Unusual Super Power - 11/10

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Unusual Super Power - 11/10

Postby Brian » Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:31 am

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Unusual Super Power - 11/10

Postby Brian » Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:31 am

You wake up one day with an unusual super power that seems pretty worthless—until you are caught in a situation that requires that specific "talent."

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Re: Unusual Super Power - 11/10

Postby lrwpublication » Tue Nov 10, 2009 2:13 pm

"I've gots to get to the doctors." Dana said as she jumped out the bed and bounced into the bathroom. "Everytime I take those predisones I seem to get faster and faster and more bouncy. Something has got to be wrong with me."

Dana quickly washed up and put on her clothes but found it difficult to stay still while dressing. If she moved to the left it was like warp speed. When she moved to the right it was a blur. "OK. I can't live like this. The preds have got to go."

"Doctor Vaghn, I can't take these predisones any longer. They have me moving at warp speed and bouncing. This does not make seem. I need to see you today." Dana asked.
"Sure, how soon can you arrive?" said Doctor Vaghn.
"Just give me a time. I'm going to take office." Dana said wiping the sweat off her face. "I can't go into the office like this. Now I am sweating."
"Well, when ever you arrive we will take you." Said Doctor Vaghn.

"OK." Said Dana and she hung up the phone. As she walked towards the door her leggs became wobbly. Then every step she took turned into a bounce. Before she knew it she was at the front door of the doctor's office. She could not believe it. How did she get there so fast. "I wonder what would happen it I took the stairs instead of the elevator to the Dr. Vaghn's office?"

"Man that was WILD," Dana said as she bounced into the doctor's waiting room.

The nurse looked at Dana. "What happened to you?"

"Dr. Vaghn was coming out the men's room with this guy who had a gun in his back." Dana smiled. "I just saved the Doc and swiped the gun out of the man's hand before he could blink."

Dr. Vaghn laughed. "Not only that, but she bounced on him like a bear caughting salmon."

"Doc, maybe being on preds isn't bad after all." Smiled Dana. "I wounder who else I can bounce?"

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Re: Unusual Super Power - 11/10

Postby Neets » Wed Nov 11, 2009 2:30 am

“Maybe coffee would help me, I don’t know… damn… perhaps a homeopathic approach… a bit of stimulant might have a reverse effect on my system at this point.” My doctor raises his eyebrow at my remark.

It’s been four days since I slept. I’m not tired. My muscles are tense beyond belief, but other than that, I am fine.

My doctor assures me that soon I will sleep. “You take these three hours before you want to sleep. You’ll be in zombie land for at least twelve hours. Going without sleep is dangerous, you’ll go into cardiac arrest. Call me if this doesn’t help.”

It’s been eight days since I slept. My doctor has tried every pill in his arsenal, and told me they will have to induce a “coma” if I don’t sleep soon.

My home has never looked so good. Cookies in the cookie jar, even the fridge is clean. Impressive. I bought some paint for the kitchen, a lovely yellow. I feel fine.

It’s been ten days since I slept. I’m in the hospital, they are going to induce a coma. I’m nervous.

Twelve days now, my body didn’t respond the medication. I feel fine, my vitals are fine. Everything is fine. My doctor on the other hand, is a nervous wreck. I saw all the specialists I can afford to see, I am finished trying to resolve this.

I decide to go back to work at the hospital on the night shift, back to nursing. It should help with all the bills piling up for my treatment.

“You are going to just drop dead!” My husband worries.

“I should have dropped dead already, Jim, something else is going on! I don’t feel bad!”

I didn’t realize how much I missed nursing. It’s so good to see everyone again, and I still feel part of the same team as I did six years ago, it’s amazing.

It’s 7:00 am, the storm has kept three of our critical care nurses from coming in. I signed on for another shift because of the short staff.

We are unable to evacuate our patients, there is no where to take them. They are safer here. I have been on duty for 36 hours. My co-workers now know about my “little problem”.

When the army finally arrives I am relieved to see them, they are going to help us fly out as many patients as we can. I’ve been on duty for 60 hours. My paycheck will be enormous. Many of our staff’s homes were destroyed, many of them had to leave to be with their families. Jim and I were lucky, our home is still standing, and the kids are fine.

I’m confused, I have been told to board the helicopter, but there is no patient inside to care for. I thought I was to aid in Mrs. Taylor’s transport. I am going to be studied I am told. I want to go home I tell them. They tell me that I am going to be doing a great service for my country by staying at the research center until they understand why I don’t need to sleep.

It’s been three months since I saw my family. I don't think they even know where I am.

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Re: Unusual Super Power - 11/10

Postby razor1971 » Wed Nov 11, 2009 2:54 pm

Only When I Reach!

What a strange dream I had last night! The only thing that I can remember about it is; a tall shadowy figure saying in a deep voice, "My power is bestowed upon you." I press the button to turn off my digital alarm clock, and feel wetness on the button. It's as if someone has thrown some type of liquid onto the top of my clock. I rub my index finger and thumb together. And find that both of my fingertips are wet; with what looks and feels like water.

As I reach back over to see if the liquid has come from the clock; droplets spray from my fingertips, onto it; I jerk my arm back. Then reach for the clock again. I spray the clock again as if I were washing dishes, and took my hand out of the sink, to playfully flick water at my dog.

I jump out of bed and run into the bathroom. I reach down to turn the faucet on,hoping that a couple of cold splashes of water on my face will wake me from this dream; that I think that I am having.

Fully convinced that I'm awake. After splashing the water onto my face. I reach over to grab a towel that's hanging on the towel bar. I dry my hands; then reach to turn the knob off, and the liquid flicks out from my fingertips again! With me shaking like a leaf I say, "So this is the power that you have bestowed upon me, shadow man?" As I lick a wet fingertip that tastes like water.

I look into the mirror and yell, "So what can I use this for? I can't put out a fire. If I am stuck in a desert, I can only flick enough water to wet my tounge. Then on top of this, you only gave me this power in the five fingertips of my right-hand. What useless power to bestow upon me." I say,as I storm out of the bathroom to get ready for work.

With me still learning how to control my power; I reach for my shirt that's on my bed with my left-hand. So not to flick any water onto it. I have a bus to catch. And with me being vain; I don't want to walk out with droplets on my shirt. No matter how small.

I arrive at the bus stop to find that me and a kid around twelve or thirteen years old, are the only one's waiting for the bus. His Ipod is blaring, as he stands on the edge of the sidewalk. I'm standing around six feet from him, when I see him reach dow n to pick up a piece of paper that he has dropped. It blows onto the street right in front of him, and he steps off of the sidewalk to retrieve it. With the noise in his ear's, he is unaware of the car that's changing into the lane closest to the sidewalk.

I yell, "watch out" as I reach for him. But I don't reach for him fast enough. That's when a flick of water hits the side of his face, causing him to turn his head and lean slightly towards me. He hesitates for a second. Just long enough for me to stick my arm out further to tug on his coat's sleeve. Pulling him from in front of the car.

As I pat him on the back and ask if he is alright, I think to myself, "I guess it's not useless."

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RE: Unusual Super Power - 11/10

Postby bos365 » Thu Nov 12, 2009 5:10 am

This was the 3rd day in a row that Sheila Jones awoke with her hands over her ears. “Honey, are you sure...” She didn’t even finish the question because she already knew the answer. No, he didn’t hear it. It was still all in her head. Ever since Spatcho, her German Shepherd, died Sheila heard the sound of barking dogs in her head. Her husband Shane didn’t hear it. No one did and now on this third day, it was getting louder.

She rolled over and tried to focus on the sunshine that crept through her faux wood blinds. The TV was on mute but she noticed the newsflash about the recent arrest of the serial bank robbers in the area. “Five bank robberies.” she thought to herself. “I’m glad they’ve caught those criminals.” She snuggled in a bit more knowing she and Shane had to get up in a few minutes for their morning run. The cool temperatures outside made the bed especially nice this morning, despite the barking in her head.

“You hearing the barking again don’t you?” Shane muffled. “Yes,” she said as she rolled over to face him. He pulled her a little closer and asked, “Seriously, honey did you make your appointment with the doctor. This is getting ridiculous. ”
“I know she said. “I’m going to call today but honestly I don’t know whether to call a doctor or a vet. It’s crazy babe. Maybe Spatcho is trying to talk to me from the dead.” she joked.

“Hey, are we running this morning? Shane turned over and pretended to snore. “No you don’t buddy! Get up. ” she screamed and hit him over the head with a pillow.

Taking off from the driveway after a good stretch, she noticed the barking getting louder, almost urging her to follow it. “Honey lets go this route today.” She requested. Two lefts and a right turn later, they ended up at the park. The barking was out of control now and she continued to follow it.
“Sweetie,” Shane asked. Where are you doing? ” Sheila ran ahead. Shane stopped to take a seat on the bench to catch his breath and have a drink of water. Minutes later Sheila screamed “Shane call the police. Now!!” Running to where she was, Shane called the police and stood with his mouth open as he stared at his wife covered in dirt kneeling in a hole she had dug.

The police arrived and after some questioning Sheila and Shane headed home. She noticed the barking in her head had stopped. Hours later the police called to inform Sheila that what she dug up was probably the stolen money from the recent bank robberies. That night she left like a baby, no barking at all.

As the sun shone through her windows the next morning, Sheila opened her eyes with a start as if having a bad dream. “Honey,” she asked ‘do you hear quacking?”

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RE: Unusual Super Power - 11/10

Postby Southgate » Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:35 am

My tryst with years!

It was six months ago. One fine morning, when I woke up from my bed, I had some strange feeling.Something strange was running in my brain and I could not explain what it was.But, after a few days,I was shocked to see something strange had happened in a note book that I had jotted down unwittingly;It contained full of numbers; when I looked at it closely, they all seemed to be years; I was even more shocked, when I read every year from the note book, something urged me to tell what happened in that particular year, for example, if I read 1869, instantly I could recall that it was the birth year of Mahatma Gandhi.

Very soon I found that I had got some supernatural power to recall years in History.I also realized that this supernatural power had no use until I reached my school final.When I got promoted to the school final, I had scored only average marks in all the subjects in the previous year annual exams. Hence, there was nothing to boast for.

On reaching the school final, two months had elapsed uneventfully.It was the month of September; a month meant for inspection by the Inspector of Schools.

It was the turn of our class. Being an average student, as usual I was sitting in the back bench of the class room.The class teacher had already tutored some of the front benchers, who were considered as bright students.I was specifically instructed not to open my mouth unless I was asked for something.

It was 11.00 A.M.The whole class was eagerly awaiting for the arrival of the Inspector of Schools. Though, my class teacher was trying to be at ease,I could see that he was tense as evidenced by his stammering.

All of a sudden there was a lull and a pin drop silence.The Inspector of schools had arrived and he entered our class room. He asked for our names. Then he began his inspection process.It was the History period.

‘Students, this is history class, isn’t it?’


‘Do you know what is most important in history?’

Something urged me. My reply came instantly.

‘Year; Sir, we have to remember the events in history, year wise’

‘You are right; Now I am going to test this class only for years in History; Ok’

The whole class was in pin drop silence; I saw my History teacher; his face became pale.He knew very well about the treacherous memory of his students.

‘Sir, shall I assist you?’My history teacher asked the Inspector of schools.

‘No, No, nothing doing, I can deal with everything, you just sit there and observe, that’s enough.’


‘But I offer you a concession; any one of the students, other than the front benchers can answer all my questions; I will ask you only ten questions in history, all of them will be related to years only;OK.’

Again something urged me. I said loudly, ‘Yes, sir, agreed’

‘Hey, you, the last bencher, you mean to say that you are ready?’

Again something urged me; ‘Yes, sir, I am ready’.

‘Very good; shall I start?’

‘Yes sir’, it was me.

Then he hurled at me a barrage of questions.

‘When did India become free?’

‘August, 15 th, 1947’

‘When was the Versailles Treaty signed?’


‘When did George Washington become the President of US?’


‘When did the Simon Commission come to India?


‘The year of French Revolution?’


‘On what day the UN day was celebrated?’

‘October, 24 th’

‘When was the Magna Carta signed?’


‘The birth year of the Indian National Congress?’


‘When was Mahatma born?’

‘October, 2nd, 1869’

‘When did Nehru die?’


‘That’s all; well done student; fantastic! You are simply amazing, you have got a bright future, you take History for your graduation; you will excel in it’

‘ Sir, you have got a scholar in your class, well done; keep it up; I am simply thrilled and fully satisfied with my inspection of your class. What an amazing performance?’ The inspector, gave a pat to me as well as to my history teacher.

As soon as the Inspector of School left my class room, the whole class was elated.All the students lifted me on their shoulder; I became a hero of my school overnight.

My history teacher had no words to express. He looked at me rather strangely.A seat in the front bench was allotted to me in my class.

How could I tell him that it was a super natural power that I had got six months ago? Even if I had told him, would he believe it?

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Re: Unusual Super Power - 11/10

Postby isis123 » Fri Nov 13, 2009 8:26 am

It wasn’t until I got to the office that I realized that something was wrong. I felt bloated and I’d woken up with a rubbery taste in my mouth but after pulling a late night at work and feeding my caffeine habit with espresso after espresso, feeling like I was half inside and half outside my body didn’t seem quite so far fetched.

Because I never learn, I headed straight for the espresso machine.

‘Hey, what’s cooking?’ Steve stormed into the kitchen, looking crumpled and unshaven at nine in the morning. He’d probably pulled an all-nighter, because of his Duracell bunny smile and the way his eyes lit up when he clutched at the espresso ampoule, waiting for his turn to use the machine.

He tapped his foot lightly, unable to control his impatience for the caffeine fix, as my own coffee slowly dripped into the cup, the divine aroma hitting us both at once. He almost reached for my cup and because I was still a little disconnected from my body, I bumped him as I turned. The caffeine ambrosia splattered in a perfect circle in the air as I watched the cup arch and flip and the saucer swirl UFO-like in the space of a split second. I felt my mouth form an “o” and a rush of panic entered my lungs as I braced for the sound of shattered crockery.

Only the sound never came. I took another breath, convinced that I was having a heart attack and this had to be the moment before my chest tightened and the darkness came, and I watched the arc of the coffee and the upside down cup float in the air. My elbow brushed against the saucer that hung oblivious in the same place as it had a second ago. I turned towards Steve and noted that my fear had been well founded: his mouth hung open and voiceless even though I saw the words he never uttered in his eyes and in the beginning of movement I read in his body. He was as frozen as the wasted espresso and crockery.

It took several more breaths and some prodding of my own body to realize that I wasn’t really dying. I plucked the cup from the air and gathered the floating espresso in it as if it was the most natural thing in the world. By the time I had decided that time could start again, I’d downed the espresso and set the cup on the counter.

‘Wow! How’d the hell did you drink your espresso so fast?’ Steve spluttered. I wondered if next time I stopped time he’d go blue in the face.

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RE: Unusual Super Power - 11/10

Postby DaveLeClair » Fri Nov 13, 2009 2:20 pm

I woke up promptly at 6 in the morning, as I do every day. "Routine is what keeps us all sane." I thought out loud.

I went to my kitchen to make some breakfast, eggs, sunny side up, and white toast with a dab of butter. Business as usual.

At 645 I showered and by 7 I was out the door to catch the 7:15 bus, just like every other day.

Many people would find my existence mundane, but I find it peaceful. I enjoying knowing exactly what to expect. Surprise is the work of the Devil.

Once at work I started adding and subtracting, figuring out budgets, and all the fun stuff accountant do daily. I have always loved facts and figures, charts and graphs, all things that can be logically explained.

I got home from work at 530, and made some dinner. It was Friday, so that means it's Bar-b-Que chicken. I always look forward to Friday, it's the one night of the week I allow myself to break down and eat something messy, something I would never do in public, but in the privacy of my own home, it's okay to let go.

After dinner, I watched a little TV and turned in at 9, ready to start an exciting weekend.

Saturdays I sleep in a little, but I'm always up by 8. I start the day off with my normal breakfast, and then going to the driving range and hitting a large bucket of balls, really helps ease the tension.

Today feels different though, I'm laying in my bed, but it doesn't feel like mine, nor does it feel like I'm in my house. With one look towards the window I realized something is wrong. There are bars on the window. I can feel panic setting in, I've been kidnapped.

Something about this doesn't feel right, I feel something inside me, almost like a tingling sensation. Almost like I can do something about this, something not natural. I closed my eyes and started thinking about being home, being safe. I stayed there in this strange bed for a while, eyes closed tight, thinking about my home, my peaceful life, and how amazing my own bed would feel right now. Suddenly, I was trust through some kind of gate, or a portal, bright lights whirled around me like a thousand fireballs, and I was home laying in my bed, safe and sound.

Was that a dream? I had to test it out, figured I may as well get back to my routine. I closed my eyes and pictured the driving range, the rolling slopes of fake grass and people wildly swinging clubs at little white balls. After a few seconds I was pulled back into the portal, and in an instant I was at the counter at the driving range, ordering a large bucket.

I am able to travel through space in an instant, and yet all I want to do is hit this bucket of balls.

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RE: Unusual Super Power - 11/10

Postby Candice7858 » Sat Nov 14, 2009 5:18 am


Maggie bounced into the kitchen, the screen door slamming like an exclamation point on her entrance. "I just did my five-mile run ... and I HELD MY BREATH THE WHOLE TIME!" The corners of her mouth almost touched her ears.

"That's impossible," scoffed her brother, Jim, as he read a graphic novel, "you'd pass out before you even made it five yards."

"That’s awesome," said Rick, their younger brother. Maggie smiled her thanks.

"It would be ... if it were true," Jim scoffed again, looking his younger sister in the eyes.

"I'll prove it," said Maggie.

Jim insouciantly pulled his cell phone from his pocket, then looked at Maggie. "Whenever you're ready," he challenged.

Maggie took a deep breath as Jim started the count. After twenty minutes, he began to look worried. She winked and patted his arm reassuringly.

"I believe you," Jim said, looking stunned, after another forty-five minutes had passed. Maggie stopped holding her breath. Jim was obviously freaked out.

"I'm sorry," she said, contritely. “It’s just so cool, that’s all.”

"Yeah, that's true," Jim agreed. "But jogging’s about all it’s good for. Nothin’ else."

Realizing her brother, the star baseball player and Rick’s idol, was jealous, Maggie nodded. “Yeah,” she sighed.

"I still think it's awesome!" said Rick, putting his dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

After dropping Rick off at his elementary school, Jim turned the family car in the direction of the high school, glancing furtively at Maggie, who playfully held her breath at every red light. As they rounded the next corner, a woman came running toward them. She was covered in soot and kept screaming that her baby was trapped and their house was on fire. The smell of burning wood on an autumn day like today would go unnoticed in a neighborhood where every other home had a fireplace or two.

Jim stopped the car and Maggie opened her door to let the woman slide in beside her. As Jim followed the woman’s directions to her home, Maggie called 911 and reported the fire. The house was at the end of a cul-de-sac. Smoke billowed out of the second story windows. The woman jumped out of the car before it came to a complete stop and Maggie followed.

“Let me,” she said as the woman started to re-enter her home to find her daughter.

The woman nodded and stayed outside with Jim as Maggie ran into the house. She followed the woman’s directions perfectly but it still took her more than twenty minutes to find the four-year old little girl because she was hiding inside a crawl space inside her bedroom closet. Maggie reached out her hand, grabbed the little girl and carried her out to her anxious mother’s waiting arms.

Maggie was surrounded by paramedics and firemen, trying to check for signs of smoke inhalation, as she handed over the little girl.

“I’m fine,” she said, grinning her ear-spanning grin again. “I held my breath the whole time.”

“She’s awesome,” Jim nodded.


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