Misdialed Number - 9/1

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RE: Misdialed Number - 9/1

Postby Southgate » Sat Sep 26, 2009 8:34 am

‘Is it Chennai 223344? Is Mr. Sambandam there?’

‘It is Kanchipuram, but Mr.Sambandam is holding’

‘Is it my client Sambandam ?’

‘No, I am not, but my name is Sambandam’

‘I am sorry, I have a client in your name, unfortunately your telephone number is also the same, that’s why this confusion?’

‘Are you from Villupuram ? Are you advocate Ramalingam ?’

‘Yes, yes, Now I can identify you. You are Mr.Sambandam, my brother’s son Rajaram’s father-in-law? Am I right ?’

‘Exactly, we have met only once, that too three months ago.Though I have got introduced myself to you, I haven’t given you my telephone number and address etc.Hence, you had no chance to identify me immediately.’

‘You are right, anyhow pleased to meet you, when do you come to Villupuram?’

‘I am very glad, I have proposed to come to Villupuram very soon ;I am coming there .next week. I will keep you informed before coming there, ok?’

‘OK, bye!’


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RE: Misdialed Number - 9/1

Postby LeanneGoGators » Fri Oct 16, 2009 2:37 pm

Me: I love you.
Female: You do?
Me: Um, I was talking to my 3 ½ year old.
Female: Oh Bryce, how is she? We miss her.
Me: Yeah, Bryce, She misses you guys too. It's been a long time.
Female: Yeah, we really need to get Ella and Bryce together for a play date sometime soon.
Me: I agree Holly. Let's do it sometimes soon.

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RE: Misdialed Number - 9/1

Postby Funks21 » Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:43 am

Okay. Time to do it. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as I nervously dialed the number.

I bit my lip as the phone rang. Preying that it went well. It had been over a week since I had been fired from my job and I needed a new one badly.

“Hello?” A friendly voice answered.

“Oh um, Hi! This is Jessica Jameson. I’m calling to..” I stuttered.

“Ah yes, hi Jessica. Good to hear from you again, I thought you’d call eventually.” The voice replied. I froze, and the conversation went silent. This was not the employer I was trying to call.

After what seemed like miniutes, I finally responded “Um.. Hello.” Was all I could say.

“How are things going for you? Job hunting I’m guessing?” The voice sounded eerily familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it.

“Yes, that’s right. How’s things with you?” I was always terrible at small-talk, and I guessed I was even worse when I had no idea who the person was I was talking to. My mind raced through potential names to match the voice.

“Oh not bad. Things are pretty busy here though.” The voice responded cheerfully, but it was no help to me. Realising that he knew I was looking for a job, I went with that option.

“I’m finding it hard to find a job though..” I trailed off, contemplating hanging up on the familiar voice.

“Actually, I’m kind of glad you phoned. We realized we made a mistake letting you go. The kid who replaced you doesn’t know his stapler from a laptop…” With a shock of realization, I suddenly became aware that I was talking to my old boss, and in my nervous state I must have phoned my own work number instead of the number for a new job!

“We really want you to come back.” The voice continued. “If you’ll forgive us for being too hasty?”

I was taken aback, but for the first time in the conversation, I knew exactly what to say.

“I’d rather find a new job that appreciates me rather than one who fires me for nothing. Goodbye.” I hung up the phone, and sighed in relief, glad that I dialed the wrong number. My old boss had just lifted my fears of being rejected. Now I knew I could be wanted.

I picked up the phone again and confidently dialed the right number.

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RE: Misdialed Number - 9/1

Postby marz » Mon Dec 07, 2009 6:14 pm

Ring- "Yeah" A man's voice answers.


"Hi, how's it going"

Did I call the wrong number, "Great how are you?"

"Hanging out"

The voice sounds very familiar. I think it's Jake, my old boyfriend.

"Are you still surfing?" I ask.

"I can't believe you remember I surf."

"How could I not? You were special in my life."

"I didn't think you even remembered me."

"Are you kidding, I have spent more than one occasion thinking about you."

"I'm surprised to hear that. I guess it's when you see the ocean."

"No. Actually at times it is when I wake up in the middle of the night."

" I feel flattered. I didn't even think you liked me."

"Are you kidding? I consider you to be a great friend and not to mention really hot."

"Oh wow. So what is Scott up to these days?"

"Well as a proud mom, I have to say he is doing great in college."

"I can't believe I haven't seen him since we graduated"

Oh no this isn't Jake! It's Daniel, Scott's best friend.

"Yes it has been a while hasn't it? I really have to go now. Nice talking to you. Bye."

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RE: Misdialed Number - 9/1

Postby anything imaginable » Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:22 am

It was getting to be about eight o’clock, so I knew I had to call Keri before her boys went to sleep. I wanted to confirm babysitting times for that weekend. Forgetting the exact numbers to their phone number, I punched what sounded right: 734-5382 or something like that.
Like always, the phone began to ring. When someone picked up, it wasn’t Keri or even her husband, Mike. The one, opening word seemed familiar enough.
“Hello?” the small, kind of squeaky voice prompted. Now, I don’t know if there is any underlying identification tool in saying the word hello. But apparently there was when I answered the squeaky voice.
“Hello…?” I trailed off, not knowing how to start. However, microseconds later, the other line interrupted my thought process.
“Katie? Is that you? Oh, I’m so glad you called!” the girl’s voice bubbled with joy and buzzed with excitement. I could almost tell that she—whoever she was—was jumping up and down in place, possibly in her kitchen.
“Yeah, it’s me,” I said. I guess this girl knows me…maybe. I decided to play along.
“Is that all you’re going to say?” demanded the girl.
“I just can’t believe we haven’t talked in months! Months! Not after…well, the accident. I would have called, but it’s just things down here aren’t going so well.”
What? Okay, it was time to be honest and to admit to my ignorance.
“Why is that?” I asked, seemingly interested in this stranger’s problems.
“Just…stuff. Life, you know?”she said.
No I didn’t know. “Yeah….” I hope my hmm’s and yeahs were enough to sustain my side of the conversation.
“Katie, are you still mad at me?”
Mad? “I don’t know, what are you talking about?” I asked, hopeful to get a clue to who this girl was.
“When I left, it wasn’t my fault. And I meant to tell you, but I’d thought you’d understand and that you wouldn’t want to talk to me…”
I was still confused. I let the pause dangle in the air.
“See, I know you will be mad. But there is something I have to apologize for. Not just leaving without warning. Something else. Something bigger. And it’s going to be hard. But I think you have the right to know. Before I left….” She took a deep breath between her small exasperated ones. “The accident with Tommy…I was in the other car.”
It finally dawned on me. I knew I was talking to Miranda, my best friend from last year. Her voice sounded different. Upon t that discovery, though, mixed feelings emerged in me. She had disappeared to Florida after the accident…I didn’t know why. She never told me. I figured it was because of her dad. But my anger about her departure had surpassed. The summer spent after she left was mostly dedicated to misery after Tommy’s funeral.
“Miranda?” I asked to confirm my realization.

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RE: Misdialed Number - 9/1

Postby jillian7682 » Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:41 pm

“Hello, Good Morning to you!” A strong voice bellows from the other end of the line.
“Hello. Ahh, Good Morning.”
“Yes. Hello! Wow! It is you!”
“Yup, it’s me.”
“How’ve you been?”
“Did I switch the 3 and the 6? 942-36…”
“…I mean it was just a little fun. You took it like a trooper.”
“Oh, yeah, you know me.”
“Wow, it’s been so long.”
“Yeah, long time!”
“So how are you?”
“Oh, I’m Fine.”
“I’m doing really well! I finally got rid of the blindfold. Oh, hey, how’s your sister?”
“She’s fine. She’s in Aruba with her boyfriend.”
“Oh, Arubaaa…Hey, did you ever get those pictures taken off the internet?”
“What pictures? I mean, that was just a one-time deal…”
“Um, I’m talking about the ones from that time we all went to Chicago.”
“Well, because I was kind of hoping that you’d still have a copy of them? I know they were kind of embarrassing.”
“Oh, well…”
“I mean, you standing up on stage singing ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ it was hilarious!”
“Ah, yes, that was one crazy day!”
“Yes, because my wife really wanted to see those pictures. I have told her all about the story and she just doesn’t believe it happened! I mean me covering my eyes like that!”
“Oh, that was very trusting of you, too.”
“I really learned a lot about myself. So, do you still have the pictures?”
“Sure, Pastor, I still have those pictures of us at the Motivational Conference.”

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RE: Misdialed Number - 9/1

Postby ShAyShAy » Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:15 pm

"Hello is Jessica there?"i asked "Umm no you have the ronge number!"a cheary little sqeek said "Well bye."said the voice "Wait!"i yelled "Yes?"she seemed bothered "I seem to know you from som where,do you work at the movie store?"i asked 'No"she responded 'Im sure i know you i know I do!"i yelped "Ok who is this?!"the person was angry "Mellanie Grace."i was calm I heard a coulpe sniffs then a cry "M'am are you ok!"i asked on the verge of calling 911 ''This is Hanna Grace Im your twin." i was speechless ''Are you kidding me!?"i was so happy "Mom and dad gave you away years ago...before they died!" my parents died that was disapointing but sill i found hanna!"Meet me at 4405 chestnut lane at well...Now!"she said.She hung up and i was out the door. :)

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Re: Misdialed Number - 9/1

Postby eyahhh » Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:51 am

(this is really a true story, but the names are changed, my brother called me before i could give him the number, i had my phone hooked up for about 1/2 hour)

Ted dials Bills number and waits while it rings.
'hello "I answer
Bill is that you?" ted asks
"no, you have the wrong number. I said
"oh, i was trying to call my friend Bill" ted says
"Bill who?" I ask
"Bill Lofe" Ted says
"OH, my brother has a friend named Bill Lofe" I tell the caller
"Is that you Dave?" Ted says
"Yeah, how did you get my number?"I ask my brother who dialed a 1 instead of a 2.

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RE: Misdialed Number - 9/1

Postby swimmer007 » Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:09 pm

 "Hello?..This is______(garbled noise)

"Good afternoon, may I speak to Miss Carouthers? We have a phone interview"

"And why are you calling me? Looking for more W2's? Or are you finally going to change your postal address with the post office?"

"Uhhh...No.. I uh..am calling for Miss Carouthers.. Is this Idea Publishing?"

"Still think you're a writer, don't you....? Whatsamatter? Out late again drinking with your new friends?"

"I beg your parden sir, but I am calling Idea Publishing.. Is this the wrong number?"

Chuckling.. "Even better.. You still never listen"

"I can't hear you very well.. might be a bad connection.. Is this Idea Publishinig?

"Yeah, this is Idea Publishing..and you have no ideas for us!"

"Oh..so this is Idea Publishing..May I speak to Mrs Carouthers? We have a scheduled phone inteview about a querry letter..."

"What querry letter? We get so many."

"My querry letter about a collection of short stories.. most notablity the thriller "Suzy."

"Ah.. we decided to cancell your phone interview.. You cannot even change your postal address..I have a shoe-box full of envelopes from collection agencies, overdraft letters, and the like. I'm sick of your mail taking up space!"

"Excuse me.. This cannot be Idea Publishing..."

"Reality has finally caught up with you, I presume."


"Let's start again.. this isn't Idea Publishing..and let's hope that your years of education have taught you how to dial phone numbers, and especially for professional calls to publishing company's. I'm assuming your still living with your sister.. right? Partying too much at night clubs with your new friends?"

"Okay.. I don't know who you are but, you are innapropriate. I do not need to answer to you.."

"I always knew you were ungrateful."

"Wait a minute.. did you just say you knew I lived with my sister.. and this bit about 'new friends?'

"Are you hard of hearing from visiting clubs?"

"Wait a minute! James... You I have a potty mouth! How dare you hold a grudge so long.. No wonder why you are a miserable, old, lonely man!"





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RE: Misdialed Number - 9/1

Postby lilsuzygirl » Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:53 pm

I couldn’t wait to call Mark. With this overtime check I got today, I finally had just enough money to surprise him with a weekend getaway for his birthday on the 16th. He wasn’t thrilled that I had been working so much lately but surely this trip was going to make up for it and then some. I quickly dialed his office number.

“Jenny? Jenny Taylor is that you? I’m so happy you finally called! I didn’t think I was ever going to hear from you!”

Okay, definitely not Mark! But who was this woman? She sounded vaguely familiar and had obviously been waiting for my call… I didn’t want to hurt her feelings by admitting I had no idea who she was. Damn Caller ID!!! Maybe I could play it off…

“Oh I’m so sorry. I meant to call sooner but I’ve just been so busy lately with work and all.” I held my breath, hoping she would give me some hints as to her identity.

“Oh no worries dear. When I saw your mother at the charity breakfast last weekend she mentioned that you had a lot on your plate but that she would pass along the message.” Okay, good…one of Mom’s charity friends. Getting closer… “So what shall I put you down for dear?”

A donation? I guess I could do that. What had Mom mentioned recently? Soup kitchen? Animal shelter? “Oh, well, I guess… how about twenty?” I hoped that wasn’t too stingy but I had been saving for Mark’s birthday for three months now.

“Well, Jenny, that’s a lot! Are you sure dear? That’s not too much for you is it?” I was taken aback a bit. What had my mother been telling this woman? I may not be rich but I have a decent-paying job. Surely I could afford twenty dollars!

“Oh sure, it’s no trouble. It’s for a good cause, right?” Of course I had no idea which cause it was, but it’s always good to be charitable.

The woman chuckled.

“Oh Jenny, you’re so sweet. That’s just wonderful dear, so generous! I guess it runs in the family! Your mother should be sainted for all the work she does. Okay then, Jenny Taylor, twenty tickets at thirteen fifty per ticket, comes to two hundred and seventy dollars even.”

TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY DOLLARS!!!! What have I done?! My getaway! My fabulous getaway plans were now circling the drain and I still didn’t know who this saboteur was. My head began swimming as I sunk into the sofa.

“Such a sweet girl! And you can make your check out to the Huff n’ Puffs Senior Choir. Did your mother tell you we’re an official non-profit organization now? If you like, you can give your check to your mother and I’ll get it from her when we play bridge on Thursday. That way you wouldn’t have to take time from your busy schedule to come all the way to the Senior Center twice!”

Senior Center? Ding, ding, ding, ding!

“Okay, well I won’t keep you dear! Thank you very much for your support and I look forward to seeing you on the 16th! You have a wonderful day Jenny!” and with that she hung up.

“My pleasure Mrs. Alverston” I mumbled to the dial tone.


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