New Holiday - 7/20

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New Holiday - 7/20

Postby Brian » Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:44 am

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New Holiday - 7/20

Postby Brian » Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:44 am

Come up with a new holiday. Explain why and how it should be celebrated.

You can post your response (750 words or fewer) here.

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Re: New Holiday - 7/20

Postby kkerber » Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:47 pm

Plastic and Things
South Industry Street
Oswald, CA 55555
Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To: John R. Graves

From: SWM

Subject: Team Building Day

I am sorry to inform you that I will not be in on Thursday, July 22nd 2010. In all other circumstances, I would only be too willing to come to Team Building Day, but unfortunately, there is a holiday, which is known among my people, which I am unable to miss. When my family and our families were still living on the island of Kilokolo, there was a great Volcano which, once a year, would take to spewing a noxious gas throughout the treetops. The gas was so poisonous that if you so much as sighed in it, you would die instantly. So it happened that each year, we would take to tiny canoes and paddle out as far as we could go. The gas would spew out for the whole week, not just the day, and so we would fill the boats with great drinking horns and packs of food and would eat and drink until the gas had subsided.

As you can see, this volcano was very disruptive to our every day life and so we came to America seeking asylum from it. Now, as I remember the story, because it has only been told to me, the older people from our village would not be moved, but we would not leave them behind because they were at the greatest danger of being devoured by the gas. So when the volcano erupted again, we went out in our canoes as usual, but told the older ones that they needed to be blindfolded because the volcano was now spreading an awful light over the water. It was in this way that we were able to bring them ashore.

If only that were the end of it! They had expected the older ones to be angry with them taking them away from the village, but what they did not expect was that the older ones simply thought that the volcano had rebuilt it in a different way, that is to say: they were still in the village, even though it looked very different. So, on the appointed date when the volcano was to erupt (developed off of a geological calendar, not a roman one), we are obligated to go home and blind fold our grandparents and pretend to take them out to sea.

I do hope that your team building goes well. As I said, I am terribly sorry to miss it. I will give your love to the older ones.

-Sean W. McIntyre

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RE: New Holiday - 7/20

Postby may9thsisters » Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:26 pm

Today is the first annual worship a puppy day, started by the Church of Dogs, which was founded in 1823. The Church of Dogs has constantly taken the time and effort to take care of dogs and puppies in life. We teach owners how to care properly for their dogs so that their dogs may live a luxurious life that they deserve. Hey, if the Egyptians can worship cats, why can’t we worship dogs? The Church of Dogs also helps owners grieve and bear the death of their dogs, their little children. We have always devoted ourselves to blessing the bodies of puppies and dogs that have passed whether of old age, a sickness, or an accident. Our priests bless everybody and take care to make sure they are resting well in the Church of Dogs cemetery.
The Church of Dogs believed it was rightly time to make a day full of worship to these small creatures who we consider our everlasting companions. Losing a dog is surely the hardest thing a person ever has to do. So why not give them complete thanks while they are alive and full of spirit?
We encourage the following for July 20 of every year that you take off of work! We just submitted the application to be a national holiday so I’m sure things will progress accordingly, and your bosses will understand your devotion and dedication to your dog and puppies.
After you take off, the rest is all about your baby!! Take care of him/her by waking them up with a nice plate of steak and eggs with a fresh bowl of water! That’ll get them started right! After that, take them for a nice long walk through the park, and be sure to bring along their favorite ball to play with! Talk about getting started off on the right foot.
After that, take your dog home, because they will likely be ready to wind down for a nice nap. Before letting them sleep in your bed with all of its warm pillows and comfy blankets, be sure to treat him/her to an afternoon snack and a bubble bath in your claw-foot tub. Give them a nice dry down with your towel and prop them on a mountain of pillows.
Now you can of course relax, but make sure to wake up the dog for lunch, which will be followed by a trip to the pet store in which you spend hundreds of dollars buying them new toys, blankets, collars, leashes, food, treats and dog bowls. After all, there’s nothing too expensive for a dog, because let’s face it, dog spelled backwards is god!
Take them to the beach for a run through the surf and then home again for a nice meaty dinner where they can afterwards roll onto their backs on your shaggy living room rug for a long nap before they retire to bed. Now, as they go to bed, be sure to pet their bellies, backs and sides to make sure they know just how loved they are!!!
When you’re done, you’ll realize it was the best holiday you ever spent because you gave back to someone in your life so wonderfully and wholeheartedly!!

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RE: New Holiday - 7/20

Postby WordSmythe » Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:51 am

Today we celebrate WhatEVer Day.

National WhatEVer Day, allowing for State National, National, Uni-National, Bi-National, Trilateral National, Multinational and International participation, allows the individual to celebrate whatEVer rites of whoop! whoop! he or she determines to be appropriate for his or her religion, belief system, or visionary concepts brought on by the use of hallucinogenic drugs. (See (No. You didn’t did you?)

The law states, “Each of us can celebrate whoever, whomever, how ever, whatever, wherever (within reason), which ever, why ever ...” (The law goes on for 3,126 pages. “Well I haven’t read it yet. We’ll just have to celebrate it once or twice to see what’s in it,” reported Senate Majority Leader Clueless R Poobah.)

After the creation of the national holidays Worship a Puppy Day and Team Building day and Hug a Tree Day and Wear Your Veil day and National First Good Day of The Year Day and Hamburger Day and Sniff a Dog Day and Colonoscopy Day congress succumbed to the demands of business and created a day that would address all further desires for celebration.

Unfortunately workers are still forced to work 16 days a year (federal employees will have to work 9 days a year.)

There were early rumblings of massive demonstrations to condemn the new law. Speaker of the house Gleefully Ignorant gleefully suggested that National WhatEVer Day would be a perfect opportunity to hold such strikes. “We should celebrate together!”

Olfactory Miles, the President of United Workers of America United responded, “We ain’t gonna be taking no holiday time for demonstrations! Does Ignorant think we was born in a carrot patch?”

In other news, the Carrot Lobby is now lobbying for a National Carrot Day specifically to address the misconception that people born in the carrot patch are somehow inferior. “Hey,” said Migrant “Carrot Top” Jerobo, President of the Associated Carrots In A Bunch and Together. “It’s not like we fell off the turnip truck!”

The turnips rose to respond ...

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RE: New Holiday - 7/20

Postby closch » Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:27 am

I woke up ten minutes before the alarm clock did. The glowing numbers seemed to be glaring at me, laughing at the time, and I couldn’t help but wish it was two or three hours earlier. I wasn’t ready to get up; I wanted another hour or so at least before I had to drag myself out into the dampness and deal with the traffic, the people, the boss, the lousy weather we had been having. Was spring ever going to arrive?

I drifted in and out for the next few minutes, ready to hit the snooze but was startled awake by the loud voice of the announcer. I never could understand how anyone could be so cheerful so early in the morning.

“Good Morning Everyone.” He bellowed. The “everyone” slowly being drawn out into four long syllables, almost four distinct words. “We’ve got a beautiful day in store for you today, the sun is out, the birds are singing and the temperatures are where we need them to be. You know what that means?”

“Yes!” I yelled as I jumped out of bed forgetting about my usual need to slap the snooze button and in unison with the announcer said “It’s National First Good Day of The Year Day.”

I ran into the kitchen looking for my husband, “Did you hear?” I almost roared as I jumped around on the dark wooden floor.

“Yes I did,” he smiled as he toasted me with what turned out to be his second cup of coffee. “It came through on the email an hour or so ago. I happened to be up and just couldn’t get back to sleep.” He was heading towards the patio.

I loved National First Good Day of The Year Day. Technically it wasn’t national; it was more of a regional holiday, dependent on the weather each area received, but calling it national just sounded better. The winters were so long in this part of the country that when the first good day arrived no one wanted to work; no one wanted to do much of anything. They wanted to be outside enjoying the feel of the sun once again and revel in the knowledge that the snow was now without a doubt behind them for another few months.

The change of government a few years back surprised everyone by actually having a personality and a few more smarts than any that had come before and realized that an extra holiday when it mattered was in order.

We never knew when the holiday would fall; it varied from year to year. That was part of its charm. The surprise nature of the extra vacation was always a topic of conversation as the weather did start to change while everyone speculated on when the highly anticipated day might occur.

It had become the traditional day for everyone to get the patio set up and the barbeque once again cooking at full speed. Deck umbrellas popped up everywhere and hoses were once again connected in preparation for the life that would soon be awakening and making its way through the dark earth that had long been buried in snow.

I took my coffee out to the patio and joined my husband as we sat on the steps enjoying the sunrise, all thoughts of the snooze alarm lost in the wonder of spring.

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RE: World Charity Support Day

Postby t-sizzles » Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:33 am

This is very important day. The effects of the activities that take place have double impact. In one way the person/team/company/organization/church etc responsible for givig as much as they can will feel great about making a difference, no matter how small. The communities being helped will be more than grateful for the services provided.

This day can be celebrated by donating, volunteering and also by being there for those in need. Joining as many causes, churches and organizations that are involved and doing as much as possible, is the best way to-not only do something to impact nations locally and internationally-but to step into the world of the brokenhearted. Feel what they feel, understand everything that goes on in their lives and how big a deal they make the things we take for granted.

At least one day in the whole year where everyone puts all their resources together and help change their communities, is something that can influence generations to come. Young people's perspective and ultimately their entire world can change-one way or another-even just a little bit at a time. No need to talk the talk anymore, time to walk the walk and take action and be mindful of making our world a better place.

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RE: New Holiday - 7/20

Postby chilios » Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:21 pm

Only July 19th, of every year, dog owners across each town meet in the city center to celebrate Happy Puppy Day. The morning begins with a leisurely stroll and ends at the most puppy friendly park in town. Every dog owner pitches in bringing along their favorite meals and a bit of their dog's favorite food to share pot luck style. By afternoon everyone is ready to head home for a nap and an evening of puppy cuddling on the couch.

Happy Puppy Day celebrates the devotion that dog owners have towards there animals and the reciprocal love that they receive. Dog owners are arguably the proudest of all the pet owners, bragging of loyalty and devotion.

Happy Puppy Day gives owners and dogs a chance to mingle. Everyone who attends are dog-lovers to the core, creating a safe atmosphere for proud new puppy owners to bring there puppies without fear of being judged for any misbehavior. With all the town dogs meeting together everyone has a chance to meet a dog their own size, small dogs can play with fellow small dogs while the bigger ones can rumble, tumble and swim if there is a safe spot for it.

During the walk and potluck dog owners are often overheard sharing their misadventures, hilarious tales and swapping training tips. The dogs sniff and greet one another, making new friends and sometimes a few enemies. The craftiest of pet owners display their homemade doggy rain coats and those inclined by culinary prepare the finest dog treats to share with all.

The afternoon always ends by three o'clock and the park is left cleaner than when the pet owners arrived. The celebration does not end however. Dog owners use the rest of the day as an opportunity to give their devoted animal and often times best friend the love and attention they deserve. Whether its playing fetch in the back yard, finally getting around to trimming those nails or simply just watching the favorite afternoon cop show together.

Happy Puppy Day is a time to remember how important dogs are to the community and to each individual owner. As you can imagine, Kitten Smitten Day is in the works.

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Re: New Holiday - 7/20

Postby susk » Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:19 am

We should celebrate Paper Cut Day.

This holiday should be celebrated because every one of us has experienced a paper cut in one way or another during our lifetime. As small as it is, paper cuts usually occur on the fingers, and because of this, it has a great impact on our ability to do a lot of things (because we use our hands to do most things).

Hence, sometimes we need to pay attention to the small details in life. Once in awhile, just one small thing going awry can amount to great problems later on.

So, the spirit behind Paper Cut Day is to take time to cherish the small things - to mend any hurts that might have been inflicted onto the soul.

Reconnect with old friends. Revitalise an old hobby. Make amends for relationships gone sour. Take time to smell the flowers. To sing your favourite tune. To listen to God, to just be. To make a big deal about the smaller details in life - because they really do matter after all.

In order to encourage participation in Paper Cut Day, it is recommended that this holiday should be made a globally observed one, whereby work/school (or anything which requires hard work) on that day shall be completely prohibited, with severe penalties taken on any employer or employee, principal or student who fails to abide by this law.

To commemorate this Day, each person should wear a plaster on one of their fingers as a sign that they are observing this holiday.

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Re: New Holiday - 7/20

Postby greenpeach06 » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:44 am

Attention all citizens of Mayberry County: next Friday we will be celebrating National Letter Writing Day. We encourage all citizens to put away their electronic communication devices in favor of writing a few handwritten letters to friends and family. In addition, we will be holding a contest for the most letters written on that day. Guidelines are as follows.

1. Participants in the Letter Writing contest should arrive at City Hall by 8:30 AM on the day of the holiday. Bring your own supplies. Spare paper and pens will be provided when necessary, but everyone should have plenty of their own to start with.

2. Writing will commence promptly at 9 AM. Participants are allowed to bring water; light refreshments will be provided at hourly intervals. One hour will be dedicated for lunch, starting at noon, during which time no letters must be written. Also, all participants are to leave the premises during that hour. We will re-commence activities after lunch and continue until 4 PM.

3. To qualify, each participant must write original compositions of at least 400 words each, and each entry must be written on the premises during contest hours. As each entry is completed, it may be given to a nearby supervisor to be counted and entered under your name. While supervisors may look over the letters to ensure each work is original, the actual content will not be studied or posted anywhere for the public to read.

4. Judging will commence at 4 PM. The participant with the most handwritten, original letters will receive the grand prize of a year's subscription to Writer's Digest, an authentic Italian stationary set, and a $50 USPS gift card applicable toward postage. Three runners-up will be chosen; each will receive a pad of writing paper and a free book of postage stamps.

5. As a bonus for entering the Letter Writing contest, each participant will be allowed to mail their handwritten letters from the premises via free, prepaid postage.


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