cellphone and did not pick apple.
I have seen the new Congress. I asked England to take us back. Impolitely refused.
To Arms! To Arms! Congress is working on the budget.
To Arms! To Arms! Congress is working on gun control.
To Arms! To Arms! Congress is not working on immigration.
God Bless America! The third world country. With Very rich, Very poor, and shrinking middle class.

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Re: George Washington on Twitter - 2/22

Postby Brian14 » Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:48 pm

Too Funny :)

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Re: George Washington on Twitter - 2/22

Postby Buttered_Toast » Sun Apr 03, 2011 3:22 am

Have any of you seen "Drunk History" on YouTube? Viewer Discretion Advised! (I wish they had a segment like this. I can't imagine what Ol' George would be thinking about this right now, if he could see.)


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