Dangerous Animal - 10/26

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RE: Dangerous Animal - 10/26

Postby smallPencil » Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:56 pm

The man looked shady. That is all I can say about him. Shady. Shady as hell. Not that hell would have shade. Perhaps in the winter. But I digress.

The man. Polo shirt. He was wearing a polo shirt, striped! And khakis, and Doc Martins. I repeat: AND. DOC. MARTINS! Anyone who would go that far out of their way to appear casual, mundane, nonthreatening, VANILLA, has got to be shady; to new levels.

"Are you the Zoo Keeper?" said he over the top of the box he was holding.

I looked up. Adjusted my bifocals. Took them off. Put on my reading glasses instead. Took them off in turn. Put on a set of those huge visor-looking shades old people wear. Took them off in turn. Put on a monocle. "Are we going to address the Elephant in the room?"

He seemed hesitant, unsure. "You mean that thing you just did with the glasses?"

"No. I mean the literal Elephant." I pointed to the corner [PAN CAMERA]. "I had him stuffed a few years back." He chuckled nervously. I had him nearly where I wanted him. "So, what's in the box?"

His answer came in a series of clipped grunts, as he struggled to pull something from his pocket while balancing the box, "ex... otic... an... i... mal."

I had seen this play one too many times. I was not about to let him get the best of me. That'll be a cold day in hell (with plenty of shade). My revolver appeared in my hand almost instantly. "Don't even think about it, pal."

He glanced up quickly. Then did a double take and his eyes became like saucers. Instantly he dropped the box, threw his hands out in a defensive posture and ducked as though something was there to duck behind. "Whoa! Buddy? What the heck?!" he screamed.

"What's in the pocket?"

"It's just a picture, man. Calm down. Just a picture." He fished it the rest of the way out and threw it on my desk. I lowered the gun, but only a little.

"Wow. This is really it? This is the strangest creature I've ever seen."

He seemed baffled by my response. "What? Hey, can we drop the gun, now? Sil vous plait?" I had to do it. After all, he did ask me in French. I tossed the gun over my shoulder. It landed somewhere in the back of the room and discharged a round. He flipped out again. Said "whoa" again. His nervousness was really starting to put me on edge.

"Buddy, you really ought to switch to decaf. Oh, wait, uh oh. Was that hole in your box before?"

He gasped and jerked toward the box. He checked all over the thing in rapid motions. "I don't see it. Where is it."

I strolled over and pointed, "there."

Upon following my finger he relaxed visibly. "Oh... yeah, it was. That's just a breathing hole. They're all over the top of the box. See?" He had a point. The hole did look exactly like and did fit into the pattern of the other holes in the box.

"So, you really thought this was the strangest creature you ever saw? I mean, it's just a squirrel."

My confusion lingered in the silence and look that followed. "... huh?"

He scrunched up his face. "Hmm, uh, can I see that photo I handed you again?" When he had it in his hands he said, "oh, yeah, this isn't it."

"So, what the F is that thing?" I pointed at the photo. "And do you have it laying around somewhere still?"

"Oh that? That's nothing. My son must have photoshopped it. Playing a prank on ole dad." He smiled the forced smile of a man who had reached his wit's end. "See here?"

Upon review, I noticed that one of the thing's arms had a jungle in the background, its beak was overlooking the tip of a scyscraper and a fish was swimming behind one of its tentacles. I sighed. "Fine. Well, why did you bring me a squirrel? And why in God's name does the box have 'exotic animal' written on it?"

"Well, its the big city, squirrels kinda are exotic around here. So, I figured you'd want one for that reason."

I started to respond but cut myself short when something suddenly occurred to me, I wanted this man out of my office. I didn't care how. "Fine. What do you want for it?"

"One hundred thousand dollars." I did not so much as blink. I just whipped my checkbook out so fast it probably near caught fire, got his name, and scribbled it all in. I handed him the check for one hundred k. "There. Now get out!"

He walked out, seeming satisfied.

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RE: Dangerous Animal - 10/26

Postby smallPencil » Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:57 pm

I am very proud of this story. I think it is a good one!

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Re: Dangerous Animal - 10/26

Postby sns3guppy » Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:58 am

The day I met Bill Baggins began benignly enough. Tied fast to my desk by a chain of paperwork thick enough to choke a mongoose, I helplessly struggled to free myself from administrative purgatory with no luck what so ever. It was in the deepest of despair, at the very moment that I ran completely out of sharpened pencils and suffered a final, mortal, indignant paper cut, that Mr. Baggins entered without a knock or a note of fanfare.

“Are you William Kemper?” He asked, unceremoniously. The sign on my door, slightly green brass with scratches and two big dents, indeed said so. In big letters, too. Mr. William Kemper, Zookeeper. That’s me.

“Why yes sir, I believe I am. How may I help you?” I asked, offering my hand.

“I want you to put this in your zoo,” said Mr. Baggins, without an introduction. He set down a cage of sorts, roughly on my desk, without regard for the clean, important paperwork beneath. “I brought it here for you.”

I had no idea what it was. With a lifetime of animals, two degrees, and a dozen bite marks to punctuate my understanding of animal husbandry, I had honestly no clue what to make of the box. Not really a cage, it was rectangular, made of cardboard and wood, and appeared to be held together not so much by the assortment of bits of tape and glue, but the international stickers and stamps that stretched over this edge or that. Holes were cut here and there, with one at each end for a head and tail, and four along the bottom, presumably for legs. A long, furry tail protruded from one end, black and white, ringed like a lemur. Two yellow eyes peered from within.

“Ah, thank you, Mr....” I trailed off, still offering my hand, but this time with a handkerchief.

“Baggins. Bill Baggins, and this here, is Marcy.” Mr. Baggins gestured to the cage.

“Right, Mr. Baggins. Marcy. I see. The thing is, Mr. Baggins, I have quite enough lemurs, you see.”

“It’s not a lemur.” He said, without explanation.

“It’s not? It looks like a lemur.”

“It’s not a lemur.” He repeated. Digging among his folds of dirty cloak, he produced a paper envelope and dug out a photograph. “I have this here.” He said, and quite unnecessarily added, “It’s a picture.” He dropped the photograph onto the desk, next to Marcy.

If I had hoped for clarification, I didn’t get it. The picture was a snapshot, developed in black and white, of exactly what I saw before me, this ‘Marcy’ in a box, tail and all. Nothing more, except perhaps the feet. Sticking out of the box were legs, and these appeared almost cat like, yet shaggy, and held the box off the desk on paws with large, curled claws. I could see no head. “Good heavens! What is it?” I asked.

“It’s Marcy.” Replied Bill Baggins, as though this settled everything.

“Very well, Mr. Baggins. What does Marcy ‘do?’” I asked, hoping for a clue as to this animal’s origin.

“She don’t do anything.” Bill Baggins replied. “She’s just Marcy.”

“Okay,” I ventured, “How much do you want for ‘Marcy?’” I believed I could see where this might be headed.

“I don’t want nothing. I want you to put it in your zoo.” Bill Baggins was without expression and offered nothing more.

“I see, Mr. Baggins. How exactly would I classify her?” I asked, tentatively.

“It ain’t a her.” He replied. “It’s Marcy.”

“I see.” I replied. I didn’t see. I didn’t see a thing, actually, not even a head. “Well, I suppose we could open a contest to see who might guess what Marcy is.” I proposed. “Do it for a week. Where do you live, Mr. Baggins?”

“With Marcy,” he replied. If I had expected anything else, I’d have been a fool.

“Very well, Mr. Baggins, but while Marcy is in the zoo, where can I reach you?”

“Next to Marcy.” Bill Baggins didn’t blink.

Since Mr. Baggins arrived yesterday, we’ve managed to clean an old Lions cage, and Mr. Baggins seems quite comfortable lying on a tattered, worn blanket next to ‘Marcy.’ I’m no closer to knowing what it is, but then no closer to understanding Mr. Baggins, either. I must say that no exhibit has ever been more popular, and though Mr. Baggins is without a personality, he and Marcy are welcome to stay.

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RE: Dangerous Animal - 10/26

Postby runs2much » Sat Dec 18, 2010 7:11 pm

The uneven sound of wheels hitting cracks in the pavement distracted my attention away from feeding the dolphins. They squeaked their disapproval as I swung my legs over the edge of the pool to greet the intruder, who had somehow gotten into the park several hours after it had closed.

He waved to me as he continued closer, but the moment his hand left the dolly it began to shake from side to side.

The man, who appeared to be elderly, immediately slammed his hand back onto the handtruck and thus regained control. It was impossible that a man that old could control something that ferociously violent. I pulled a towel around my waist to keep away the chill from the water that still dripped from my body. Leaving the pool side, Kanaan climbed my legs with his monkey skills and latched onto my arms and crawled under my hair, assuming his usual place with his face parallel to mine. His monkey face had lost its normal joyful appearance for minor dismay at the man that was approaching.

"Gut evening Fraulein," he said with an obvious heavy German accent. He was within several feet of me now, and I could just make out the words "dangerous," and "caution" on the side of the box in the growing dusk. "Ich have a present for du. I heard you’re the girl to deliver too."

I didn’t want to know why I was the chosen recipient, just took the picture the man handed me, but the long shadows inhibited any hope of distinguishing shapes or lines.

"What is this?" I motioned him over to the pool, held in the center of the zoo where there were several flood lights so I could train the dolphins late into the night. I perched up on the picnic table where kids run a muck during the day.

"I heard about your, unusual, ability to care for, unusual, animals. This one is exotic alright."

I couldn't believe it. The picture, although obviously battered and worn, was new - in a manner of speaking. On it, was one of the most unusual creatures I had ever seen.

"Is it in there?" I asked. But I didn't need to. I knew it was in there. And I really wished it wasn't. I still wish it wasn't.

"Found this beauty while fishing in the Caspian Sea." This beauty he described, was anything but. "You see, I was just saying the other day to my wife that it was time to go fishing, so I took the boat..."

I tried to listen to what was sure to be a entrancing story, but the picture was far more fascinating. How did this thing end up back in my hands. So revolting that it was captivating. Three of the most beautiful creatures in the world came together in this...this...thing. Dragon. Griffin. Pegasus.

There was no way to take care of it. I was having trouble with the normal creatures, there were so many. People kept bringing to me washed up dolphins, polar bears, monkeys.

"I wrestled it into the cage. I caught the wing by accident shutting the door, probably injured it more. Probably stupid, but I couldn't just leave it there...just drifting in the sea..."

I stroked Kanaan's head: he shook, sensing my own anxiety.

I knew he would want me to take care of it. I also knew I was the only that could. The creature brought into play all the most beautiful traits of the three, so called mythological creatures, but the worst of the temperaments. They were beautiful to all but me. I, who knew what they were capable of. I, who had seen what they could do.

"I can deal with it."

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Re: Dangerous Animal - 10/26

Postby NikkiNinja » Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:34 am

In my office at the zoo a man came in to talk to me about a creature he wants to put in the zoo. He showed me pictures of the animal he captured. The creature had the body of a cheetah, the neck and head of a dragon and the tail of a zebra. It was a deep purple color with tints of black and sparkled in the moonlight. Long white fangs hung from his snarling mouth while fire roared through his throat. This was the strangest creature I have ever seen. I asked the man how he managed to capture such a divine creature and he sits down to tell is story.

He had been visiting in Egypt, looking for animals to catch and sell. One his fourth day being down there he was walking by the Nile River when he saw something moving from the corner of his eye. He turned around to the most captivating creature he had ever before. Thinking quick he grabbed a rope and tossed it toward the animal, which was when it sent fire toward the rope, burning it in seconds. The man's eye were open wide with shock and fear. He grabbed another rope and threw a shiny stone, that he took from the river's bank, and chucked it in the opposite direction. Distracted by the rock the animal turned around giving the man his chance. He threw the rope, landing it perfectly around the creatures mouth. He jumped on it's back and roped it's legs so it couldn't move and placed it into wooden crate. He labeled it dangerous and then hauled it back with him to America.

I took the box from him and paid him three thousand dollars for the animal. I took the box to a new exhibit and released it. The creature was an instant hit in the whole zoo.

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RE: Dangerous Animal - 10/26

Postby zomutt » Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:02 pm

I looked at the box; it was breathing heavily. I asked the man, one of our zookeepers, how he had found that box and he started to explain,
“Well, a very long time ago I worked on one of those Deadliest Catch boats and I became very close friends with the captain and crew. Eventually I left for a more normal life and lived here for a couple years. One day I got a call from the captain saying that he found this breathing box on the docks. He kept the box because he knew I worked at this zoo and thought I could put this animal in an exhibit. So here I am with the animal.”
Scrawled in messy, faded sharpie, on the side of the box, was written Ziek.
“Oh and the crew called the creature Ziek, I hope it's a boy.” said the zookeeper.
I slowly pried open the lid to see a small, creamy pink colored mess of fur, tails and ears.
“They said that the creature is quite tame.” He continued.
I reached over to a desk drawer and took out a pair of rubber gloves that I always had on hand and put them on. I tentatively picked up the animal and saw that it had two ears on either side of its head and a big bushy tail split in three. The creature looked at me with big, innocent, dreamy deep sapphire eyes. I placed the creature gently down on my desk.
“Well I best be going, I have to make some rounds of exhibits.” The man left.
Ziek, as it was called, stared at me, making me slightly unnerved. It opened its small red mouth to reveal a perfect row of pearly white fangs, I slowly stepped back and Ziek started to whimper. I opened a bag of oranges and tossed one at the creature.
Ziek caught the orange in its mouth and started violently tearing the peel off. It busted one of the orange pieces and juice splattered all over my calendar on my desk.
I watched in horror as Ziek mutated the orange into a few pieces. The creature looked back at me, contented, after its devouring of the orange and peel. I slowly walked up to Ziek and attempted to pick it up to put it back inside the box. In return, I got an evil snarl. Obviously Ziek wasn't going back in the box. I picked the creature up, set it on the floor and sat down back at my desk. This was going to be a workload in itself.
I would probably have to take this creature home with me and care for it for a couple of days before we create an exhibit for it. For once I was glad my fiancé was out of town, he would hate to come over and be greeted with a creature named Ziek with white fangs, sapphire eyes and three tails, staring into his face.

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Re: Dangerous Animal - 10/26

Postby JohnBriggs » Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:08 am

Life threw curve balls my way, some I could dodge and others I couldn't no matter how hard I tried like my family and the business they seemed to conduct- nothing normal. I did not want that type of living and I would have gotten away from it seeing as how I was finishing my business degree. It all changed when tragedy struck- grandpa passed on. I was not at the reading of his will; however I got instructions mailed to me from mom. She admitted that everything he penned on the contract was iron willed and that I would recieve my inheritence of several properties and a whack load of cash but first I would have to work at a zoo for minimumally a year- mom would have to come in and do financial reports and hand it into the man taking care of the estate, it got worse as mom continued to inform me of the hoops I would have to go through,the worst part we all knew it was the zoo that plagued my nightmares since I was a little girl.

I set it down on my desk carefully, folded my hands and figured that the old bastard was laughing at me. That was then and now I am behind the desk at the zoo ready to complete another file for the zoo on the health of the animals in neat legible writing, all these employees should be fired, or taught how to use the computer. I heard the door open I expected it to be Callopie finishing up her rounds and clocking out but no sound filled the room, but another type of presence did, water landing on the floor with a drip drop.I glance up it was a strang little figure cloak as red as a cherry, slate blue eyes under a gold mask with a hooked beak. I reached for the phone, but a hand shot out from under the cloak and hit the button on top that stopped me from calling anybody, seated himself on the hard plastic chair and pulled out an average sized crate and put it on my desk the words in blood red said dangerous.

I had done nothing in this life and knew it; curiousity swelled in my breast and I reached out for the box and it started to bounce around. The figure pulled my hand away and the box settled " you are the one."

" Excuse me." The man turned to me and slid off his cloak and gave me a toothy grin and slid me a file. I opened it and there were very vague instructions on how to care for it; however, I still couldn't completely mind it. I reached for the box- again. It bounced, the man stopped me again this time with his bandaged hand and pulled out another folder and out of this one spilled many, many photos, many along the ancient Mayan temples and body pieces(wolf head, panther body,raven wings, scorpion tail) from one site to another.

" I am not interested."

The man frowned slightly then began " I know you would do anything to please your grandpa." I was ready to beat him over the head for even asuming that this creture was welcome. That and assuming that he knew anything about our family. "This was one of the last projects that we were working on together and we were close to being done, but his health was not allowing him to... and since then everything has gone to poop unicorns and rainbows." Suddenly a bright white light and then the funeral- he'd been there when mom had hit the wall- hit him. " Think about it you know where to find me if you change your mind." He lifted the crate and disappeared into the fog when I looked back nothing.

Next morning I was woken to my friend and confident Callopie scream. "shuddup." At this she let out a deep breath of what could only be relief. I knew what I must do and she seemed to know too.

" You'll be back." I said nothing to her as I was ready, really ready to pack up and find this...- stranger. I figured that they couldn't have gotten far, but by noon I was defeated and tired and they were nowhere to be found until the voice which was the stranger seemed to repeat that you know where to find me. I headed toward the city center and right next to it was a little magic shop and I already knew that this was bad voodoo because grandpa had warned watch for crates that say dangerous it usually means people have done bad things to it, most likely magically and highly illegal by society standards. I headed in and at the table out front there was a group of young students . I headed to the back, they tried to stop me.

" I was expecting you." With those words they seemed to back down completely. He poured me a cup of tea. " Why are you here?"

" What are you?" The man looked at her he had expected that she would be just like her grandpa use a bit of magic and poof she would fall to his whim and finish the creature that was prophecized to destroy the world.

" I was your grandpas friend." Something told me he was no friend of mine or my grandpas. I waited and then he went on about several of their adventures, which were rather far fetched.

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Re: Dangerous Animal - 10/26

Postby JohnBriggs » Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:11 am

This was a prompt that made me... write outside of comfort zone, and surprisingly enough I enjoyed writing it. Maybe at some point I will actually flesh it out much better and turn it into one of my short stories.

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RE: Dangerous Animal - 10/26

Postby P Diddy » Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:27 pm

In the box was the most horrific thing the zookeeper had ever seen. The animal had huge fangs, claws that could shred the thickest materials, and eyes that pierced the soul of the helpless zookeeper, Fred. The skin of the odd animal was thick and leathery. Tough green scales encased the animal's head and jaw. It looked like an animal from a science fiction movie. It hissed at Fred, foam filled the animals mouth. Fred, an experienced wildlife scientist, knew that this was the animals defense. Fred backed away slowly, being careful not to scare the animal. He wanted to get a better look at the animal so he left the lid of the box on the ground beside him. He allowed the creature to roam about. The animal was a super animal. With the climbing skills of a wild cat, the endurance of a crocodile, and the intelligence of an elephant.
The animal had been spotted in Southern China weeks before. A small child had come across the animal and tried to pet it. The super animal devoured the child and followed it's scent to a camp. There is ate over half of the population. The old and weak were left to die while the others fled to a river. They didn't know that the creature could swim for long periods of time. Finally, after 6 hours, they captured the animal and shipped it away to Dallas for examination.
In Dallas the scientists were shocked! They'd never seen anything like it so they had no idea what to do with it. Some thought they should put it in a cage with other animals to see how it behaves in an unusual habitat, others wanted to kill the thing, but Fred wanted to create more mutant animals. He wanted to breed and transport the creatures all around the world! This was the beginning of the end.

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RE: Dangerous Animal - 10/26

Postby olivia.hakenson » Tue Jan 18, 2011 3:03 am

I look at the picture, then back at the man, asking him if he is serious. He pulls his hand from his trench coat pocket and holds out official looking papers. I give them the once-over and drop them beside the picture of this... thing.
It's got at least half a dozen horns on top of its head, with spikes trailing down its back. Its head reminds me of an eel's, sending icy chills up and down my spine. It has a long, slender tail, pointed like a spear at its end. It's standing on its hind legs, which look an awful lot like that of a lizard's, only larger and more muscular. Its arms are short and clawed, like an ancient dinosaur's. Its eyes are large and predatory, resting just above long fangs that jut from its lower jaw.
“I am one-hundred-percent serious, ma'am. I am prepared to give you this creature, whatever it is called, to display in your zoo for no less than two thousand dollars,” he says, his voice gruff.
“Where did you get this thing, anyways? It looks like some kind of mutant!” I ask, slightly hesitant to listen to his answer.
“Well,” he says, sitting in the chair in front of my desk, “it was romping through the forests in Africa when I went there on safari. I spoke with the officials, and they said that it was a monster that had been killing their livestock for months; they actually paid me to take it home!”
I sigh, staring at the picture of the creature with dark red scales and silver stripes.
“My boss is gonna kill me for this,” I tell him with a nervous chuckle before handing him a check. He tips his hat, thanks me, and walks away, leaving the crate in the far corner of the room. I look at the box and whistle loudly, hoping to attract the creature's attention. The response is a dolphin's squeaking laugh. I lean back in my chair, propping my feet up on the desk, and pinch the bridge of my nose as I wonder what on earth I've gotten myself into.


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