Your 2011 Resolutions - 1/4

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RE: Your 2011 Resolutions - 1/4

Postby lisa42590 » Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:47 pm

Here goes.

Resolution Number 1: Learn to control my ADD.

Resolution Number 2: Upon the successful completion of resolution number 1, I will move onto completing 1 or more of the 18+ novels I have started and abandoned due to a shiny object that caught my attention.

Resolution Number 3: Learn how to play fetch with my Great Dane and come out injury-free.

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Re: Your 2011 Resolutions - 1/4

Postby Scriba » Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:47 pm

- write daily
- Improve my grammar asap
- Read something daily
- Eat two meatless meals a week
- Stop arriving late to work

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RE: Your 2011 Resolutions - 1/4

Postby beka_t » Tue Jan 11, 2011 3:42 pm

I hate New Year’s resolutions. All they do is make you feel worse about yourself in February. It’s not like my resolutions would be any different than most people. For example, like everyone else I want to “get fit”, so if I were actually going to try, then I would sign up for a couple of 5k’s. I would add to that resolution cutting back on sugar and fatty foods, even though I love them. Why would anyone want to stop something they love? Could they really be that bad for you? I guess that’s why they call it a vice.
I would resolve to become the perfect mom and cook every night; each dish would complement the other. I would make time to play every game, read every book, explore every crook and crevasse in the street with my kid and make bath time fun. I would always have a calm reaction to food smears on the couch and milk stains on the hardwood floors.
Another resolution would be to be a sweeter wife, daughter, sister, and friend if that is even possible. I wouldn’t take everything my husband says to heart. I want to say and do things that will make those around me feel safe and comfortable. I would also have killer one liner’s that would lighten any mood.
I would absolutely become a published writer. I would write every spare second I have. I would not worry so much about how much time I spend with my son or how clean my house is or how good the book is that I am reading. I would have total focus on my craft.
This sounds more like a wish list of impossible desires than real resolutions, but they are what I want to do, be etc… I stopped making resolutions a long time ago, but I have never stopped making wish lists. Whether that is better or worse I don’t know, but I have been granted a few wishes and I feel like I will be granted a few more. Wishes are basically dreams and dreams I will always chase.

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Re: Your 2011 Resolutions - 1/4

Postby sns3guppy » Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:56 pm

A wise man once said that to say "I wish" is to say "I'm not willing to make the effort to."

Goals that are wishes are goals one isn't willing to accomplish, or ready to accomplish, or perhaps able to accomplish.

I'd love to lose 40 pounds, but while 20 is a stretch of me, it's do-able. Pick goals and subgoals that are within reach. Evaluate the goals each month, adjusting them, noting the next step that must be taken. A new year resolution should be a plan rather than just a list of "I wish's."

Rather than just a wish list, resolutions say "I shall." New year resolutions aren't the things we wish we could accomplish, but the things to which we're willing to commit. We may not accomplish every one. We may not accomplish a single one, but this need not change the fact that we will make the effort. Not everyone that runs in the Olympic games takes home the gold. They still run.

Set the goal, run the race. It's worth the effort, and is it's own reward.

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Re: Your 2011 Resolutions - 1/4

Postby U.M. Faris » Wed Jan 12, 2011 4:07 pm

1. Start writing my graphic novel.
2. Finish writing and finally making my short film.
3. Get more discipline in my writing habits and stop wasting so much time.
4. Grow up more as a person.


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Re: Your 2011 Resolutions - 1/4

Postby ari18 » Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:26 am

My resolutions include

This year, I'm resolving to not resolve to do anything that is unreasonable to expect. I resolve to not expect miraculous happenings defying ordinary ability on a regular basis. I resolve to accept the flawed humanity of my husband, my children, my friends, the guy driving in front of me who has yet to learn the true use of a turn signal and can't seem to get his speed above 30.5 mph. In the same spirit, I resolve to accept my own flaws, mistakes, missteps and oversights.

I resolve to revel in the moments of sheer chaos and heart stomping emotion that comes in between moments of mundane car pooling, grocery shopping, and bedtime story gathering. I resolve to enjoy these moments, instead of constantly trying to control or bypass them.

Also: I resolve to stay on my medication, assemble my boys' photo albums (finally), spend consistent time each day writing (and submitting submitting, submitting til.. well, something positive happens), and learn Spanish.

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Re: Your 2011 Resolutions - 1/4

Postby magymouse » Tue Jan 18, 2011 4:46 pm

I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's. ~Henry Moore

1. Quit smoking without being grumpy.
2. Incorporate healthier food.
3. Listen more.
4. Talk less.
5. Keep only one ear inclined to the critic in my head, in case something's said that I really need to hear.
6. Be true.
6. Read more.
7. Obsess less.
8. Love large.
9. Work tirelessly at something that I love
10. Spend more time with those I love.

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RE: Your 2011 Resolutions - 1/4

Postby ~Cy » Fri Jan 21, 2011 6:38 am

I want to ACCOMPLISH something. In the past my goal was to be a writer and either finish a short story or write everyday. Well I have finished a few stories now. I spent 6 months either writing or doing some other creative activity almost every day. I now consider myself a writer, however, I still don't feel like I've accomplished much. What I really want to be is a published writer, and not just a poem in a huge anthology, although that is a good start. My goal is to publish one of my children's books. So, this year I resolve to work hard to reach that goal. I plan on starting small (local newspaper articles, online contests, etc.) and working my way up to that ultimate actual book with my name on it...and a paycheck!

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RE: Your 2011 Resolutions - 1/4

Postby loganatr » Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:01 pm

I don't make resolutions, I punch people in the face. But assuming that I don't get the opportunity to do a lot of that in 2011, here are some things I'd like to accomplish:

1)Write at least 500 words/ day. This has been a long-standing daily goal, ever since reading Caroline See's Living a Literary Life. There have been periods during which I've accomplished this, and periods when I haven't been able to keep track. By which I mean, sometimes I get to free write like I am now, or submit articles to publications; but sometimes I'm too busy writing school papers and emails to develop my own creative direction as a writer. But I'm out of school now- or rather, I'm finishing my education online because I need to earn some money, which I wasn't able to do at a traditional university- so with the less rigorous academic and social standards this entails, I'm sure I'll be able to write every night like I like.

2)Figure out how to turn off the auto-format for lists on my word processor. This is extremely annoying. I hate this so much. I don't want my numbers indented against my will. I'm an indented slave!

3)Work out four times a week. I was doing this at my last college, right up until Thanksgiving, after which I started partying, playing video games all hours of the night, sleeping late, reading more than I could process in a day, and generally having too much of a good time to sustain.

4)Try not to punch my computer in the face when it indents every number I type. I wasn't aware of my massive problem with authority until this very minute, when I had to suppress a Tarzan-style bellow of anger in realizing that I have no control over what's going on with the numerical side of things on this list.

5)Travel to at least one foreign country. Ideally Mexico, although everybody says I'll return in a body bag if I travel with the type of foresight and budget for which I'm slowly building a reputation. China is also a contender because I need to see my dear friend whom I left behind at my last school, who goes home to China every summer. Also, I love her.
7)Have more sexy time. I'd try to qualify this, but I'm going out in eight minutes, so I'll just point out that I'm in my early twenties. I understand that behavior and aspirations like this are normal at my age.

Holy hell, I don't know what's wrong with this computer. Whoever designed this word processor should be punished in lurid ways, the description of which I can only imagine is banned in this forum. Why six AND seven above, what did I do to deserve that?


A) Finish at least three of many “to-read” book lists

B) Pay off at least one credit card

1.Read at least ten books in spanish
2.I give up. 1. above was C) a moment ago. I just... give up.
3( Maybe i'll work on this list some more later. But... I just...

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RE: Your 2011 Resolutions - 1/4

Postby sooboo » Mon Jan 24, 2011 12:12 pm

My WRITING resolution for 2011 is:
Submit a short (1,000 words maximum) piece to a publication each and every week. There are a variety of publications that take short pieces, including children's magazines. Also, essays and department articles are usually under 1,000 words.
After learning from my past failings, my new modus operandi will be to apply myself in an itty-bitty way throughout the day. I don't have the self-discipline at this time to subject myself to writing or researching for 2 hours at a time, or even 1 hour, or even 1/2 hour. So by itty-bitty, I mean writing down one sentence or one paragraph. Or it could mean reading just one article online as research. This makes it non-demanding and therefore I'll be non-resistant.
Once I get the ball rolling each day with something itty-bitty, it will be easy to continue on doing more itty-bitty stuff here and there the rest of the day. Instead of eating one huge apple all at once (gulp! cough! choke!), I'll eat that big apple a day by taking one itty-bitty bite a number of times throughout the day.
This should amount to submitting one finished short written piece each and every week. Hit or miss! :emoticon:


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