Returning to Campus- 5/31

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Returning to Campus- 5/31

Postby Brian » Mon May 02, 2011 4:34 am

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Returning to Campus- 5/31

Postby Brian » Mon May 02, 2011 4:34 am

On the 10th anniversary of your college graduation, you and your closest college friends decide to return to campus for a weekend to relive your "glory days." Things go awry, though, when late in the evening one of your friends runs into an ex-girlfriend.

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Re: Returning to Campus- 5/31

Postby jonnlaureng » Tue May 31, 2011 4:32 pm

"Hey, remember that night we streaked The Lawn and I fell down flat on my ass and made you swear you wouldn't tell anyone?"

"You did?" I pursed my lips. I was hoping for a kiss, but Piper took it as a contemplative expression and ignored my soft and inviting mouth. I'm still not quite sure how she manages to do it.

"Yea, then that cop showed up out of nowhere and lectured us while I stood there buck naked!" Piper squealed, clapping her hands. "He was totally checking me out, too! Wasn't he bald?"

"Hey, bald can be sexy," I shrugged. "But then again, you're not into bald guys." I ran a hand through my thick, lush, dark hair. It compliments my striking blue eyes. It's a deadly combination that makes me irresistible, so I turned my baby blues on her and let the full effect play out.

She wasn't even looking at me.

"We gotta move," Piper whispered, nudging me. She crouched and started scooting away.

"What? Why?"

"Misty Cromwell is walking at the top of the Amphitheater," she hissed, gesturing wildly for me to follow.

"I thought she should have graduated by now!" I exclaimed, though since I was whispering it sounded more like I had laryngitis.

"Don't think I haven't already spotted you, Piper McGallivray!"

Piper squeaked and shot upright at the bellow echoing around us.

Shots rang out.

I might have dribbled myself a little at the sound. Give me a break, okay? I grew up in white suburbia, not Compton!

"I want my Keith Urban CD back, you bitch!" Misty hollered, shots continuing.

"Is she seriously shooting at us over a Keith Urban CD?" I shouted, doing my best to duck and weave, which I'll tell you is not easy feat when you're in the middle of a stone terraced amphitheater.

"I told you she was psycho!" Piper yelped as orange paint splattered on the stone inches from her thigh. "That was a gift! You're not getting it back!" She yelled to Misty.

"Paintballs? Who the hell carries a paintball gun around with them?" I laughed. Paintballs weren't scary. I stopped running and had myself a good laugh. You know, the kind where you throw your head back and just guffaw with all your might. It abruptly turned into a gasping cough when a string of walloping thuds on my spine sent me careening forward. "I'm hit! I'm hit! Christ, that hurts!"

"Well stop standing there and run!" Piper yelled. She had made it to the top of the amphitheater and started sprinting towards The Lawn. I saw her stumble with a shot to the calf.

It was all Misty needed.

"Piper!" I yelled. She was in trouble, a damsel in distress in need of her knight in shining armor! I bounded up the steps to the top, glad Piper was running away from me and didn't see when I tripped and fell. Soon I was running so hard to reach the women that I should have felt like my heart was coming out of my chest, but since my back was throbbing so damn bad, I had to question whether my heart had relocated.

I panted towards them, Misty standing over Piper, screeching for her Keith Urban CD as she pointed the paintball marker to the middle of her victim's forehead. What, did she expect Piper to carry that around like Misty carried her paintball gun around? Psy-cho.

The closer I became, the more I controlled my breathing, using a few techniques from the yoga class Piper drags me to every week. I haven't quite got the hang of it, though, 'cause I immediately started wheezing.
I was only a few feet behind Misty when she sensed my presence, but the nimble ninja that I am, I kicked out her knee before she could react, grabbed her gun as her grip weakened, and butted her in the temple. She dropped like a pre-pubescent boy's ball-sac. Who said action movies are fake? Where do you think I learned that move, skeptics!

I extended a hand to help Piper up and puffed out my chest. Now would come my thank-you-for-saving-my-life-now-do-me-until-I-can't-walk-straight kiss. I even had my arms out to dip her.
"That's the last time I ever decide to go lesbian," Piper snorted. Then she walked away.

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RE: Returning to Campus- 5/31

Postby lleader » Wed Jun 01, 2011 12:43 am

Returning To Campus

“Look at it! The dorms, the stadium, the Student Union, all of it. It’s like we stepped into a time machine. Ten years since graduation and nothing’s changed.”

“Nothing but us, you mean,” I said.

“Speak for yourself old man. I’m as good as I ever was.” Bill posed with mock arrogance.

“Sure, but you weren’t that great to start with. I on the other hand…” Mike grinned as Bill made the expected laughing lunge for him. Somehow, I wound up in the middle of the running, rolling scuffle that resulted, just as I always had. Maybe we hadn’t changed that much after all. It ended, just as it always had, when the three of us were laughing too hard to keep going.

“Seriously man, coming back here was a great idea.” Mike sat up and pushed back the stubborn curl that always fell into his flashing blue eyes. The girls had always found the combination of those eyes and his black curls irresistible. “We were so young. Remember what it like back then? We were the brightest and the best. We were going to change the world. Nothing was going to hold us back.”

“And then we graduated, and the real world hit us.”

“Unfortunately true, but until then, it was great. Life was easy and nothing we did ever had any consequences. The wild schemes, the parties, the girls …”

“Yeah, the girls. Especially for you. It seemed like your bedroom had a revolving door on it.”

“It wasn’t that bad,” Mike started to protest.

“It was too. Can you name one girl who was your only girl for more than two weeks?” Bill challenged.

“Sherri. We were together for almost six months during my sophomore year, and I never cheated on her.”

“That’s right,” I recalled. “You two seemed to be really tight, and then suddenly she was nowhere to be seen. What happened? Did you have a fight?”

“To be honest, I’m not sure what got into her. Everything was cool one day, and the next day, she’s all uptight. She started asking how I felt about marriage and kids, clear out of the blue. I told her maybe someday, but I wasn’t ready for that gig yet. Next thing I know, she’s gone. Moved, no forwarding address, none of her friends would tell me where she was or how to find her. I guess she was husband hunting and wasn’t willing to waste any more time in a relationship that wasn’t getting there fast enough for her.” He looked pensively into the distance, then shook the mood off. “Enough of this serious talk. This year’s grads are having a dance. Want to crash it?”

“Why not?”

We headed towards the music and laughing. They had set up a kid’s area in one of the big rooms, then the buffet, then the dance floor. We were helping ourselves to some food and eying the ladies when a half-familiar voice called from behind us. “Mike. Mike, get over here.”

We all turned to see who it was. Maybe we wouldn’t have recognized Sherri if we hadn’t just been talking about her, but there was no doubt of her identity. She wasn’t looking at us though. She was looking into the kids’ area.

As we watched, a boy came out of the room. He looked around eleven. He was a cute kid, with Sherri’s chin and black hair. We stood silent as she lovingly pushed a wayward curl out of his flashing blue eyes.

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Re: Returning to Campus- 5/31

Postby Joel H » Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:55 pm

Landing on campus was was a little odd. Three of us went to visit the old hallways and courtyards from the old days. And they were. It was 10 years since we'd haunted the place. But without knowing it of course. The memories haunted really. But anyone would guess that.

I guess I say odd in that, it was just simply the fact of what it was: showing up to celebrate. Because we did celebrate. As a matter of fact we sort of took off and ran around. That doesn't always happen. But it was spur of the moment enough that we stopped by, got out of the car and started running around.

We three knew of each other through the drama department. I'd been going for a natural sciences degree.. went and dropped out after about two quarters. Wasn't for me.

Another of us was going for fine arts. He does teach, but he's made a little of a name for himself with some galleries and soirees. He's better at that, in that he's got a real business sense. I've heard not everyone has all the elements of being, quote, successful, that all the bases are covered only by a group of individuals who do one or another thing better than the others.

And the other of us, math, and works for the county doing road work.

We hadn't split up that much. Going back took a bit of gumption. No beer though.

Me, I work at a private marine and boating supply company. Nuff said. If you need lake accessories, give a call.

What can I say? The momentum of the surprise visit pretty much carried us along. And, I'll tell you some places look like they've just had other footprints and a few more smudges on the wall since you've been there last. Really like if you found an old professor, they'd have just been working on a special group project over the summer. Just more time gone by.

Better computers though.

What was the last computer you had? They were all the CRT, boat-sized screens. Just before LCD.

We stopped by some prof offices. They were still there. Had a different lunch, but still there.

We could tell of our various ways, not really relevant. The artist hadn't kept in touch, even though he did the same thing. Really the most to tell were personal adventures. Trips in the Rockies.

What was a trip was the old places. Comments and remembrances. We still went to a lot of the same bars. More telephone talk. Lunch was just sitting around and acting like we did then.

The sciences building still had periodic tables.

That was different, new labs. Would have been good then. But it was good then. So who cares. Science rooms. Weird.

Field trips were the best. Drama troupe crap. Put on a show, hope some of the school comes. Some of us thought it would be good for a resume or something. I had fun, yelling at people on the stage. Going to some other town for who knows what. Hoping some of the school would show up. But seeing other towns was something. We know some of them now. One of us goes on hunting and sporting trips. He knows some places. The math genius.

The sciences building was a little disjointed. Like a summer job or something.

What was really weird, was that math found someone we knew from drama. She still worked there. Which was fine, but some of us wanted to go and some of us didn't. We made plans to meet up that night.

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