Story Based on Your Favorite Song - 1/25

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Re: Story Based on Your Favorite Song - 1/25

Postby LMGilbert » Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:18 am

Long distance run around. In the silent space of the phone, before your voice cuts through the miles and miles between us, I hear what is unsaid. I hear your lies. You sound sunny and bright, but I know it will be a cold summer. You won't be coming to join me here, you have made some other plans, I can hear it over the line behind your words.

You keep talking about what will happen soon, but I know you are just running me around again. In that quiet space before you spoke, waiting for the truth to come out of your mouth, I dropped the thread connecting us. Now I'm listening politely until you are finished with your lie. If nothing else, you are consistent. So predictable. I could have told myself this would happen. I can hear the satisfaction in your voice, your pride in having built a box to put me in, your feeling of success in once again getting me to trust you. You really believe that I believe you.

You don't know I've dropped the thread, you don't know I am just playing along. My anger melts down and hardens to stone. I hear myself telling you my plans for when we get together again, the things we will do, I hear myself telling you I miss you. I hear the lies coming out of my mouth. I smile into the silent space before you speak.

(Long Distance Runaround, Yes)

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Re: Story Based on Your Favorite Song - 1/25

Postby AspiringAuthor » Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:14 am

The song is, "Barton Hollow" by The Civil Wars...Enjoy!

I’m a dead man walking here, but that’s the least of all my fears. Convicted am I, a cheater and a gambit man with a sanguinary past buried in my backyard. The eyes of those who I have hurt bare down on my sinful soul as I walk past. Behind their eyes I see accusation and sorrow. Behind their stern expressions I see weary spirits and sorrow. They are mourning for the ones that I have taken. I cannot see what they see, but from the sight of a stranger, I am a murderer. Perhaps I am, perhaps I am just a man with no kin of his own. A man with nothing, thus I have nothing to lose.
I feel no regret.
I feel nothing as the Hangman approaches. He looks upon me with a hollow expression behind a black bandanna. He tips his hat, which is also black. He is Death, the Reaper, personified in flesh and bone with deep lucid eyes. I watch his arms sweep open as I climb up the rickety steps of my final stage. Crows fly from their perches on the support where hangs the killing jewels. I pictured my death to be lonesome and far from this time. I had hoped to be an old man, lying without priest on his deathbed in a home fit for no proper man. My dreams do not become reality. My dreams, frivolous and dusted, are in the back of my mind covered in spiders and cobwebs.
Yes, a murderer had dreams. I dreamt of places beyond the tumbleweeds and cacti of my childhood. But what chance has a boy of ten with a drunkard father and a whore mother? Of course, I loved them unconditionally because they were mine. They died when I was thirteen. A string of cheats and lies brought their demise. I swore not to follow in the same way they had gone; but here I am, the man with blood on his hands.
The rope of the nose scratched uncomfortably at my neck as it laid like a golden chain around my neck.
Any final words?
There are none that I can say to those eyes who gaze up at me from furrowed brows. They are angry. They are looking for reparation. They are begging for my death. Humbly, I look back to the sky and close my own eyes.
Forgive me mother.
Forgive me father.
I will not be returning to Barton Hollow.

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Re: Story Based on Your Favorite Song - 1/25

Postby Fox-Rox » Mon Apr 11, 2011 3:21 pm

"I Will Not Bow"-Breaking Benjamin

"Now the dark begins to rise, save your breath it's far from over."... Eighteen years old and scared to death, I stood without saying a single word. My eyes never stayed facing forward. Instead I studied the faces of the other men. Some looked frightened, others faces were impossible to read. The thoughts from the past few months flashed violently through my head. They were quick, unwanted mental photographs. My breathing hitched as I snapped my eyes back on the sergeant. A scar ran from under his left eye to his chin. He always called it his mistake. His mistake of not watching close enough. Here it paid to be paranoid. Or 'Charlie' would kill you without a second thought. We marched on, despite the heavy rains. No one seemed to care, and the feeling that was in the air was an uneasy one. The same uneasy feeling that... "Get down!" A voice shouted, disturbing the heavy silence. It took me a few minutes to realize the words had left my tongue. I had obeyed my own given orders, and hit the ground. And it wasn't a moment too soon. As soon as my chest hit that dirt, my shout still echoing in the air, fire was opened on my platoon.

At my side, gun in one hand, holding his helmet on with the other, my friend looked at me. Mud streaked his face, his pink/red eyes flashing with fear. "Damn man, how did you know that was going to happen?" The albino male chuckled quietly, as if he'd just made a hilarious joke. As if mine, his, and the others lives didn't matter to him. I frowned at him, low crawling across the muddy ground. Ari followed close behind me. Every once in awhile one of us would pop up and shoot, then hit the ground again. The enemy continued to shoot, the firing never ceasing. "Summers! Black! Move it." A deep voice hissed from my left, "I called in an aerial attack." I shifted my ice blue eyes to the grim-faced medic. I didn't know him very well, but my friend, Ari Black, did. "What happened to the sergeant, Harrison?" Ari prompted, his voice hoarse. "I have no idea." Admitted the green-eyed man, known simply by his surname, Harrison. The sound of those words felt even more painful than anything I've ever felt before.

From nowhere, the sound of plane engines interrupted us from saying anything further. Neither of us dared look behind us as we jumped to our feet and ran. We didn't care where we were going; we only cared if we made it out alive. Ari and Harrison continued to run when I had stopped. "Simon! Where are you going!?" Shouted Ari, as I turned and ran back into the enemy fire. I couldn't just leave those men there to die. Even if the majority of us got away. If there was any hope, any little sliver of a chance they would live, I was going to take them to safety. "Simon!" Harrison and Black exclaimed in unison, trying to call me back.

I ignored them. What sergeant had said was true. This was far from over. And until it was, I was going to do my duty. Even if it included running into enemy fire to save a dying man.

"...This is far from over!"

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RE: Story Based on Your Favorite Song - 1/25

Postby BrookeD » Tue Apr 19, 2011 1:48 pm

"She put him out.. Like the burnin' end of a midnight cigarette." Bri's best friend, Toni, told her sister. Toni's sister, Liz, raised her eyebrows. She, just like everyone else, was shocked that Bri could end a perfect relationship.
Bri was upset that everyone could harrass her for ruining her relationship with Levi. Bri and Levi were the only ones who knew the reasons they broke up but, as most sophmore children, everyone had their own reasons. Sometimes Bri wondered if Levi even understood why they broke up. He told his friends she cheated. She told her friends it wasn't working out. Neither one wanted to tell what really happened, out of fear.
The night Bri dumped Levi, she went home and cried to her mom. Her mom had asked her what had happened. The question itself was not as painful as knowing she would have to lie to her mom about it. But, the biggest sigh of relief was that night when she walked into her room, began to change and seen that big bruise. She had finally faced the last one she would ever take.

Not the best I have written but, it was off the top of my head and quick.


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