Explain Your Most Bizarre Dream - 10/12

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Re: Explain Your Most Bizarre Dream - 10/12

Postby LMGilbert » Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:30 am

- deleted, as I have posted a version of this story on my new blog -


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Re: Explain Your Most Bizarre Dream - 10/12

Postby whatevertheyaint » Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:12 am

I am standing in the middle of a desert because... Heck, I don't know why I'm here. Did I miss the Apocalypse? Surely I'm not the only survivor. Me? But this is so real and eerie. No sound, nothing but red sand dunes. The sun is a blood-crimson and it's hot as hell out here. Maybe there was some type of nuclear accident. Where are the kids, my family, God? Need somebody to explain this quick because there is no way I'm gonna wonder around this place by myself forever.

Forget it. This is too weird. I'm waking up. I SAID I'm waking up. Right?

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RE: Explain Your Most Bizarre Dream - 10/12

Postby byakugan89 » Thu Nov 18, 2010 6:46 am

I have no idea where this embarassing dream came from, whether it was caffeine induced, or by watching my favorite anime, Naruto (which comes into play in the dream) All that you need to know is that I am female.

I was in a privately owned swimming pool, with 2 guys I've never seen before,and a friend of mine. I get out, wanting to go into the indoor hot tub, which for some reason is upstairs. As I am walking upstairs, I catch a glimpse of Betty White, siting at a white table. My friend follows me into the room with the hot tub.

The room is huge, about the size of a small business. The hot tub in in the far left corner. Beside the door is an 9 ft tall cupboard with towel on top of it, and on the other side are 3 arcade games. The floor is covered by short brown carpet.

We both get into the hot tub, when we realize that we didn't get any towels. I leap into the air, and somehow end up on the ceiling. I walk on the ceiling over to the cupboard and grab a few towels. My friend is staring at my, his mouth wide open. I jump off of the ceiling, landing just in front of him. When I ask him whats wrong (besides the fact that I was walking on the ceiling), he eyes sweep over my body.

Confused, I look down to find, that I had nothing on! The bathing suit I was wearing up until now, had magically vanished!

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RE: Explain Your Most Bizarre Dream - 10/12

Postby AnneR.Key » Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:12 pm

The Evil Lying Fish

 Set two hundred years in the future, the world had gone to ruin due to a horrible nuclear war that turned all to wasteland (modled after a popular video game I had been playing nonstop). I was on a mission. A mission to save the world. A Dark Czar had taken over, causing pain and misery to all!

I began my journey by talking to the Overlord of the Fish. Fish could walk, and talk, and breathe oxygen. We had a nice little discussion on his plan to kill Czar! It encluded a chemical they would release into the water that would somehow target the guy and destroy him from inside! Huzzah!

Me and my trusty side-kick (where she came from, I do not know) were invited to swim with the fish to go to Czar and watch him die! Huzzah! Into the water we went - our heads above water of course. However, something just didn't feel right. I began to become panicked, as did my side-kick, but the fish assured us nothing was wrong. Any little movement caused me great alarm. An oversized turtle almost caused me to wet my pants.

"Something's wrong," I said.

"Nothing's wrong," replied the fish.

"Something is definitely wrong!" I yelled, not understanding why the fish wouldn't listen. "See?" I pointed out to my side-kick.

It was at that time that the whole group swam into a watery graveyard. It was clear. My side-kick and I were to die.

Although most of the graves were underwater (don't ask me how), I demanded mine to be on the patch of land in the middle. And on this patch were empty graves waiting to be filled, but I wouldn't accept one. I demanded they dig my own.

As I was waiting for my grave to be dug, the Fish Overlord explained what was going on. The chemical was being tested. The chemical affected all humans. The chemical was enfused with pain-killers to make the death painless. Oh, it didn't work. My whole body ached terribly - a sharp pain affecting all of my muscles. Don't let anyone tell you you can't feel pain in dreams.

I was dying, I could feel it. My heart was racing - faster than it ever had before. I was scared of how fast my heart was beating. My energy had been sapped - I lay broken on the ground, unable to even stand. All I could do was listen and breathe, and watch the guy dig my grave.

The grave digger looked my over, looking suspicously like a guy I know. With a sad smile, he admonished, "It sucks that we had to kill you - with all the help you've given the world. It almost isn't worth it."

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RE: Explain Your Most Bizarre Dream - 10/12

Postby Davidson » Tue Dec 28, 2010 7:04 pm

I was on a beach and what was directly ahead towards the water was a very large dune. I went to run into the ocean and climbed over the dune to swim even though we were informed their was a shark in the water. I was in the ocean with a duck and I turned to the duck,"which way is south?" The duck looks at me and turns his head around 360 degrees with no response. I then figured it out by myself and just thought of the fact that there was a shark in the water. So I run back towards the beach but a large giraffe blocks my path. This giraffe was in a way hunting me until I read a poem out of the sand that made the giraffe drop a bone for me to play fetch with. I just then played fetch with the giraffe...

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RE: Explain Your Most Bizarre Dream - 10/12

Postby carakristin1 » Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:41 am

The GIANT Wedding

The lady’s room was not the most ideal place to get ready for the wedding. The supermarket had opened at 6 AM that day, and by now enough people had gone through the restroom to splash water all over the sink and drench all but one toilet in urine. But what are bridesmaids for? I thought, pulling on my best pair of jeans as my maid of honor held my purse.

Dressed in our nicest casual clothes, the ones without rips or tears or missing buttons, we hurried to the floral station to grab our bouquets. Luckily there was no conceivable way to clash with the array of colors represented by our outfits and the venue, so choosing the correct flowers was simply a matter of what was closest to our grasp.

My groom was waiting in the family planning aisle – appropriate, since that’s where we spent most of our conjoint grocery shopping trips, debating over Her Pleasure and His Pleasure (fat lot of good either of them did) – along with his pastor, who, it turned out, had a much better sense of humor about the whole thing than I’d previously given him credit for. Our families, convinced we wouldn’t really go through with it, had staunchly refused to attend. A shame, considering they hadn’t even spent a dime on the affair and could have at least showed up in support.

No matter. The panty shields to my left and baby formula to my right began to blur as I walked down the aisle. By the time I reached him, I had to hand off the bouquet immediately so I could get my hands on the pocket pack of tissues I’d bought for just such an emergency.

We said our vows as women of all ages and hormones selected their feminine products and muttered under their breaths how sorry I would be. We kissed; soft girlish cheers arose from behind me, and I felt the best man jubilantly pound my husband’s back through our embrace. There was no time for such sentimentality, though; hors d’oeuvres were being served at the deli counter and the supply diminished with every free sample being given! Annoyed, the meat-cutting man grimaced as the nine of us sampled honey-baked ham, potato salad, spinach dip and little squares of pumpernickel bread. When a suited gentleman by the name of The Manager arrived, we somberly returned the flowers to their sitting place, purchased a cake that read, “Happy 60th, Margaret!” and used someone’s pocketknife to cut it in the parking lot. We were now over-budget, but I’ll only get married once, and $55, including the license, is not too much to ask for the occasion.

The end came all too soon. Our pastor had excused himself somewhere between “I do” and “Pita chips!” and now our friends needed to make it home in time for curfew. Meanwhile, I felt my glow come to life, and I knew it was time to get started on the next big thing. I could barely get through the hugs good-bye and the presentations of small tokens of esteem – grape juice in lieu of wine for me, a bottle of KY, and – best of all – my bouquet, to treasure for all time, or at least until it wilts. When the last teenage kid and car pulled out of the parking lot, I looked at him and said, “Are you ready to have a baby yet?”

“Now?” I nodded. “Babe, we just got married.”

“I know, but something tells me this is the time…” We stared at the puddle under my feet.

He sighed and helped me into his own beat-up sedan. “Some honeymoon,” he grumbled.

I knew he was upset as he started the car, but I also knew it had been a good day for him, and for me too – or, at the very least, the day we wanted. Our parents had a vision: a white dress for me, a tiered cake and filet mignon on lace tablecloths at a country club, printed invitations and half a dozen re-gifted coffeemakers, as if the glamour of a traditional wedding would somehow hide my nine months pregnant belly. Too humble to hide behind the finery, we bought $5,000 worth of baby formula, diapers, and disapproval instead.

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RE: Explain Your Most Bizarre Dream - 10/12

Postby tszczerba » Mon Jan 10, 2011 7:49 am

Whoa! That was really strange, I'm not sure if I'm scared or just confused. There was a really fast rushing river, it looked like a flooding river all dark and full of debris. When I looked around me I realized I was standing on a dock and there was a rowboat at the edge of the dock. I was helping people out of the row boat and onto the dock. As each shivering person stepped onto the dock, they moved over to a very small shack and went inside. How did they all fit? I turned back to the row boat and out came my daughter! She didn't look well and also went into the shack. I looked at the river again. There were people treading water every few feet. I couldn't get into the river to help rescue them, all I could do was help the people out of the row boat after they got in to it. They had to pull themselves out of the water and get into the boat by themselves and then I could help them. I could lead them to the shack but I didn't go in. I felt I had been there before. Now I was outside and could help more people.
The next scene was of the water again and there were boats all around and the water was deep, really , really deep. There were many row boats all around and there were many in the boats trying to help the floundering people out of the water.
What could I do that was different and how could I identify who to help? I couldn't help them all, I could not pick and choose, they still had to get into the boat by themselves.

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RE: Explain Your Most Bizarre Dream - 10/12

Postby patsyi » Mon Mar 14, 2011 3:16 pm

After tucking in our son, who was only about 6 years old but we were leaving him alone, my husband and I were trying to get dressed for an evening out. Someone called the cops because we were getting dressed in front of a picture window. The cops came and we managed to talk ourselves out of an indecency citation or going down to the station saying that we didn't think it would take as long as it did or we would have shut the blinds. Our friends came while we were talking to the cops and waited impatiently. We headed to the builders show in their very littered and bumpy SUV. Every street and building in our town was congested with displays, construction going on and sale. We could only move at a snail's pace.

When we got to the main event, we split up and started exploring the various "booths." I wandered the farthest. The builder's show morphed into some kind of science fiction mega-show. There were parades featuring samples of all of it moving to music, futuristic ships and creatures and types of humans from other planets and galaxies walking around in elaborate costumes. I was completely enthralled and didn't notice how far I had wandered. There was everything from cloven-hoofed people in caveman-type garb driving maxed out jeeps to aircraft and brightly-colored Victorian wooden ships speeding down the wide river in front of me.

Eventually I came to a kind of "food court" where Kava and other ethnobotanical treats were being sold at various concessions. After walking around there for a while, I came upon my friends and felt disappointed that I had to leave this place. They all just looked at me like I was crazy or something and I guess we left.

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Re: Explain Your Most Bizarre Dream - 10/12

Postby Trissa » Sat Apr 02, 2011 9:10 am

Many of my dreams seem to involve flying. I start out walking. I seem to know where I am going, but not sure why. Members of my family run around in a parklike. There is a stream, small boats. People are talking, laughing.

Suddenly I feel myself being lifted off the ground. At first, I am afraid as I don't like heights. The ground gets further and further away as I find myself flying over the tree tops. About the time I feel anxious about the height, I start floating back towards the earth. I don't land, but float lower.

At some point, daytime becomes night. There is snow on the ground. I approach an old car which is supposed to be mine. I climb in and find my children already in the car. Apparently, we are moving. I drive through streets both familiar yet unfamiliar. We arrive at our destination. Our home looks nothing like the house we actually live in. There are many rooms; so many, in fact, that there is another wing to the house which I rarely venture into. At one point, I go down a hallway and find several bedrooms and bathrooms that I forgot about (in my dream). I end up on a balcony overlooking a large kitchen. I realize I need to go to the store.

I walk towards town with my kids following. I am looking for my car and have forgotten where I parked it. We find a tunnel/parking lot. My daughter races on down the tunnel while I decide to walk outside the huge, cavernous building. It becomes an airport. I see my daughter through a wall of glass. She is running outside.

When I find my car, it is much smaller than it started out as. It has become an old VW Bug I once owned in college. I drive the car across a bridge, get out when I get to the other side. I then fold the car up into a suitcase and carry it back to the other side. End of dream....

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Re: Explain Your Most Bizarre Dream - 10/12

Postby Trissa » Sat Apr 02, 2011 9:17 am

I had to write this dream down, too. It's one I had very recently.

My husband and I are at home. I am cleaning the house as he sits in the basement watching TV. The TV he is watching is an incredibly large screen. He sits in his recliner, bags of chips all over the floor. Rain is pouring through the ceiling, surrounding my husband and his TV in a pool of water. I think briefly that water and electricity don't mix.

I find I am wearing knee high boots. I go through the water and head to a door. I am thinking that I need to let our dog out. When I open the door, the dog rushes past me. He needs to be on a leash! I grab the leash and watch as he bolts across the street. The street is flooded and looks more like a rushing river. There is a driving/floating towards the intersection and the dog is chasing it.

I try to get down the outside stairs to bring the dog back. The stairs are reddish, wide, steep, and there is no railing. My boots are slippery, so I sit on the steps as I try to get down. I'm waving his leash in one hand making it difficult to grab the stairs to descend.

I finally reach the dog and try to slip the leash over his head. I look in my hand and see I am holding the dog, except he is now teacup size and pale like an albino seal.

End of dream... Maybe I need therapy?!?


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