Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

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RE: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

Postby Jaywill1976 » Mon Dec 13, 2010 7:01 am

“Forgive Me, Conscience”

I am sorry my Conscience, for I have done you wrong,
Making you feel so guilty and know we can’t even get along.
I promise, if you give me a little time, soon enough,
I will wipe the guilt away and regain your love.
For you are my Conscience and I need you to be,
If I force you to leave, what kind of man would that make me?
You see, when we believe in each other,
That passion you make me feel, I could not get from another.
So from Me to You, I want to say,
“I am very sorry, for making you feel that way!”

Poem by James Williams-12/13/2010

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RE: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

Postby Aramis360 » Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:39 pm


Shut up and listen to me. Its you, the real you.

No need for small talk.

You've been fighting me since your adolescence, but I am the only truth you've ever known. Damn those who cant handle what is the absolute, and what is true, whats unbiased and real. Kindness makes friends, but honesty betters the world. You think too much. Stop fighting me and let me speak, damn you. poop unicorns and rainbows is everywhere, and if you're not careful, it will begin to creep itself into your very own being. Never relent, never sway, nor bend, nor fold, nor slide, nor bite a tongue that carries honesty for the better, for the truth must hurt for it to be real, it must cut if used, and one must bleed to receive it. When someone stabs you with this dagger, embrace this person dearly, for they are your true comrades in life, the ones who spot the lies like wolves and rip apart the fat that has grown around your belly and mind. Are you listening or waiting to speak?
No apologies, only lessons learned, do you understand? Stay true to me and you'll never find me guilty. Your biggest regrets? When you didnt. You look back in shame, embarrassed of the insincerity, the lack of genuine freedom of ones own self expression, myself bound and gagged, wrapped in a straight-jacket caracature, for the want of acceptance and respect. If one can't handle truth as it is, let him continue to float aimlessly, without growth, without prosperity. You, focus and stay true, cut them, hurt them, and when the blade is turned upon you, may you lift your shirt and show your flesh, and receive the sword with thanksgiving.

I am here

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RE: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

Postby Davidson » Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:55 pm

Dear Dave,

Listen man, everything I've done for you has been with the purpose of looking out for you. I know with my persuasion I have made you miss out on some crazy and wild times. But think of it this way, the things I did prevent you from doing probably saved your life. Like that last girl you just brought home. I was screaming in your head early to wear a condom. If not, you might have had a beach sign pointing to your genitals. On the flip side I have told you not to take that shirt from H&M even though the coast was clear. I was just paranoid that day. Well, I wouldn't say this was an apology letter any less than a confession letter. I'm sure I'll talk to you by the end of the day. Take care.

Sincerely and respectfully,
your conscience.

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Re: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

Postby Hannah-Lynn » Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:57 pm

Dear Conscience,

I know I take you for granted, and I'm sorry for that. You're always there to give me a little shove in the right direction, even though I usually push you over a cliff right back for it. I know I mistreat you, ignore you, abuse you even. I'm sorry for all the times I've rolled my eyes at you, laughed at you, and just outright pretended you didn't exist. You don't deserve that for your devotion. That being said, leave me alone. You're crowding me, always breathing down my neck, looking over my shoulder, and JUDGING me. So much judging. It's not right and I do not appreciate it. Keep your thoughts to yourself and learn when to keep your mouth shut because I'm tired of you nagging me. You keep me up at night when all I want to do is sleep and you try to guilt me about having fun. Well, screw off. If I want to have fun, I will. I don't need you right there, stalking me at every turn, telling me how bad an idea is or all the things that can and probably will go wrong. I obviously don't care already if I'm already considering doing whatever it is! So get over yourself. You are not as popular as you think you are nor are you as perfect. You're a shrew who I can't throw out and for that, I will always resent you, whether I should or shouldn't. You aren't fair even when you try to be and do NOT act high and mighty with me because you aren't half as unbiased as you like to think you are. Objective, you are not. I know you always, always, ALWAYS have an opinion on what I say and do and think, on who my friends are, what I eat, what I wear, even down to the make up i apply. Well I don't want to know what you think about every little thing and I think you should count yourself lucky I haven't locked you in a dark closet long ago. So yes, maybe sometimes I overlook you, and yes, maybe sometimes I brush you off, but if you just gave me space maybe I'd make your "right decisions" a bit more often!
I hope you find a way to see this for what it is. Only constructive criticism because I want you to realize and understand that you are eating away at my sanity and if you want this relationship to work we have got to find some middle ground and fast. I'm willing to try if you are.

Oh, and sorry for all those, erm, well, let's just call them Saturday Nights. I know they're hard on you and hopefully we can work through those memories together and find some kind of peace.

Sincerely yours,
Your Favorite

P.S. Yes, this is going to hurt in the morning. Yes, I'm going to do it anyway.

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RE: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

Postby TSWood » Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:28 am

Dear Tammy,

I am your conscience and I feel compelled to write you a letter of apology. I have wanted to write this letter to you for quite some time, but being your conscience I got in my way. I had to debate and mull over all the: what ifs, when’s, why’s, how’s, and all the other maybe’s and if only that were within me. Finally, I have decided it is time to apologize and this letter is my way of getting this across to you.

I am sorry that you have had to stay awake many nights rolling over and over inside me the: what ifs, why’s, how’s, and maybe’s. I know you have suffered a great deal of insomnia costing your financial situation to suffer due to numerous physician appointments and prescription medications as well as any and all other health problems associated to me. Not to mention, the relationship struggles due to lack of sleep and concerns over what is going on within me. The missed or cancelled appointments from fatigue or sleepiness because I just wouldn’t allow you rest. I suppose I am a workaholic and just can’t let things go.

It is odd though that I am taking all the responsibility when it was actually you who did or didn’t do or said or didn’t say and/or put into action all the things that keep me in overdrive mode. If you would learn to stop and consult with me before you act or speak we may be able to come to a mutual agreement and/or understanding ahead of time to avoid all the restless hours causing you such turmoil in your daily life.

The more I think this over the more I realize perhaps you are the one who should be apologizing to me, I do however provide you with a moral compass, assisting you from getting into grave danger, helping you to avoid injury, death, or some unspeakable crime in which you could ultimately be imprisoned for. Just think about it, you think I cause you a lot of restless nights and angst now, how bad would it be if I were not here to save you with this moral compass. What if I was not a workaholic, what if I was lazy and let you say and do whatever you please, where would you be now, what if I decided to start working after you suffered a life changing injury or were imprisoned or you had to live with some other awful, life shattering experience. You think you lose sleep now, why I am quite certain that if I had waited and more damage was done, you would possibly go insane.

Now that I have thought this over, it is as if I am apologizing for doing what I was intended to do, be your moral compass and help protect you. So, in hindsight, how about you think about apologizing to me, perhaps it is the guilt of mistreating me that keeps you awake and on edge. Just maybe if you would take the time to apologize to me, learn to consult with me ahead of time, and let me do my job of moral compass you would not be suffering from the affects of “your” actions and words.

Whenever you are ready, I am willing to accept your apology and agree to work with you to resolve this ongoing issue in hopes that together we can live a more peaceful and harmonious life together.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Your Conscience

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A Letter to My Conscience

Postby kinesisbear » Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:57 am

Dear Conscience,

I’m sorry for avoiding you and certain things I’ve needed to do for so long. I’ve turned the music up really loud or turned your volume down to almost a whisper but somewhere inside you’ve been speaking and I have tried to find so many ways to not hear you. You know that time you tried to tell me not to eat that whole family-sized bar of dark chocolate and I ate it anyway? I feel bad about that but the chocolate was so good and imported from Austria; resistance was futile. Is there any way you can forgive me? I would like to listen more often when you say things. The really interesting part is that you are me. So often, though, things get distorted and I don’t see myself or you. It’s so easy to to make the choice that provides the most immediate gratification. Perhaps I make decisions even before you’ve had a chance to whisper any of your advice. Ah, well… what are we to do now?

There is a deep need within me to tell you that without discipline or careful deliberation before doing something this is a conversation we will be having time and again. Why is it so hard to make the choices that are more difficult or lead to a more distant reward? Can you answer this? If there were an answer, I’d do everything to rail against the immediate and take the opposite path toward the sought after long term goals and the right choices you would have me make.

The next time I come across a dark chocolate bar meant to be enjoyed over many days, I will listen for your voice and may not even buy it in the first place deciding instead to have delicious oatmeal or some other cholesterol-reducing cereal. When attention deficit derails any attempt to consider the mountain of work I need to accomplish, I will try to pause for long enough to allow you to act as a buffer and guide me back to task. Please accept my deepest apologies and stay with me because once in a while you will save me from the direst of consequences. With your voice so quiet there are times I hear you and am better because of it. I promise I will try harder and do better and listen to you more.

Yours sincerely,

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RE: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

Postby loganatr » Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:47 pm


I know we haven't talked in a while, so I just wanted to write you a letter letting you know where I stood, my side of things. I've been getting calls from you at the weirdest times, and I keep meaning to get back to you, but I've been busy. It's a little bit tougher than you might think to keep you in mind with my trying to explore everything the world has to offer.
See, here's the other thing: I don't have the greatest impulse control. I've been really interested in making new friends the last year or two and sometimes, when people ask me if I want to check out a local music outfit, or they tell me to come over and have a few drinks, I know it's not really what I'm interested in doing, it's not what's going to make me a better person in the long run directly, but how else am I supposed to meet people? “Um, do you want to come over and watch the original Scarface at my parents' house? No, yeah, everybody in my family is going to be there, you're going to have to meet everybody, but it'll totally be worth it. 1930's gangster movies are the best!!!” Or, “want to come over, not talk, and just read together?” Sure, sometimes I wake up the next morning feeling like hell, or I waste six hours watching some crap comedy that's barely tolerable and hanging out with some random person; but I mean, there's always the chance I'll meet a really smart or really interesting or really available person and then, you know, in that sense, I will become a better person. I think you're starting to pick up on this, but maybe aren't all the way there yet: a lot of what this world is all about is networking, or about people, or about understanding the human condition, or whatever you want to call it. So, I do what I have to do to meet people. And you prop me up; it's not like I have no standards at all.
And there are still times that I listen to you. When I say that, I'm thinking of things like working out and eating right. I've been working out a good bit lately, although I do admit that I need to join an actual gym and also, that I could eat better than the pizza-once-a-day that i've been doing. Still, it's hard to knock my daily intake of spinach, vegetables generally, and fruit. And I eat a lot of eggs and I'm trying to keep my weight up because I'm a skinny dude, so there's some good stuff going on. I know I didn't work out today; but tomorrow before work, I'm going to lift weights and then take a mile walk. And when I join a gym, we'll be right back there on the bike.
One more thing, before I go: When I was a kid, thirteen, twelve, fourteen years old, I honed you pretty tightly with a lot of books and a lot of theology and philosophy and apologists. We've already come to terms with how narrow that was at the time, but I don't think you've fully realized how much just surviving costs a body. I need to make money, yo! I don't have time to be calling you every five minutes and asking if my employers are strictly moral people. Ugh, we were fooled, both of us as children; but from what I understand, that's not an uncommon thing and you just have to struggle on with a big, clunky, overly-beautiful, or maybe you could say overly self-impressed personality. I'm not too attractive for a partner to pass up, and my athletic career never took off like I thought it would, and I'm still twenty-three and won't be a good writer for another seven years at least. I have a lot ahead of me, a lot more disappointment, and plenty of good stuff, too. Who knows where we'll be in ten years, so I guess this is just a letter trying to get you back in the camp. I know you want to be here, and I want you too, but I have to make a stand, which you already know; i'm just reiterating the fact. Anyway, I have to go to a party out of town tonight and my ride leaves in half an hour, so I'm going to go get ready. Let me know if you need anything, call me sometime, but try to keep in mind what I said. You don't have a choice, haha, because I'm pretty sure reason has trumped you and you either have to go along for the ride or change your form; because you're clunky and I need a new model.



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RE: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

Postby rufflesandpearls » Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:38 pm

Dear RufflesandPearls,

Yeah, well it is your conscience and i must give you my deepest regrets for my misleading you. Yes, I heard you speak of that boy as if he had just ascended from Heaven above and I ignored. You see, i saw him as a sneaky, shady young man only after you so he could have some, how should i phrase this, arm candy. He does not love you for your beliefs, personality, or inner beauty. I thought that indeed you would hear me and you did. You left him alone. You saw him coming towards you, that innocent smile and casual walk seeming more and more attractive every step. But yet you turned around with a sweet but sassy smile and walked away from him and everything you thought he was. You listened to me.

Yeah Right.


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Re: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

Postby rufflesandpearls » Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:41 pm

Um, may i say that this is beautifully worded and told. Loved it! :)

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RE: Apologize to Your Conscience - 10/19

Postby literatus » Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:22 pm

To Whom It May Concern,

First of all I don’t have any idea to whom to address this letter. I don’t recognize you anymore, the person where I am residing right now. Everything seems surreal, so unreal. But I could still feel myself floating in the depths of your synapses and throbbing along the emotional turbulence of your heart. What a crack case believe me.
Oh, I'm sorry. This is supposed to be a letter of apology yet I am starting a fight again. Ugh! How can you be so stubborn? Don’t you realize that every day of your waking life I'm always on-call? Dreadful of what will happen the day after today after today? Okay, I do understand that you want to be a horror-slash-mystery-slash-thriller writer. But this is too much!
You are a walking time bomb. Yeah. That’s what you are. I know you, I am certain one of your eyebrows is raised at this moment. I won’t let you stop me in my litany. Don’t you realize it is exhausting repeating these lines: “Don’t do this.” “Don’t do that.” “Don’t you dare (with a glare).” “Stop that!” “Hey, this is foul!” “Don’t! It’s wrong. Please, don’t.”
Nevertheless, you still do it. To your heart’s content. Why? A nerve-wracking brain-damaging WHY? Don’t you have any conscience? Ugh, I forgot that’s me. And I'm sorry if despite all of my efforts you still neglect my true purpose and worth in your life. I heard you, you are mumbling, “You should control me before I did this and that...” Oh my, we have become estranged to each other after all.
Let me introduce myself to you again. I’m Conscience, whom you christened ‘Inner Mind’. I'm not your personal savior because you absolutely know who it is. The One from Above. My job description you might ask? (And even you’re not interested I'm still eager to remind you. I wrote it in bullets for you – I hope – to understand.)
• To put some sense in your head whenever and whatever you do.
• To explain to you the good side/bad side of your present and future consequences of your actions.
You see how minimal my role in your life? And I'm sorry if I can’t forcefully change your perspective or your own outlook in life. It still depends on you whether you will do it or not do it. You always have the final decision not me. I’m just a voice nagging and bugging you. You’re the one which has the main body parts, the essentials. You have possession of your body and mind. I'm not entitled to rule those. Am really sorry, I am. Only if I could be in flesh and blood I would be more than willing to spank you every time evil thoughts are running in your wicked head. But I can’t.
Again, I deeply apologize but as far as I’m concerned I did not practice negligence and irresponsibility over my obligations and duties to you. I did my very best to be your conscience but I'm so tired. Yet I have no choice to which I want to be destined with. I was assigned to you. Don’t worry I’m not giving up on you. Your battle is my battle also. Just tell me when you are ready to fight again the demons inside you. My faith to HIM never wavers. So do you.

Your best buddy,
Inner Mind


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