A Letter to Future You (6 Months Edition) - 6/29

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RE: A Letter to Future You (6 Months Edition) - 6/29

Postby msmonroe » Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:41 pm

Hello, Self. Cold enough for ya? 2 days ago u turned 26 (scary) years old. Ah, how far we have come to still be nowhere at all.
Things are different for you now, I'm sure. I mean, your not still driving around in that old Ford are you? I mean let's face it, by now your half way to 27! Hopefully you are on the road to accomplishing your dreams.
So easy it is to just GIVE UP. You haven't up and quit on me again have you? Jeez, Ms. Monroe, I got so much faith in you sometimes I think maybe I'm just glorifying your Crazy. There has to be more to you. I'm trying to pull back the layers.
Be who you are. I hope you ARE happy.

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RE: A Letter to Future You (6 Months Edition) - 6/29

Postby fairlyfine » Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:45 am

Hello Beaut,

This is the old you, writing to the better, stronger, more put together you. How have things been going since I’ve finally let you take control of things? I really hope you’ve gotten your poop unicorns and rainbows together and stopped effing around. Just remember where it gets you. Remember where lying, cheating, laziness, and poor attitudes get you. Fired, evicted, and in a poor standing relationship. Remember what it is like to feel good and anxiety free. Remember how it feels to be accomplished. Relish the feelings you have at this moment (my optimism is telling me you have accomplished many things by now). You can be smart, talented and valuable if you think about your actions and are vulnerable with those you love. I know you keep thinking that things fall into place in life but I am expecting you’ve gotten it through your stubborn skull that it doesn’t. I hope you haven’t let me down and you’ve become a woman, a disciplined, thoughtful, educated, patient, loving, dedicated woman.

On a lighter note, how great does it feel to be in the best shape of your life? I know it has been a tough and strenuous road, but you made it! I am proud of who you are today. You are beautiful in so many ways.

With though love,
The Old You

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Re: A Letter to Future You (6 Months Edition) - 6/29

Postby resultsmayvary » Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:10 pm

Hey You,
Best friend, worst enemy. So here we are, 2011.
Remember? Back in third grade when we wrote in our diary (when we still kept one) asking ourselves about the future? I smile remembering that boy we’d liked so much. And then, six years later, when we found the page… we laughed, we had forgotten all about him. I wonder what he looks like now?
I think I’m getting sidetracked buddy, but we do that habitually anyway.
So how was basic training? I'm excited to go, but there is a pit in my stomach that I don’t tell anyone about, it’s fear. Nobody except you, but that’s how it’s always been anyway. These last few weeks will be the last time I spend in this room, we aren’t welcome here anymore. You might have moved on from that by now. We aren’t getting any younger, you know.
I hope the DLI is going great, I hear Monterey is a nice place, that the weather isn’t too awful, that you’re getting along with everyone okay. I’m not worried about that though, I know you, you put on that face and everyone thinks they’re your best friend. You’re good at that, pretending. Or maybe you were, and now you have real friends, a real family that wants to be around you, not because they need something, but because they enjoy your company. Or maybe not.
The language you’re learning is probably awesome, how about you promise me that the next time you write one of these it’ll be in your second language? That’s right, your second language. You’re going to be bilingual, I’m proud of you. Maybe that’s something that comes easy to other people but be happy, you’ve had to do a lot to get here. You finally get to do what you want to do. Remember that and don’t ever give it up just because you might actually have to work at it sometimes. You don’t get to pick up everything instantly Einstein. So stop being lazy and study once in a while.
You better be studying. Right. Now.
I’m watching you.
Love always,

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RE: A Letter to Future You (6 Months Edition) - 6/29

Postby naustin1 » Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:58 am

Hey Psycho! I hope things are going better for us at this point. In case it's not there are just a few things I'd like to remind you of.
1. Please remember that we are much to hard on ourself. It is necessary to be kind to yourself in order to be kind to others and since one of our six month goals is not to be such an irrational bitch anymore, it is imperative that we treat ourself kindly first.
2. Now, if being kind to ourself still includes a bottle of wine every night, in order to function with some rationality, well then, we have not yet made our second goal of STOP DRINKING! (Remember this was always kinda pie in the sky anyway....so don't get all upset.)
3. You are loved. Your team, friends, husband and family all love you very,very much even if you are still an irrational, alcoholic bitch. (hope we're not.) :)
4. keep trying. You know you can do this. You CAN write, you CAN stop drinking, you CAN stop being such a bitch! (Don't tell mom, she won't believe you.) You have the talent, drive and wit to pull off almost anything! (look who you married for crying out loud)!
5. Go kiss your husband. Right Now. Thank him.
6. Money comes and goes. I hope that it has come in the last six months. Because it was going freakin FAST when we wrote this. Remember today, this exact moment and how we feel, right now. If it has gotten even a little better...then.....Yahoooo!! Cuz it got better!
7. Baby steps. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was your financial mess. It's gonna take more than six months to correct. Head up princess!
8. Put down the oreos we are up 7lbs today. (6 months ago.) :(
9. Throw away the scale.
10. I love you. You are my hottest friend!

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RE: A Letter to Future You (6 Months Edition) - 6/29

Postby heathermoreland » Mon Aug 30, 2010 4:30 am

Dear Self,

This letter is to remind you of your journey, where you've been and where you're going. This term of existence for you is of the utmost importance and yet of the utmost futility.

Six months in our human perception of time for this existence has passed and I hope that by now you have become more comfortable in acceptance of your fate for this journey to your Creator.

Fear overcame you many times before causing you to miss innumerous chances to affect the souls of others wandering through this term of existence. Eventually your Creator took your fears away - as the fear of Him removes all other fear. Congratulations on this triumph of the soul. As you rejoice in accomplishments please don't forget humility and meekness - for surely you will only be brought new hurdles to leap with each conquering of a past one.

As you look back on the steps your feet have tread, don't think to yourself "Wow...Look how far I've come!" Rather, glorify your Creator and proclaim, "Wow...Look where my God has taken me!" Ponder the wear and tear of your sandals and be satisified knowing that no one else could have walked in the same exact steps in the same exact way at the same exact time with the same exact circumstances that you did. But, be careful not to forget that your God molded the shaping of those sandals around your feet.

When you are done looking back at the journey thus far completed, look ahead of you into the horizon. Ponder what dreams, miracles, and hopes you may encounter in your perceived time of existence. Take a deep breath. Don't jump to conclusions...Let not your imagination carry you off into the wind and at the same time allow not this world to hinder you from the free movement of your spirit leaping through obstacles, twirling in succession through the spiritual realm, meeting the heavenlies, and daring to see what others refuse to see.

Walk through this term of existence as though it are real, but believe all the way in greater things that cannot be contained in this form of matter. Enjoy the ordinary but expect and proclaim the extraordinary!

When you have become one with creation, when you become one with the Unseen things, and when you become one with humanity - you shall know that you are very close to nearing the end of this journey.

When you become one with your Creator - you will have carried out your journey in this term of existence to the fullest degree. And the end of this journey will mark the beginning of your true journey, the most meaningful, the most fulfilled, the true reality of it all: returning to be with the Beloved who Created you for His good pleasure, worship, and glory. Do not fear the end of this journey as you see it approaching. It is only the connector to the most magnificent of journeys for eternity.

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Re: A Letter to Future You (6 Months Edition) - 6/29

Postby aliciafox » Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:19 pm

Dear me,
I hope by the time you get this you will have all your homework completed and turned in on time. You really want to bring up your gpa. Your man is on his way home within the next 2 weeks. I hope by the time he comes home you two will be married. You really enjoy your classes I hope you pass all of them with at least a B. School means a lot to you. You have soo many things to focus on like getting married, studing, turning assignments on time, and preparing to give speeches in your speech class. I know your gona pass, I just hope you pass with at least A's and B's that way you bring up ur gpa back to at least a 3.0.
Dont forget we also have to through Alexandria and Cassie a descent costume party B-Day party. I hope everything worked out like we had planned. We have to show the girls how important they mean to us and hopefully the party will show them what they mean to us. Good luck with all these obstacles. Hope we make it out as planned.
Sincerly Me

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RE: A Letter to Future You (6 Months Edition) - 6/29

Postby Chrissy » Sat Sep 11, 2010 4:23 pm

Dear Chrissy,

What a six months its been, huh? Since You, Me, Myself and I so quickly and easily forget all that is good and right in us, this letter is to remind us just what we have done thus far and of the goal ahead of us.

We don't often allow ourselves to have pride in many things, as we don't want to risk losing gratitude and humility.Don't be an ass. Hold our accomplishments dear.They have been the milestones that made us who we are now and will be tomorrow.Gratitude and the sense of accomplishment are not mutually exclusive. We are creepier than a cat...we have had more than nine lives. Either God and the angels like us for some weird reason or we're a zombie. If we are a zombie, please don't eat any friends.If we aren't a zombie, hold our head up, we are loved and precious to someone.

Remember the desolateness of addiction? The years of therapy to overcome abuse, the tears of fear and frustration? We will feel those again as we walk, crawl, stumble and run toward physical health.This weight is no less a killer to us than alcohol or meth was in those days of walking depravity.Yet we did it, and we are the person we always wanted to be, capable of growth; warm, kind and understanding.We are not without flaw, but today we are teachable. Remain teachable. Remain brutally self honest and know our motives before we do anything.Surgery was not the answer, surgery was the tool. Do not waste this second chance and spit in Providences eye. Not only is it bad manners but that's just gross.

Heart failure...don't forget it, keep it green within us; but at the same time don't allow fear to rob the joy of today. The balance is hard to strike but oh, oh , OH! when we do hit it? Glory of Glories! Its as wonderful and free feeling as when we were dancing in our room in our underpants when we were five.

Oh wow, we were only going to make a short note, but as always we are too verbose. We have pontificated long enough and gone overboard in the amount of reminders...wait, one last thing:

Try not to do anything stupid.

Got it?

Got it.


Love you dumplin!


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A Letter to Myself

Postby ksupy » Wed Sep 22, 2010 1:42 pm

Dear Self,
I am lost and confused. Lost because I cannot find the steps to get to where I am going, confused because I still do not know what those steps might be. I am surprised that I have yet to figure everything out, but as the saying goes "such is life." I want to be so many things, but I fear I may not become any of them. I am on the brink of actualization. I will be, I am.
I know that only in time is the future realized. The past, however, is something much more. My past determines my future. My experiences in life are all that I have. Self, I am determined to enjoy each day and each moment because although we have the past to remember and the future to look forward to, we should only live in the present. Today, this moment, I should smile, laugh, and remember. Remember to take each moment in stride because I make each moment mine.
Remember, I have you...and you have me.

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Re: A Letter to Future You (6 Months Edition) - 6/29

Postby leticgon » Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:23 am

Hey, life hasnt been easy since the last time you wrote this letter huh? You know ur very strong and brave young girl your finally 18 your young and beautiful inside and out. You have went threw so much these past years. Out of all that as much as it looks bad and hurtful to you it made you mature and be even more stronger. Yeah loosing your daughter wasn't easy but yet it didnt kill you. You continued life on your own and reached for your goals because you knew she was watching you from heaven. Yet eventhough you havent ever seen or met her shes looking down at you and shes proud to see that within this time her mommy has graduated from highschool with a diploma in her hand, and she has recieved a grant to a Communtity College where soon she will be graduating with her degrees as well. You finally found true love and he has taught you what a true heart looks like. He has brought your forwn to a shining smile. He turned your storm days into sunny happy days where the flowers are all different colors. Your more than halfway by now to reach what you want dont give up becuase she loves you and shes proud to see you finally recovered and happy. As much as school work can get hard dont give up because remember you have been threw much more harder and worst in your life and you were able to stand up with your head up high to everyone who put you down. Yeah its been 2 months now since her 1 year of death and she would of been a beautiful 1 year old babygurl but think about it that things happen for a reason and if shes not here with you its because it was for the best of you two. Look at you now you have acheieved your goals of graduating high school attending college and having your own apartment. Your wish of having a puppy has been accomplished because your new love you met filled you up with that happiness. Now look how much you have grown. Your not a baby your finally 18 so enjoy life and keep doing what you know best because your going far and really far where all that there is going to be is happiness and love for you. Its time for you to be happy and realize that the cruel and sad past that hurt you so much has left and that this new year the good people who have followed you through are here to stay. So go ahead and be a happy 18 year old lady enjoy life and love to the fullest and Remember your not alone and you have never been alone. You have two great brothers who have been your advisiors and two fabulous parents who have spoiled you and listen to your ups and downs. Your are loved and accomplished congratulations Leticia.

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Re: A Letter to Future You (6 Months Edition) - 6/29

Postby eswrede » Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:40 am

Dear Elisabeth,

I hope this letter finds you doing well. Today you don't feel very well, but you have come so far. Just a short bit ago you weren't able to work-out for 20 minutes. You have worked hard to get to where you can work-out on the elliptical for 20 minutes or go for a 20 minute walk and only have a little bit of soreness/pain. Keep working towards your goals. You will be able to do a full hour of yoga even if it takes a year to get there. It is hard to be able to focus heavily on your health when you have other commitments. Be realistic with your own limitations. It takes courage to understand what your body is able to do and not to be ashamed or embarrassed because you can't do what everyone else is able to do.

Thank you for admitting what was really holding you back from using your German. It is freeing to be able to say why you didn't want to speak German. The more you work at it the easier it will become. Keep working at it. Don't forget how much fun it is being able to read or watch TV in German. A side effect of your renewed interest in German is that M is actually interested in trying to speak it.

Over the past several months you have made interesting discoveries about what you want to do for the rest of your life. Of all the areas you have explored, writing keeps coming back even though it isn't clear how to turn writing into a career. Teaching, while interesting, doesn't seem to be a good fit with your health. Event planning is too demanding. You aren't willing to give up the time with M for it. If you aren't already doing this, I am going to challenge you to start writing on a daily basis. There is no way to improve your writing if you don't practice it. I realize it is hard to find time to fit one more thing in during the day, but if you really want to make this happen you have to make it a higher priority.

Keep building a comfortable home for your family. While they may not express it all the time, they do appreciate it. And don't forget that creating that loving home takes time and energy. Putting a house in order is time consuming. Organizing things is time consuming. Don't be hard on yourself because you feel you can't “get it all done” right now. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare.

Life, although hard, is good. Things have improved with Mom, the house is slowly getting to a place where you want it, and you and J are working on growing your relationship. Don't forget your family loves you.



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