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Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 4:40 am
by Brian

Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 4:40 am
by Brian
Write a letter apologizing to your conscience. Or reverse it and write a letter where your conscience apologizes to you.

You can post your response (750 words or fewer) here.

Re: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:59 am
by LittleEden
Dear Conscience,

I am writing you in regards to our last encounter. If you have forgotten, I will hit the highlights.

Place: The Yellow Rose Tea Room
Time: Day before yesterday

Event: Maybe I should refer to it as "the incident" and not elevate it to status of an event. "The incident" taught me so much, like always listen to you. If I had, I would not have spent the last two nights tossing and turning.

You nudged me to keep my emotions in check; did I listen to you, no, I did not. I sat there and let jealousy swell up in me. She radiated beauty and perfect style. Every movement was gracious. I fought against envy when she took her teacup in perfect manicured hands and it touched her smiling lips.

Piece by piece I torn myself apart, comparing me to her, and coming up short every time. I ate my lunch without even tasting it. I was too engrossed in her. Time after time, you poked at me to straighten up and let go of my growing envy but I pushed you away. Instead, I chose to embrace the green eye monster. Dessert came and went and I barely touched my chocolate pie, and you know how much I love pie.

I would not listen to you and I spent my lunch in misery. By the time the check came, I had talked myself into hating her for being all that I perceived I was not. You make one last ditch effort to get me to change my attitude but I refused to listen and pushed you away. It was then that I wished I had listened to you.

The woman sitting with her stood up, went to the back of her chair, and rolled her away from the table.

Caught up in my jealousy I had failed to see the wheelchair. I was too busy comparing myself to her and feeling sorry for myself that I did not see the whole picture. I wonder if while I was watching her, and being jealous of her beauty, was she watching me and wishing she could stand and walk.

I hope you accept my apology for not listening to you. Please do not give up on me. Please do not stop urging me to do the right thing even when I try to shut you out.

Thanks for all your effort to make me a better person,

RE: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:51 pm
by Sindz
Dear Little Voice in My Head

I'm sorry I second guess every red flag you wave in front of my star-struck eyes. You should realise by now that my stubborn nature allows me to only see what I want to see at the time.
Every time you yelled "Bad Idea"
I thought ...hmmmm but maybe...its could be the best idea ever!
And from there it always ends up downhill.
So here I am, contemplating yet again another bad , bad idea and you are shaking your little fist at me and looking for that hammer to bash some sense into me and all I'm thinking is hmmm but it could ...a really good idea.

So here's my apology in advance because I'm really sorry but I have to keep trying even if I end up rolling down that hill again.
Afterall I know that I can pick myself up (be it in pieces) and move on.

So my little voice of reason - Keep yelling at me.
I'm filing it under consideration for next time ;)

Much love always


Re: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:02 am
by jaus tail
Dear Jaus

17th October 1987, waiting in the airport with your ticket to Australia in one hand you were starting your new life. Seeing the airport receptionist uniform reminded you of your honeymoon. It was I who triggered that thought which bought a grin on your face, but you were quick to look away. I kept on urging you to go back to your wife, give your marriage another chance, you kept on ignoring me. The differences were too many to be ignored. You diverted your attention by picking a business magazine. 'Behind a successful man is a woman' a heading or God's intention. I had Him on my side. You were alone. 'This is the final call to passengers travelling by Australian Airlines...'

With the passport, visa and ticket in 1 hand and the job offer in the other you decide to rather give life another chance, I wanted yo to sigh but you smiled. As if my urges weren't irritating you enough you got a push, turned around and saw a teen couple holding hand in hand. 'Don't you remember the vows you took, the love you'll had. A 10 yr gap but you both defied all society norms, you can't just give up.' But you had made your decision. You climb up the airplane and I put the picture of how your ex wife has a phobia of escalators and how you lifted her in your strong arms in the mall.

You ran down the same escalator pushing through the incoming passengers, tearing your job offer you wipe your tears. 'I love you Joanie' you kept on repeating, picturing your woman standing besides you and your daughter in your arms.

You ring the bell no reply, ring again, bang the door 'Open the door Joanie, I'm sorry.' No reply. You may not know but it was 10:30 when you fell asleep on the stairs. In your dreams I kept on proving my point with dreams of your wife and epiphanies of a divorced Jaus.

You hear a giggle in the morning, wake up. 'Oh it was such a breathe of fresh air. What was I doing all this while? Stagnated as Mrs. Tail.' You get up and your eyes meet. 'I'll call you back' Joanie hangs up 'What are you doing here? Weren't you going to Australia for your job?'

23 years later on the death bed I apologize to you for giving your marriage another chance. You lost your job and started the chain reaction, poverty, inferiority complex, isolation, decrepit body. Tonight might be the last time we see each other and I just have one thing to say 'Hope you get a better conscience next time.'

Anyone who reads this plz give a feedback.

Re: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:18 am
by WritingSal
Hello my old friend,

It feels quite odd writing to you today knowing we have been one and the same for a lifetime. It almost feels like I am directing this letter at myself more than anyone else. It occurred to me that I never did stop and think about you in a different light. You see, I always thought of you as just another dimension of myself; brought into existence to fulfil my role in life. I never ever imagined what life would be for me without you. Could I survive? Would I even exist?

I remember when I first met you in the cornerstones of my mind. You nagged and tugged. I cannot recall the circumstances surrounding our encounter but I do remember feeling like the whole episode was like an extension of who I am. It was then that I realised the implication of who we are meant to be. Our relationship has flourished to the extent that our lives have now become intertwined. I cannot function nor realise my full potential without you.

It is with this striking realisation that I find myself apologising to you. I apologise for taking you for granted and failing to acknowledge that indispensable partnership that makes me who I am for all these years. When I think of myself, I cannot but see you as a vital part of it. We are but a meltdown of barriers of the mind and soul. We complete each other. If one of us dies, the other will surely fail to survive. I apologise for not giving you more credit for what you are worth and for not priding myself in the blessing of having you in my life.

Yours truly and always...

Re: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:01 am
by DreamingWriterGirl
Dear Conscience,

There are sometimes that I don't like you very much, because you make me feel bad when I act in a way that I feel justified. Such as, when I screamed at my best friend when she wouldn't show up for dance practice after I'd rescheduled everything around her schedule, and she still couldn't make it a week before the performance. You made me feel pretty awful. And when she informed me that she didn't think we should be friends anymore, you whispered "I told you so." And, you keep telling me what I should've done. Yeah, that gets pretty infuriating.

My mother says I have the best conscience of anyone she knows, and so do my friends. When I fuss with anybody, you keep pushing me until I say I'm sorry. I get mad about that too because it seems like I'm the only person who apologizes ten seconds after an argument. But then again, I owe you for that because it seems like the other person is usually ready to make things right too.

So, I guess with your guidance and my impetuosity, you and I make a good team. Our friendship will now continue...if you'll leave me alone when I know I'm right. All right, all right. Maybe I was wrong. Now you'll have me apologizing for not listening to you. What's worse is, you have this incredible knack for speaking through other people. So to keep myself sane, I guess I'll just go ahead and apologize. I'm sorry. There! Are you happy now?

What's that? Yes, I agree. As long as I listen to you, I pretty much stay out of trouble, but you have to admit, I'm not all that bad all the time. Actually, I think I'm a well rounded sort. WHAT? If I keep on eating this chocolate cake, I will be well rounded? You have a sick sense of humor. All right. I'll put it away. Maybe I should just throw it at you.

Love and hugs,


P.S. Anybody who reads this, I would appreciate comments as my writing skills need sharpening.

Re: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:31 pm
by avalanche_of_elysium
Hello dreamerwritergirl,

As a new user I don't have a lot to brag about as far as posting writing goes, but I think your conscience letter was pretty funny, and I liked it! Your writing style is self deprecatingly funny, and it was an engaging letter.

Keep working at it, and your writing will get better and better. I'm still learning, too, so I don't have a lot of advice.

Lene (avalanche_of_elysium)

P.S. I have a question: where is the quote in your signature from?

Re: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:22 pm
by DreamingWriterGirl
That quote came from Homer's "Odyssey". Thank you for your feedback, Avalanche_of_Elysium. I intend to write for the rest of my life.

RE: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:16 pm
by Brijennings
Dear Conscience,
Before I continue, allow me to express my love and appreciation for you. My life would be hell without you.

However, as you know, I needed my space. You see, sometimes even the best of friends need time away from each other. How then could I appreciate your goodness if I didn't go without it occasionally?

I just needed the freedom to live and make decisions without your consent. This is my life, remember?

But don't worry. I still love you. And I'm back, for a little while anyways. So I'm prepared to live with your impulsive need to express your opinion on every matter. Even the little things. I suppose that's the nature of our relationship.

Maybe we can make some adjustments to your areas of involvement. Maybe set some healthy boundaries so I don't feel so suffocated by you. What do you say? I'll be thinking of a list of areas that will be out of your jurisdiction, for the sake of the relationship of course.

Forever yours,

P.S. First area on the list: COFFEE.