Dangerous Animal - 10/26

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RE: Dangerous Animal - 10/26

Postby mooseeater » Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:10 am

The animal was certainly strange. It was purple, small, and reminded me of a cat. The first word that popped in my head was cute, but when the strange man started talking about this creature I was amazed.
"I was in Tasmania searching for the Tasmanian devil when i stumbled across this odd specimen." he stated. "When I first saw it I thought it was a cat to be honest, so i took it to my lab i had set up so that i could feed it and see was caused the purple color. But this cat wasn't a cat after all it was a bird. And oh what a joy it was to know i found something so wondifferous!"
That's when he laid down another photo and i saw the wings. Wow i thought this is either a hoax or this is something really rare. In this photo the creature seemed almost angelic.
"So why is it so dangerous? " I asked.
"Its dangerous because it's from another dimension."
I felt like this would be the part where the creepy music would start playing, like in the Twilight Zone. This guy was really starting to creep me out.
"I've seen these animals before, just never alive on this planet. Oops did i say this planet? I meant ever in my life."
"Who are you? And more importantly where are you from." Uh oh Toto we're not in Kansas any more I thought.
"I am not an an alien because I am from Earth, but from your alternate reality. I just wanted to show you my lovely pet waffles."
"Is that so?" Between Toto and his owner from the Twilight Zone today was already crazy and it was only 12am.


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