Hypothetically Speaking - 11/2

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RE: Hypothetically Speaking - 11/2

Postby Lakesideman » Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:41 am

Hypothetically speaking, I should not have a glimmer of a chance with her. Her beauty and physicality would draw comparisons to the gods themselves had she been alive in antiquity. Her compassion and sentimentality draw raves from anyone that wanders within her orbit. Procrastination is not a word in her vocabulary but attentiveness and diligence reside at the very top of descriptors for her. Normally the opportunity to just to worship her from afar would have me thinking hedonistically all day but I can do that one better, I can simply call her my wife.

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Re: Hypothetically Speaking - 11/2

Postby AshleighElizabeth » Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:13 am

Hypothetically speaking, life really is what you make out of what you're given.
Absentmindedly talking, life starts with a goal.
Exaggeratingly spoken, you can do whatever you want.
Oximoronically said, always have something sweet in your stomach, but don't ever eat the sweet stuff.
Professionally and boldly stated, don't waste your life doing one thing when there's a million other things you could do.
Unmechanically done, live you're life a little different each day.
Compassionatelly worded and always meant when said, I love you....

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RE: Hypothetically Speaking - 11/2

Postby fleur1977 » Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:52 pm

Hypothetically speaking, water could fall onto the desert. A cumulonimbus cloud or two may drift over the dry lands of the Sonoran Desert. If the desert creatures are lucky, precipitation will fall from the sky. But, an unlucky event would be a strike of electricity to a cactus, or animal, or human wandering the desert. Communication could halt if a thunderstorm were so severe. But, this is the desert where it might rain...sporadically.

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RE: Hypothetically Speaking - 11/2

Postby pkaushik » Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:36 pm

Hypothetically speaking I am God and I created this world enthusiastically. In the beginning, people were exceedingly nice and altruistically motivated to serve each other and me. They followed my commands religiously and conscientiously. Then experimentally I decided to inflate a human brain. Interestingly, the man became smarter and self-reliant and I decided to relax a bit. After a few minutes of relaxation, one of my angels frenetically beating its wings woke me up. “There is fire on earth. Man is mercilessly killing its own clan.” I dashed down to the earth and called upon all men to stop this unscrupulousness immediately. They passed by me absentmindedly ignoring my presence.

Hypothetically speaking I am God and I am still standing on this earth waiting for man to notice me and listen to my pleadings one day.

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Re: Hypothetically Speaking - 11/2

Postby bookhobbit » Sun Dec 05, 2010 1:43 pm

Hypothetically speaking, it would be possible to transfer matter with the energy beam we've been working on this year. This would theoretically mean deconstruction of every atom in the object we transfer, such as a body. It's not as bad as it sounds, though- disorientation from the experience would be minimal and reconstruction would begin almost immediately. The morality is the issue we're really worried about, as some of the Presbyterian sects in the area have begun rioting. They insist something which deconstructs one's self and then reconstructs it in another place is unconscionably immoral. However, I am convinced that the risk of offense is worth the innumerable gain we'll receive from this venture, and I postulate that a sufficiently large ray gun should quiet their objections nicely.

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RE: Hypothetically Speaking - 11/2

Postby kaitlyn07 » Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:04 pm

Hypothetically speaking, in a perfect world, there would be know underage drinking, there would be no driving under the influence, and I definitely would not be sitting here, in this incredibly uncomfortable leather chair, crying these quiet sobs of desperation. In some other world, some blissful alternate reality, never would I ever portray such an inadequacy as I did tonight, and by no means would an absentminded, inconsiderate, seventeen year old attempt to drive, while their liver deteriorates, but at the very least, never would they ever run a single red light. Still, though, I am not the one in the alternate reality, I am not speaking hypothetically, instead, I am in a hospital waiting room, squeezing the life out of my husband’s hand, with only my daughters screaming face displayed inside my head.

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Re: Hypothetically Speaking - 11/2

Postby Mary Lizzie » Fri Jan 07, 2011 5:03 pm

Speaking hypothetically, of course, it may have been Jack Frost who just knocked on my door; that or, Frosty has a new wardrobe! The similarities, between the two chubbers, makes it somewhat difficult to tell them apart; perhaps, one's made of frost and the other of snow---another hypothetical of mine! I won't be picky; mostly because, it's not often that I have company, much less the opportunity to entertain the likes of either of them! So if he comes back, I intend to invite him inside since the electricity is off and icicles are hanging from the kitchen spigot... I know this sounds like an unbelievable story to some of you; but, it's as true as the Tooth Fairy! I wouldn't be able to face you, my friends, or endure the humiliation of such a lie if I made up such a farce! Therefore, I implore you to take the creativity of my imagination into consideration before judging me too harshly! I must go now because it seems the popularity of my guest is causing quite a stir in my front yard... If you happen to see either of them before the inevitable happens in a few months, tell them you and I are friends. Oh, if you want to meet them let me know by sending me a post; or, you can look me up at the 'university of make believe' located next to Rudolph's house!

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RE: Apogetically Posted!!!

Postby Mary Lizzie » Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:41 am

Dear God, if I can ever get past the humiliation of ignorantly leaving posts in the wrong places, I will 'REALLY' enjoy this site! Believe me when I say, I do NOT concientiously do this! The similarities between my being a novice or just plain dumb have me worried... If given the opportunity to redeem myself with my new forum friends, I promise to try and do better! Believe me when I say, 'This wasn't written for the creativity; I just hated to post my apology without adhering to the guidelines of this thread!" It was posted to replace a question, I undeniably admit, that I was trying to submit to Brian and it popped up here!

Apogetically Posted by Mary Lizzie

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RE: Hypothetically Speaking - 11/2

Postby Ott » Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:06 am

Hypothetically speaking, people should communicate clearly to ensure that the transmission is received clearly. Disambiguation helps, but should never be necessary.
Anticipating an inundation of protest, I unequivocally state that the US should adopt a single language for all of its affairs and be done with it. Jargonizationizing of English makes it unsuitable: Lawyers and politicians don’t speak English, and neither of these groups can even define it to support their “English Only” agenda.
Adopting Esperanto may be the best remediation. It is politically neutral, and as a learned, artificial language has no native speakers (at least not yet). IF we phased it in as the the “official” language, we might be able to de-Babelize our lives.
History shows, however, that attempts to universalize language always meets with resistance and ultimately causes the attempt to fail. Give consideration to the Medean conquest of what is now Iraq and the attempted suppression of Farsi.
The thought needs consideration by higher Intelligences (as in higher than mine) who can decide on effective implementation of an acceptable, flexible, and effective language for the people of the USA at least.
For our future generations, let us cut through the fragmentary, regionalized, languages, colloquiallisms, and unite under the slogan “Eschew Obfuscation!”

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RE: Hypothetically Speaking - 11/2

Postby loganatr » Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:19 pm

Hypothetically speaking, how long would it take to walk around the world? Obviously, one would have to use a boat, at points, for this bipedal circumnavigation; but one could plot a course, a trek, in which the world was circled on foot, with the boat as occasional intermediary. I would walk east, somewhere in the middle of the poles and the meridians; and to speak with more specificity, I'd start off somewhere between Kansas and New Mexico. That's about the climate I'd like to be encountering as I explored the world (in addition to the cardiovascular benefits, served with a side of knee soup). Obviously, precipitation, time of year, local allergens, local elevation, etc, etc, would give great variance to much of the temperature; but I think there'd be more chance of more fair days at around 40 degrees latitude than there would at the poles. On the other hand, it'd be a shorter trip, haha.
I guess that's a caveat to my whole “walk around the world:” you'd have to have a premeditated distance that need be traveled, at minimum. Actually, disenchant yourself of everything I've just said, relegate it to superfluity. My new goal, my new bone on which to gnaw, the most recent chapter in my mental history, the reason for the deep thoughts in the now-est sense of the now, the beer talking to me through the medium of mind, the incense enlivening my senses, the libidinous passions being manifested through rational thought, is this: how quickly could a person walk across all seven continents? Obviously, you'd stand against pretty raw odds in Antarctica, so maybe you could do the North Pole thing, stated in all its perspicuity earlier, and just not think too much about the fact that your stated mission is to “walk across all seven continents,” not “walk across six continents and then circle the globe at the seventh.” You can do this if you have a well-adjusted attitude towards travel, and aren't the type of person who sees it as merely a series of conquests, but as something which helps you self-actualize, becoming a better person, and leading, ultimately, to your fulfillment. Or as a hell of trip; it'd certainly make you an interesting person, in the event that you adjudicated this voyage, no matter what your motivation.


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