Swim Club Scare - 8/11

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Re: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby cagney » Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:35 am


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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby cagney » Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:32 am


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Re: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby dsrtdlphn91 » Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:24 am

Any comments or critiques are welcome!

We arrive and the only sounds are our hushed giggle. Other than the soft light of the moon, the deck is dark. The pool looks like a black hole. It is calm and serene. There are no ripples or waves. We get to the edge of the pool and stand with our toes hanging over the edge. Suddenly there's a loud scream as Lauren goes flying into the pool, breaking both the silence and the water's surface. I turn to see Brooke smiling like the Cheshire Cat, her white and perfectly straightened teeth glimmering in the dim moonlight. One after another we jump in, giggling and screeching. We can hardly see our hands in front of our faces it's so dark. We're bumping into each other, the walls, the stairs, the ladder.
I'm floating on my back across the pool. I stare up at the moon hiding behind the light clouds. Then, I glide into something or someone. I am not fazed by the slight collision, it's probably just Brooke or Maggie getting in my way, or Lauren or Kate. Or the wall. As I slowly turn around I see a large mass just floating there. It appears to be a person.
"Stop it Lauren." I say with a hint of annoyance in my voice. That girl is always trying to play a trick on someone. It never works.
"Stop what?" I hear her reply with a questioning tone.
"Kate? Maggie? Brooke? Are you all okay?" I look around and see four masses around the pool.
"Quick! Someone get a light, a cell phone, an ipod. Anything!" I gasp with a hint of desperation in my voice.
I hear some splashing and they grab the flashlight we brought along and shine it my direction. I look at the mass floating next to me and scream. My legs go numb and I hurriedly back up, my mind is in a fog and I don't know where I am, I'm still screaming, mass hysteria has broken out, the others are screaming and I'm sure you can hear us for miles. Finally, the screaming stops. We are huddled together, clinging to each other and our towels, for we're all chilled from the cool summer air and by the sight we think we've just seen. We're breathing heavily, in, out, in, out. Brooke shines the light back on the mass in the pool.
Staring back at us are the deep brown eyes of Cassie Jojola. Her blonde hair is floating in a wild mess around her head. Her limbs appear stiff and unmovable, though we can't know for sure.
The screaming starts again but the light stays glued to Cassie's face.

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby koconno2 » Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:28 pm

   “Come on, it’s perfectly safe. We do this all the time,” said Corporal Todd, as he pulled open a large iron framed window.”

   Andy didn’t feel re-assured about that nor did he feel following the older cadet out of the barracks after Taps was a smart move. Yet Andy and his roommate wanted to fit in with the older cadets. They were the only two new cadets in a platoon of what felt like veteran solders even though they were all just of high school age.

    “I… I could get expelled for sneaking into the Phys-Ed building after hours,” said Andy.

    A gust of wind whipped the bushes into a dancing frenzy, causing thorny branches to screech against the window panes. Long gnarled shadows waved across the calm wet surface of the competition size pool. The full moon flooded the pool deck and bleachers in a silver gray tint. The water surface looked thick and murky.

    “Don’t worry about it,” said Cpl. Todd, looking over his shoulder while shoving Andy through the window, “You need to learn how to tread water for one hour or our platoon is going to fail the swimming challenge.”

    Andy lowered himself down from the window sill and dropped a few inches to the pool deck. He landed in a shallow puddle on the tile, the polished luster of his black leather shoes were now ruined by water and dirt. He squinted to see into the black shadow covering the far side of the pool. The milky gray water seemed to end right at the shadow line. Andy thought he saw something and called out.

    “Ron? Are you in here?” said Andy and shaded his eyes with his hand as if the moon light obstructed his vision.

    Before Andy could say anything else Cpl. Todd dropped down from the window and said, “Shut up fool. Keep your voice down or you’ll get all of us busted”

    “Us? What do you mean? Where is Ron?” said Andy, backing away from Cpl. Todd.

    “Your dopey roommate has already been here – practicing,” said Cpl. Todd, “Now it’s your turn.”

    Cpl. Todd’s eyes glinted in the moon light just before he lunged at Andy, grabbing him by the neck and with a terrific grunt he tossed Andy through the air and into the pool. The huge splash sent gray milk like water flowing across the tile pool deck. The filter doors slapped violently back and forth as wave rings surged across the pool surface, disappearing into the shadowed end. A moment later the surface broke open as Andy burst up through; his eyes were as wide as his gasping mouth. His panicked inhale echoed off the mason walls in the pool area. Coughing and spitting Andy thrashed around trying to swim to the ladder. His soaked uniform was heavy and constrictive. His shoes felt like cement blocks.

    “Help me out, I can’t swim in my field jacket and shoes,” said Andy, reaching for the ladder.

    Cpl. Todd stood at the top of the ladder and kicked Andy’s hand away before he could grip the ladder rung.

    “Ha, not so fast newbee. Start treading water now if you want to get out,” said Cpl.Todd.

    Andy bobbed under water and shot up in a panic, gasping for air. He was starting to tire and knew he had to slow down and try floating. He inhaled a deep breath, arched his back, and with his arms extended out his chest rose to the surface. He slowly kicked off his shoes and caught his breath. All of a sudden he felt something cold and clammy bump into his hand.

    “Oh my god. Ron are you alright?” said Andy, “Holy poop unicorns and rainbows he’s dead. You said he was practicing.”

    “He was but he didn’t last the hour. Hell, he didn’t even last ten minutes,” said Cpl. Todd.

    “Let me out of here. I’ve had enough of this,” said Andy, who started swimming to another ladder.

    Cpl.Todd rushed around the pool deck and jabbed at Andy with a gaffe pole, preventing him from climbing out.

    “There is only two ways out newbee, you tread water for an hour or you float forever with your roommate,” said Cpl. Todd.

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby jeteakp » Sat Apr 30, 2011 2:53 pm

In 2008, many businesses owned by prominent families, famous chain-stores and local manufactures laid-off employees that had worked for them for many years. Owners of the Marlton Neighborhood Swim Club felt the financial pinch too, when families stopped renewing their hefty $1,200.00 annual memberships. As a result, the club canceled its 24 hour 7-day a week security service contract, changed its operation hours from Monday through Saturday - 7:00am to 9:00pm or 12:00 midnight; to Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 9:00am to 5:00pm, and 7:30am to 3:00pm on Saturdays.

Jenny and I lived two blocks north of the Marlton Neighborhood Swim Club and were members of the Douglas High School Swim Team; therefore, our families were members of this club for years. Jenny and I have been friends from birth, spending our days, evenings and most nights together as sisters. Frankly, our parents (mothers and fathers) were friends in Georgia. They attend preschool, junior, high school and college together, then settled in Maryland after college graduation.

The Marlton Neighborhood Swim Club incident occurred in mid-June.

Jenny and I were high school students on summer break. In mid-June Maryland was hit by a severe heat wave. Heat fell over the area like a Winter Quilt causing widespread power outages, brush-fires, and mega thunderstorms until July 30th. Residents were miserable to say the least.

Because of the heat, it was rumored that a few high school students and adults regularly hung out at the Marlton Neighborhood Swim Club between 10:00pm and 2:00am on Friday and Saturday nights. The group was small, always orderly and never left any trash behind; so police never harassed them about using the pool.

Jenny and I had never broken into the Marlton Neighborhood Swim Club after dark before, nor had we joined the Friday or Saturday night groups to swim. We decided to visit the club for the first time one Thursday night at 9:00pm. Because no other students or adults would be present, we would have the entire pool to ourselves; allowing us to race against the other without interference from other swimmers. I placed battery operated doomed lights on both edges of the pool. The fastest swimmer hits the doom which turns on the light for the winner. We were in our individual zone and into our fourth pool lap when Jenny screamed. It startled me. I lifted my head and went into tread-water mode calling out to Jenny. “Jenny, what happened?” Something hit me in the water, she said. “Okay, hold-on; let me get the doom light.” I retrieved the doom light from the pool edge, swam to Jenny and pressed the doom. “Oh, we gasped!” A partially charred body, floating on its left side with its back against the wall, facing us with open-eyes was Jack Brockson, a member of our swim team. Quickly we swam to the pool edge, hoisted ourselves from the water, dialed 911 and called our parents. It was determined Jack was struck by lightening earlier that day.

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby RekaB08 » Wed May 04, 2011 4:09 am

I couldn’t move, but not because I was in quicksand, or even because I was being restrained; I couldn’t move because floating no more than 2 inches from me was the dead body of my 10th grade English teacher, Mrs. Murray. What the hell, you ask? No idea. One minute I’m having a great time splashing around in the pool with CC, my scheming best friend, and the next, every tiny microscopic hair on the back of my neck is standing at attention. Maybe this was God’s way of telling us we never should have broken into the swim club in the first place. Geez, I would’ve preferred the police coming to get us over this; anything but this.

“Wh-what are we gonna do?” CC managed to break the silence. Her chattering teeth almost amused me, even in this time of seriousness.

“Shouldn’t we call the cops? I mean, I think that’s the right thing to do.” There I was - the voice of reason. Honestly, I just wanted to get out of there and fast.

“I say we get the hell outta here and act like we didn’t see s**t!” I love it when she takes my unspoken thoughts and makes them into real words. I was on board with that plan and she knew it.

Not that I don’t think everyone should have a proper burial and all, but Mrs. Murray wasn’t exactly our favorite person in the world. The lady makes (or should I said made) our lives unbearable with her stony glances of disapproval and her constant belittling. Surprisingly, I was not intimidated, as I usually am, by her being so close to me; I guess death makes one seem humble. I personally didn’t like her very much because, well, she actually started dating my newly divorced dad a few months. How he found that bug-eyed (so much so that she was affectionately nicknamed “The Fly” by all of her unfortunate students), bean pole attractive was beyond me; however, the fact that she managed to successfully sugarcoat her disdain for me in his presence was probably an underlying factor.

CC and I managed to slip on our clothes and exit quietly through the window we broke in to get to the pool. I was about to say something when I caught a glimpse of a vaguely familiar SUV slowly creeping off in the opposite direction of the pool. I did my damndest to remain quiet and keep my attention on CC and what I was about to say, but the slightest gasp escaped from between my lips sending CC’s gaze to the direction of mine.
“Um, wasn’t that your dad’s car?!”

She obviously didn’t see what I saw. True enough it was my dad’s car, but it for damn sure wasn’t him driving it; a woman was. A woman I knew very, very well.

All I could think was, “Ah hell, Ma, what have you gone and done now?”

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby gothelder » Wed May 04, 2011 7:42 am

There was water burning in my nose and throat. I had swallowed some of it and knowing what was in it had me trying to vomit it back up before I had even figured out which way was up. The pool was only four feet deep here so why did my feet strike nothing when I kicked out? The need for air was burning and I was so very afraid that I was going to become another of what I had just seen.

Not one of the floatation toys that the kids loved so much, but her. Shock had me stepping backwards, away from the empty staring eyes. Now in the darkness of the closed, indoor pool, I couldn’t tell which darkness was up and which was floor. I could hear a siren though.

Something solidly cold bumped into me and I pushed frantically back against it. Suddenly I found myself jarred to a standing position as my poor knees took the unexpected shock of finally finding the floor. My lungs wanted air so badly, but there wasn’t room for any until I coughed out the water that I had swallowed all kinds of wrong. My eyes watered from the burn of t, but I could still make out the shape in the water with the half light that the moon gave through the skylight.

It wasn’t a siren, someone was screaming, but that wasn’t me, I was the one coughing. When the waves I had made started moving the body slowly towards me I backpedaled to the screaming as though it really was a siren that meant safety.

Finally sweet wonderful air rattled into my still half full lungs and the next cough actually made room for a real lungful of air. My back hit a wall and I knew that I had found the side of the pool. For a long moment I couldn’t decide if I wanted to stay and stare at the body or turn my back on it and climb out of the pool. I chose to climb, but couldn’t help glancing over my shoulder times. The body came no closer, but continued to stare.

Water streamed off me and I scraped my knees on the cement of the floor, but I was finally out. I knew I couldn’t stand yet so I just wrapped my arms around my knees and breathed.

“Why is Ashley in the pool?” I finally gasped out even though Trish was still screaming. Maybe the screaming would bring someone, but probably not. The swim club had been closed for hours and we had made the mistake of breaking in just to swim a bit for Trish’s birthday, Trish who was still screaming.

“Why is she in there? Isn’t she on vacation with her parents? She only answered by screaming. Frustrated, I turned to see why Trish was still screaming.

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby DominaPatti » Sun May 08, 2011 4:30 pm

Magical Late Night Swim

I couldn't believe that I was committing a crime. In celebration of our reunion, Devon, my new roommate and old friend, had somehow persuaded me to manipulate the cameras so that we could go for a midnight dip. This was the very reason I had reservations about telling non-mages about magic. However, this was a small request, and he was a good friend. Besides, it was only a tiny bit of magic. I could break the rules and the law just this once.

Though, now, it was actually closer to one o'clock. We had tried at midnight but it was a large complex and neighbors were still around.

With one wave of my hand, the roaming camera froze.

"Mina, you would think you were breaking into a bank." Devon whispered, as he maneuvered the iron fence that surrounded the apartment complex swimming pool.

I shivered as I removed my towel from its perch around my shoulders.

"So sue me. I'm a law abiding citizen. Or in this case arrest me."

"Don't forget prude." He whispered now safely on the ground.

"Because I average one boyfriend to your three?"

He ignored my question. "Besides , what's the point of having “pixie sticks” (his code name for magic) if you don't use it to better the lives of others." He said walking towards the pool.

I laughed at that. Freezing cameras so that we could go for an afterhours swim wasn't exactly Nobel Prize worthy.

I heard a splash as he dove into the water. Throwing my towel over the railing, I hurried after him. My fuchsia sarong caught on the railing as I made it over the top. "Darn it. This is my favorite one." I gingerly attempted to free the fabric.

My heart nearly stopped when I heard Devon scream. I snatched the fabric loose and made it to the ground. "Dev?" I cried barely able to hear over the sounds of my blood rapidly coursing as adrenaline kicked in.

"O-M-G." He repeated, stumbling up the steps of the pool ladder. He finally made it out of the water and onto the cement.

"Are you okay?" I asked easing him to the ground. He tried to speak without succeeding, and then he pointed.

In the dim lighting of the street lights, I saw something floating in the water. It was a man. I could clearly see his face. His eyes were wide, and his mouth was contorted in terror. It was obvious that he was dead.

It was my chance to scream this time. It was my ex- boyfriend.

I took a step forward, but stopped, startled by the magic thick in the air. I whirled around just in time to see a shadowy figure on the west side of the gate running into the woods that surrounded the pool house. I started after him.

"Freeze." A light blinded me. "Raleigh PD."

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby sarrot » Mon May 09, 2011 7:06 am

I looked at the body floating in the water. Imagine the plans he must have had: the family, the job, the future he would never have. He is nothing more, his life is over.
Billy and I looked at each other, we were terrified. “Who could it be?” I asked. I was the closest to the body, so I had to turn it over. The body was pale and had a look of terror. There was no blood that could have resulted from an injury. From my guess, he could not swim and drowned. When I looked closer, I was stunned. The body looked familiar…
I worked at the Swim Club and knew right away that it was Dirk. Dirk worked along with me, but was not a lifeguard. He worked as a cabana boy serving drinks and making some money; he was graduating this year. While I did not like him, I cared about his safety and frowned when he would do dangerous stunts. What annoyed me most was pretending he was drowning.
This was an experience for Billy and I, we never saw a real dead body before. While I had more stake in retrieving it, giving Dirk more respect than he ever gave me, Billy only cared about not getting caught.
“We can’t just leave him Billy”, I said, “Dirk deserves some ounce of respect.”
Billy was already out of the water drying off. “God knows how long it had been there”, he yelled, “Why are you giving him respect after all the things he did to you?”
Billy was right, Dirk did treat me badly. He insulted me all day, making me feel small. But I took it then, he was the boss’ son. Could I go into work the next day, look my boss in the eye, and lie to him about his son? Could I just leave him there till morning, let his father discover him? How do you suppose his mother will feel on Mother’s Day, if someone knew what happened to her son and no one told her? I did not like Dirk, I did not feel too sorry for him; however simple human decency requires one to report this bad news, even if you do not like the person.
“Should we leave it and run?” Billy asked.
“You go. I will stay here and call the police.”
Maybe because he did not want to get involved or maybe he did not know Dirk, whatever the reason Billy did what he thought was sensible and ran. I went to the service phone which was by the bar area to call the police. I hesitated when I looked at the phone. I knew what could result from this call: gaining a police record, losing my job, not being allowed back at the Club.
Before calling I thought “If I were the body and other people found me, would they do the same for me?”

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby Ott » Sat May 14, 2011 5:20 pm

"Jim, look at this. someone's thrown a scarecrow in the pool."

Jim looked and screamed. Then he started running, out of the shallow end, across the apron and over the chain link fence, screaming every step.
I look again and a cold chill grips me. It's Louie. Louie the Louse. Someone finally caught up with him.
I slowly, deliberately, walk out of the pool and head for the fence, not wanting to be there when the cops arrive. Forget the midnight swim; I've already peed in my shorts.
I catch up with Jim who's having a Grade A panic attack. I calm him down and we look at each other a minute.
"What're we gonna do?"
"Dunno. better get home first, then figure it out."

We go to our homes, and just before splitting up agree to call the cops and report it. Least we can do.

Next day we hear about it. Cops get an anonymous call about a body in the pool. They find Louie, and are checking around for clues as to what happened, starting with his buds. Louie was a Freshman at Center High, so they're checking there first. They'll question us.

They come by and ask me about him. I just say, hey, I'm a senior, hardly knew the kid. Yeah ain't it a shame.

After they go, I get out my knife and decide to pay a call on Sam. Sam can't get anything right; he was supposed to throw a scare into the louse, not off him. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do without Sam. Maybe groom Jim? Nah. He's reliable and loyal, but no guts.

Well, I'll think of something. The country club is just too lucrative a market to ignore or shut down.


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