Best Man/Maid of Honor Speech - 9/29

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RE: Best Man/Maid of Honor Speech - 9/29

Postby casandra » Wed Dec 02, 2009 10:51 am

Ladies and Gentlemens,

We gathered here to celebrate the birth of a new soul in two bodies, those of my friends.
I wish they'll always look at the other with same eyes and they'll remember why they choose to go through life together. And wisdom to confront safely, and courage to weather the storms. And healthy children. And love, lots of love.

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Re: Best Man/Maid of Honor Speech - 9/29

Postby mk1030 » Wed May 12, 2010 7:55 pm

Love between friends is the best love of all. Two souls becoming one spirit each unto the other this very day.
Love between man and woman is the best love of all. I take you and you alone to walk this journey through life with me.
Love between Husband and Wife is the best love of all. I give you my heart to hold, my hand to guide, and my spirit to comfort.
Love, the best is yet to come.

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RE: Best Man/Maid of Honor Speech - 9/29

Postby proudceltic7 » Thu Jul 15, 2010 6:46 pm

I looked over to Sara, looking nothing less than an angel in her dress, beaming brightly at me from next to her groom. I stood up. As Maid of Honor, and closest friend to the bride I had to make a speech, whether I liked it or not. I took a breath. I looked down to the paper.
“This woman here, today you know her as the bride, or the groom’s, or just that funny looking woman in a white dress.” I paused as everyone laughed.
I look over at Sara. Crumpling the paper up, I put it on a passing waiter’s platter and continue.
“How did we meet? She was a counselor at a sleep away camp, and my first year there, I was a demon.” Laughter. Sara muttered “It’s true.” Smiling.
“Long story short. We grew together and got closer than I could ever imagine. If we were being chased by zombies, I’d trip myself for her. And I bet that none of you got a single complaint about the wedding. She was bothered I’m sure by some of the things going on around her, but she accepted that her wedding wasn’t going to be perfect. And as a result, we got perfection.” I gestured to the room around us.
“We should each take her example. And for being an amazing person, she was rewarded this guy,” I ruffled the groom’s hair, “And I gotta say I love this couple, even though I can’t say I know too much about him.”
He interrupted, chuckling, “That’s probably because you would use that information for blackmail.”
Everyone roared with laughter. I smiled.
“True that, buddy, true that.” I went to stand behind Sara.
“This woman here, today you know her as the bride, or the groom’s, or maybe just a funny looking woman in a white dress. But I know her as the bride, this groom is hers, not the other way around, and that she’s not funny looking. She’s beautiful, inside and out, and she is my closest friend.”
Sara stood, and I saw she was crying. We embraced. The crowd applauded and cheered. Some had tissues out. I didn’t know that I was crying as well, until she wiped a tear from my cheek.
“Forever.” She whispered in my ear.

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RE: Best Man/Maid of Honor Speech - 9/29

Postby avalanche_of_elysium » Fri Dec 03, 2010 6:27 pm

I scratched my nose and hitched up my stupid bridesmaid dress with the dumb plastic lace. God, did it itch! I know have to look dignified, the perfect friend of the angelic bride Rebecca, but a girl had the right to scratch something that itched, doesn't she?

As if it wasn't bad enough that I have to look sophisticated (like I'm some English tea-drinking person) I'm supposed to give a speech at the wedding reception. What the heck does Rebecca want me to say? All I want to do is sit in the back of the restaurant, sip a beer, and neck with my boyfriend. I don't have anything monumental in my mind. And to be honest with you, I haven't got anything written down. Hell, I haven't even thought about it till now!

"The bridesmaid of Mrs. Rebecca Robinson is Madison Mitchell, and she has a speech to make." Rebecca's father stepped down from the podium and suddenly everyone was looking at me.

I slowly removed my butt from the creaking fold up chair and walked to the podium. I am sure a death march was playing. This will be my end.

The microphone was loud. Too loud. I am sure it blew out everyone's ears when I spoke.

"Hi ya'll!" I waved at everyone. No one waved back. "So... here we all are, the wonderful friends and family of the most wonderful lady I know, Mrs. Rebecca Stein, er, I mean, uhhh, Robinson. Yeah, that's it, Robinson! So, here we are the wonderful friends and family of Rebecca, and I am sure we are all proud of her fabulous pick of a husband, Randolph Robinson! Let's give him a big cheer now!"

Tenative cheering.

"Randolph's a great guy, I mean, I can't blame Rebecca for picking him. Y'know, I dated him back in high-school, and he was a great boyfriend! Or was that Gerry? I can't remember. I think I drank too much booze back then. Um, anyway, uhhhh, I hope ya'll have a fabulous dinner, and uhhh, let's hear it for Rebecca, the greatest woman in the whole wide world, who I cannot possibly compare with!"

Cheering. I am promptly ushered from the podium.

Maid of Honor Speech
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RE: Best Man/Maid of Honor Speech - 9/29

Postby Maid of Honor Speech » Wed May 25, 2011 6:31 pm

when I needed to know how to write my own Maid Of Honor Speech, I needed all the help I could get. I had waited until the last minute to prepare my speech and was desperate for some advice.

I decided to share what I learned with you. And support all of Maid and Matron’s Of Honors to be to hopefully help you in preparing your wedding speech.

Thanks for sharing

Maid Of Honor Speech

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RE: Best Man/Maid of Honor Speech - 9/29

Postby Chronic Daydreamer » Fri May 27, 2011 11:54 am

Thorns Of A Wallflower

Right now, putting on a fake smile was more important than it had ever been.

"Uhhh..." I began, my eyes darting around as I viewed the crowd. I tugged up the slipping bodice of my lavender dress. My insides were writhing as if I'd swallowed a live snake. Public speeches always did this to me, but tonight there was another reason for my nerves to be on edge. I forced the corners of my mouth upwards.

"This... ummm, this whole speaking in public thing isn't really my forte, but what are friends for, huh?" I said, trying to lighten up. "Anyway, I'd just like to wish two amazing people the best of luck in their marriage."

My words were as fake as my smile, hiding my disdain for the beaming woman in white. Yes, we'd been friends once. Unlikely friends. Tanya, the girl with the permanent spring in her step, and me, Mousy Marcie as was my nickname. She'd tried to help me out of my shell by inviting me to parties. And that's how I'd met Lewis. His confident grin, his jokes, his laid-back attitude drew me in, making my heart flutter. I'd meant to ask him out. But the time I'd spent practicing my words until I'd gotten them just right, without stammering, went to waste. The sight of him and Tanya kissing will remain forever burned into my memory. She hadn't known how I felt about him, but still...

I'd tried to be happy for them, but constantly seeing them together proved to be too much. Even so, I kept up the facade of friendship, if only to get closer to Lewis. Now, envy seethed through me as he placed his arm around her shoulders.

"Tanya, throughout our high school and college years you've been the best friend anyone could wish for. Even if you do get me to make awkward public speeches." The audience chuckled. "I'm really glad for you that you've found someone like Lewis to share your life with." With clammy fingers, I raised my glass. "Congratulations you two!"

The couple grinned, clinking their champagne glasses together. As Tanya drank from hers, oblivious to what I'd slipped into it, I resisted the urge to smirk. She did have Lewis to share her life with... the last few hours of it.

The next morning, however, the ringing of my phone pulled me from my sleep. I stared at the name on the screen. Tanya. Hadn't it worked?

"Hello?" I said groggily.

"Marcie?" came Tanya's choked voice. "Oh, Marcie... Lewis, he... he's... it happened last night... oh, God..." Her sobs cut off the rest of her sentence.

Horror chilled me to my core. The phone dropped from my hand to the bed. I'd gone and poisoned the wrong drink.

"Marcie? Marcie...?" the tearful voice continued.

The first thing I did was turn myself in. Now here I sit in a cold cell, cursing myself for my mistake.

Lewis... I'm sorry Lewis...


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