Explain Your Most Bizarre Dream - 10/12

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RE: Explain Your Most Bizarre Dream - 10/12

Postby JessWrite » Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:13 am

It was my first night on a case, and I was being accompanied by another officer who had been training me. I silently followed behind the woman officer as we made our way to a young woman who was on the street, standing in front of her house. There were other police cars around, but no other people. I wished that there was someone who could take my place. The closer we got to the young woman the more nervous I felt. Why did I choose a Police Officer as my occupation anyway? I am not the best one for this job. Finally, we both were in front of the young woman who was sobbing uncontrollably. The other officer looked at me, waiting for me to ask what the problem was, though I couldn't speak at all. The officer gave me a stern look trying to prod me to say something, but I couldn't.

"Miss what is your problem?" the officer finally asked the young woman. By the tone of her voice, I could tell that she was obviously annoyed with me.

"My son...my son...he was kidnapped!" she screamed loudly, "Where's my son? Where is he?!"

Suddenly, I was thrust into the future, about a week later. The other officer and I were still standing with the young woman, but she had just gotten back from getting her mail. She told us she was expecting a doll that she collects. I didn't know why we had to watch her get her mail, I assumed it was for security reasons. She carefully unwrapped the package, and she screamed. The doll wasn't any ordinary doll...it was her son. The kidnappers had stuffed her son like an animal and sent it to her.

I woke up after this completely confused and kinda freaked out. It was weird. When I told my sister the dream she said it sounded really cheesy, and I agree with her now. haha :)


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