A Letter to Future You (6 Months Edition) - 6/29

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RE: A Letter to Future You (6 Months Edition) - 6/29

Postby GramTam » Sun Feb 06, 2011 7:01 am

Dear Self;
Wow, so it’s August 6th already, really happy to see the snow is gone, 6 months ago it was so deep all I could do was sit in front of the computer, keyboard on my lap and type away a letter to you? me? us?
It was a Sunday, the day I wrote this letter; my husband Ron was at the end of a two week layoff from work and I was feeling rather cranky about how much work was about to be dumped on me. Instead of just getting up and taking care of the three dogs and me, I now have to pack up his lunch, pour his tea and run the dogs a second time before I can go off to my busy day at work. Oh, and then after my busy day at work I have to rush to the grocery store and straight home so I can let the dogs out again. He on the other hand will go off to the gym for a workout, something I have to do at 5:00 am if I’m to stay fit at all. It’s so much nicer for all of us when he’s home.
Oh well, retirement is still a few years off and since we’re about to go a couple hundred thousand dollars into debt it may never happen. I’m going to be seriously pissed if I’m reading this letter by the light of a propane lamp inside a tent! It will mean we did not get our mortgage to build our house on the land we already own! Hopefully I’m reading this letter while soaking in our new hot tub on our new deck sipping on frosty strawberry daiquiris! I’m also hoping I’m feeling a lot more confident in my job and enjoying it more but at the same time exercising my writing skills I spent four years at university learning. Ron doesn’t think my job is worthy of me, but I think it works for the time being. We need a steady income to build a house and having a four day work week has its perks too!
I’ll be excited to learn if the I-litter was another “perfect litter” and all the puppies are in great new homes. I’m worried about the stresses of it all, we’ve never raised a litter while both working full time before. Did I get fired? Quit my job? Get a divorce or kill my husband? Today it all seems overwhelming, yet I hear Mom’s and Granny’s voices in my head saying ‘this too shall pass’ and I know when I read this on August 6th all of these questions will have answers. Not that I like wishing my life away but I’m looking forward to reading this then! We will also have celebrated another anniversary! Wow, 16 years together! It has not been easy and certainly the next 4 or 5 months will be filled with challenges, but finally we’re building something for us, a “forever home”, it will all be worth it.
One foot in front of the other; see you in August.
Love Me.

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RE: A Letter to Future You (6 Months Edition) - 6/29

Postby acre1964two » Tue Feb 15, 2011 1:36 am

Now you know why you have a mind like a bear trap because when seizures come the bear in you come out.
Now you know how to use it when needed to cover your arks

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RE: A Letter to Future You (6 Months Edition) - 6/29

Postby sueme » Thu Mar 03, 2011 1:22 am

Dear self,
You may not be published by now, but you sure have tried. This is a reminder to never give up. You may have a collection of rejection letters and false hope, but there's always tommorow. Well, unless you have died by now, but that's beside the point. Keep on writing no matter what the editor says. In 6 months, you should be done with your novel by now. If not, get to work!!!! Pace yourself and learn how to focus your attention. Take care of yourself cause you're the only one who can.



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