Swim Club Scare - 8/11

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby jenniferjasejacobs » Tue Mar 01, 2011 8:32 am

Movies and dinner are dates of the past. Breaking and entering for a late night swim is much more appealing.
Baine scaled the fence like a pro. My ever so graceful landing totally sucked.
Good thing hormones don’t care much about grace. Exposed flesh is a better attention grabber.
Reaching over he pulls me up to him. His lips bruise mine with their intensity. Ever the eager beaver he pulls my shirt off and goes to work nibbling a path down my neck.
I slide my loose denim shorts down my legs. With a growling whimper he releases the hook of my bra. As he lowers the straps down my shoulders I put my hands up to his chest and push away.
His dark hair hangs before his eyes as his lustful stare penetrates me. Sliding my hands down his body I pull him to me by his jeans. He leans back to watch me un-button his pants.
“If you want me, you’ll have to catch me first.”
I step away from him and run to the edge of the pool to dive in. An eager smile crosses his face as he hurriedly removes the rest of his clothing.
“You can run my blonde beauty; but rest assure that you can never out-swim me.” Simple play of him being on the swim team opposed to my cross-country.
“Then come catch me.”
He dives into the pool and seconds later I could feel him brush against my leg behind me. His looks and talent make a person wonder if mermaids are in fact real.
A few feet in front of me the water’s surface ripples and out appears Baine. His face no longer playful and hungry.
If he’s there… Then who's behind me?
“How did you…”
I turn in the water to face-
“Danny Renolds?”
My ex-boyfriend? What sort of sick joke is this?
“Cally. Come. Here. Now!”
Ugh. Jealousy. Can’t men find another hobby.
I reach out to make him face me. “Danny I swear if your stalking me, I’ll-”
Words and thoughts leave me with only images. There’s a filmy glaze over his eyes, a large slash across his cheek and through his neck and the water suddenly seems darker than it should.
An alarming noise fills the air. Something hard pulls me away, but my eyes wont stop looking. Tears makes the images blurry, but they are seared into my memory. A hard surface is dragged under my body. My warmth is replaced with a breathless whisper as the breeze tears through to my bones.
The heat on my cheeks is my salvation.
“Cally stop screaming.”
Baine releases my face and wraps his warm body around me. His ragged breathing slows down. My heart beats with his. He is my comfort; my solace. He holds me for a moment to soothe me. As soon as my shaking stops the world is shattered again by his soft whisper.
“Get dressed. We have to call the cops.”

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby Frank » Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:30 am

It’s remarkably easy to be a criminal, I thought. Here I was with my friend, about to break into the local swim club at midnight. One more door, and we would cross the final threshold of innocence. OK, I said to myself, a small crime, no one getting hurt, just the two of us out for some fun. What’s the harm in that?

The door gave way too easily, just like the others, as if the last barrier to our mission was a willing accomplice: “Get on with it,” it said, “See how easy it can be?”

The pool glistened before us, the water in a perpetual dance, wave-tops glistening in a moonlight unchecked by a glass roof. How wonderful to witness this mad dance of luminescence, alone, in cathedral silence, other than a discordant slapping noise, as water met tile. It sounded like applause for our adventure.

Dear God, why didn’t it occur to us right at that moment the last door wasn’t the accomplice to the crime: it was the pool, itself. Our watery baptism almost complete now, Bill and I entered the pool, oblivious to the warnings that were all around us.

I entered the pool first, quietly enough, but Bill - the moment too much for him - cannon-balled into the water in a moment of ecstasy. And then the water gave up its dead.

The body, the pallor of alabaster, floated to the top. Our crime was complete: the easily opened doors, the agitation of a swimming pool eternally changed by a drowning boy, and this dead corpse - that of my own little brother - marked my life, forever.

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby ddswrites » Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:49 pm

I poured us the last of the wine, a cheap bottle of white I'd had around for a while. He smiled, lips curving on the rim of his glass, and closed his eyes. I shifted in my seat, pulling my cardigan tighter around my chest.

Greg and I had grown up together, gone through those phases of thinking the other had cooties and then high school crushes, and even an ill-advised hook up. It was funny how we'd both become writers, defying the wishes of our well-intentioned parents. Greg's parents ran a modest hardware store, always expecting that he'd study business and take over once they retired. My parents were both doctors, who had encouraged me through my first two pre-med years, and shaken their heads once I switched to Journalism.

"I'm bored," Greg declared.

"At work?" We'd been discussing our careers, and somehow I assumed he'd eventually admit that blogging about celebrities was eating away at his soul.

"There too, but I meant let's do something crazy. Now."

I laughed, hugging my knees to my chin as the cold night air surrounded me.

"We're too old for those shenanigans, mister," I said, "It's not so cute when twenty-seven year olds break into public property or kidnap neighbours' pets!"

We both grinned, remembering the notes we'd written with crayons to Mr. and Mrs. Clayton demanding that they cease their loud country music playing or they'd never see Buffy, the chihuahua, again!

"Come on, loser. Let's go!" Greg was up and bouncing around, holding out one hand for me. I rolled my eyes. I guess I had never claimed to truly grow up. I was, after all, home again until I got back on my feet. It seemed fitting to get into some adolescent trouble.

The trek to the neighbourhood swim club involved a brisk run of about one block west of my house. The security had not improved since our earlier years, and we found ourselves over the fence and onto the property in no time. As we ran towards the pool we stripped of our clothing and both dove, clad only in our undies, into the heated water. As I surfaced, uncontrollably laughing, I realized I didn't hear Greg anymore.

I turned and spotted him, staring at something in the shallow end of the pool.

"What's there, G?" I asked, wading over but instantly seeing what had captured his gaze. The body floated, face up and bumped lightly against the walls.

"The ****! Is that Charlie?" Charlie was the life guard since we were kids, probably now in his mid-forties.

"****, it is," Greg muttered.

I pulled myself out of the water, searching our scattered belongings for my mobile. Greg slowly got closer to the corpse. In the back of our minds we hoped Charlie would pop up from his own childish game of pretend, playing dead.

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11 "JAKE & JANIE"

Postby KingRalph » Tue Mar 29, 2011 5:27 am

"Janie, come on---no backing out now! Put your foot right here and I'll pull you over the fence. I'm not going to let you fall."
"Stop it. Jake, I admit it; I'm scared to death. I can't do this," she whimpered.
"Yes you can and you are. You lost the bet. We are going skinny dipping here tonight. End of story."
After too much beer and a stupid bet on her part, Janie and I had slipped down to the private swim club in a ritzy condo section of Georgetown. We had ignored all of the POSTED: KEEP OUT signs.
When Janie balked, I laughed and said, "What is it? They are NOT going to shoot us. "Janie, put your foot here. Come on."
I smiled as she finally put her foot up and began pulling herself over the fence. As promised, I grabbed her leg and then her arm. I knew we had to do this fast or she would change her mind. We were now both inside.
"Jake, I can't believe we are doing this. What if someone sees us? I am not getting naked. Forget it."
"Janie, it is two o'clock in the morning. It is pitch dark. Nobody is going to see us. Be a good sport. Keep your part of the bet."
I continued to tease and taunt her, until finally we both gave in a little and negotiated. We agreed that we would keep on our underwear.
I knew that I had to go first. While undressing, it happened . . . I lost my balance---pants around my knees and I was unable to avoid falling---falling directly into the pool.
"Jake. Jake, are you okay?"
Now it was my turn to have fun. Thinking quickly, I acted as if I did not hear her and kept splashing and wailing in the pool. Clearly, I had scared her and now I could see that she was undressing.
I put one hand on the edge of the pool and gasped, "Please help me. I'm drowning."
Janie ran to the edge of the pool holding out her hand to me. "Here Jake. Can you reach my hand?"
Of course you know what I did next. As a normal red-blooded nineteen year old male who had been drinking beer for four hours, I grabbed her arm. As she tried to pull me out of the pool, the devil made me do it. I put both feet against the wall of the pool, kicked away from the edge, and pulled Janie in with me.
The pool was deeper than I had expected. Swimming with my pants bundled around my ankles was virtually impossible. Janie saw this as her opportunity for revenge. Janie managed to get her weight on top of me and push me under. Time after time, she pushed me deeper. Out of desperation, I kicked her and managed to squirm away. I got to the side of the pool. I grabbed onto one of the handles by the steps. I was exhausted as was Janie. We both held on for dear life as we tried to catch our breath.
Janie, brushing her jet black almost waist-length hair from her face began laughing. As girls are prone to do, she leaned her head back into the water. She got her hair soaking wet, then flipped her head forward. As she did, she screamed louder than I have ever heard anyone scream. She turned around and stared at the pool. We both saw the two feet at the same time, floating on top of the surface.
She screamed, "Jake, get out now."
I was still trying to pull my pants up so that I could climb out when I saw the face . . .

I do not recall how I got out of the pool that night. I do not recall how we both climbed over the fence, and I do not recall how far we ran before falling down in a grassy spot on a hill, but I do know that neither of us will ever forget that face. We laid on the ground trying to regain our composure.
Janie spoke first. "It 'was' him, wasn't it?"
"Of course it was. No doubt about that."
"What are we going to do, Jake?"

After batting around our choices, we swore to never tell anyone what we had done and seen. That promise was soon broken. Before noon, the face that we had seen floating in the pool was on every television station in the world.
The CNN news announcer said, "The body of Presidential candidate Winston Mellon was found this morning. Details of Senator Mellon's death are sketchy at this time. We do know that the polls show the Senator seven points ahead of the President with only three months to go before the election. Rumors have been swirling these past few days about the Senator and his involvement with the daughter of reputed Mafia kingpin . . ."

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Re: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby KingRalph » Tue Mar 29, 2011 5:28 am

I am new here and would like to hear your critiques of anything that I write. Thank you in advance.....

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby mg0424 » Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:01 am

I knew going swimming after hours was a bad idea, but I had to. Jasmine really wanted to go, and I couldn’t let her by herself. So we scaled the fence around the public pool, stripped down to our underwear, and jumped in.
We were having a good time until she went off the diving board. She did a cannonball and when she hit the water, I heard her scream, “Let me go, you pervert!”
Confused, I watched her swim to the side of the pool near me. I bent to help her out. She looked up, a surprised look on her face. “Don’t touch me!” she said. And then, “How did you get over here so fast?”
“What are you talking about?” I asked.
“You were just in the pool, grabbing at me. I pushed you under and swam right over here. How did you beat me out of the pool?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said. “I wasn’t even in the pool.”
We looked to the middle of the pool and saw something floating in the dim moonlight.
“What is that?” she asked me.
“Let’s go see,” I said as I slipped into the pool.
Jasmine shakily called, “I’ll wait here!”
When I got back to the waiting Jasmine, I was pulling a body behind me.
“Oh…my…God!” she exclaimed. “Is that a real live person?”
“Real, yes. Live…I don’t think so.”
After I climbed out of the pool, we pulled the body out and turned it over its back.
Jasmine let out a gasp of shock. “Dylan, that’s Eric.”
I looked at the face. “Who?” I asked.
“Eric. You know Eric. He sits behind me in math class,” she answered.
“Oh,” I said. “I thought his name was Matt.”
“No, it’s Eric,” she said. “What do you suppose happened to him?”
“Looks like he died,” I replied.
She slapped my arm. “This is serious,” she said. “Do you think he drowned?”
“Well, let’s see,” I said “He was in the pool, and he’s dead. That’s a good hint right there.”
“Yeah,” she said, “but he could have died some other way.”
“Like how?” I asked.
“Maybe he was shot!” she said, her eyes wide.
We looked at the body. “I don’t see any bullet holes,” I said.
“He could’ve had a heart attack,” she said.
“He’s kinda young for that.”
“Well, he had to die of something,” she said. We both heard the sirens at the same time, grabbed our clothes, and headed for the fence.
At that moment, I was awakened by water splashing in my face. It was Jasmine. “Time to go home”, she said.
I rolled off the raft and swam with her to the side of the pool, exhausted from our day of leisure in the pool. We would have to be back at school tomorrow; I always fall too far behind when I skip calculus class two days in a row.

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby mg0424 » Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:02 am

I appreciate any comment and/or critiques.

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Re: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby jody222 » Wed Apr 20, 2011 6:22 am

I don't know what time it was when I woke up. My eyes snapped open. Looking around my bedroom I couldn't see anything odd. I was about to fall asleep when I heard a voice.

“Stan...wake up.”

“Who is that?” I said. I got up and headed to my window.

“Stan,” the voice said again.

I looked around outside. My buddy Craig was on the front lawn. He waved for me to come down.

“Crazy ass,” I said. I pulled on a t-shirt and shorts. I threw my runners down and climbed down the tree next to the house. “What are you doing you jerk?” I laughed.

“Come on,” Craig said. “Let's go for a swim at the club's pool.”

“You freak,” I said. “If we get caught this time you're on the hook. My dad is pissed about all the crap we get busted for.”

Sneaking around wasn't really a crime in my mind. My parents didn't really care, but they were embarrassed I kept getting in trouble for stuff like this.

We ran the whole way there. Craig was on fire. I couldn't keep up with him. When we reached the swimming club I collapsed on the grass.

“Man you are a speed demon today,” I chuckled.

“You know it buddy,” Craig said.

“Why so serious dude?” I said.

“You coming or what?” Craig nodded towards the building.

“Okay.” I got up. Craig surprised me. He walked directly to the pools side entrance and opened the door. “It's not locked?” It was always locked.

“Guess someone forgot to do their job,” Craig said. “Ladies first.” He held the door for me.

“Very funny, ha ha,” I said. Underwater lights had the whole room glowing blue. I threw my shirt on the floor and dove in. I swam to the other side of the pool. “Come on Craig!” I hollered.

Craig stood there looking at me. Something brushed up against my arm.

“Jesus Christ!” I said. A body was floating face down next to me in the pool. “Jesus Mary!” I pulled myself up out of the pool. Squatting next to the water I looked over at Craig on the other side. “Do you see this man? A body! A god damn body!”

Craig didn't move or say anything to me. “You're starting to freak me out man. Look at this. It's a body dude!”

I gathered enough courage to roll the person over. I almost fell back into the water when I seen the blue face floating there in front of me.

Craig lay there, puffy and cold. I looked up to see if my buddy was seeing what I was seeing. But he was gone.

“What the hell is going on dude?” I said. My voice seemed so small in such a large room. I couldn't believe my friend was dead.

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Re: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby Love2_Write » Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:54 am

"How genius am I?"

I hesitated to point out Jane's brilliance. Just because we were swimming in naked bliss on a dare formed by her own brother didn't mean she was brilliant. Far from it, actually; there was a very real chance we would get caught.

"Aren't I?" she repeated, dipping her chin into the freezing water. I tapped at the rippling water surrounding the place where her chin had made contact.

"You are," I said to Jane in a monotone.

Mark's dare had been to break into a place; store, house, whatever. He hadn't specified. And so Jane had dragged me into our neighborhood pool after hours, proving that we didn't have to go far for fun with a dare.

I wondered how, in the middle of this, we'd ended up butt-naked.

"Come on, Sadie! Live a little!" She swam over to me and flicked my long, auburn hair away from my face. I avoided her steely blue glare. "You should be having fun!"

"I am having fun," I replied unconvincingly, flicking her brown hair in return.

Jane sighed but let the matter drop. As usual, I'd killed the mood. I could almost hear her fed-up grumbling, the silent devil in her head encouraging a risky life of wild entertainment.

I could see her young and thriving, getting breast implants and cheating on her third husband.

Clearly, I had been overdoing the soap operas.

"Whatever," Jane said in a random fashion, turning her back on me and swimming deeper.

Suddenly, I felt a churning in my stomach. "Don't leave me behind!" I cried, hurrying after her.

Jane smirked, noticing the agitation running freely in my dark eyes. Arching an eyebrow, she waited impatiently at the end of the pool while I gasped and spat, choking on the nasty pool water and spewing my saliva everywhere as I let the chlorine flee from my tongue.

A dot of red appeared slightly ahead of me. Jane noticed it too, for her cocky expression turned to one of confusion.

"You're on your period?" she asked, surprised. "Gosh, girl, we need to get you a tampon!"

"What?" I snapped, reddening. "Ugh, no!"

I was too embarrassed to admit that I was fourteen and period-less.

"Explain that, then!" she flung her bony arm at the blood.

"I-I can't!" I replied, voice going up an octave.

Jane swam back to me cautiously, trying to avoid the red. It was close to impossible; the color was spreading, staining the clear water a sickening shade.

I felt a rag-like thing brush my leg, gently playing at my feet.

"Funny, Jane!" I said loudly, for she was underwater and probably pranking me.

I saw her head pop up a few feet away from me.

"What is it?" she replied. I felt like gagging, crying, or both. A horrendous sight met my eyes and I felt my jaw drop. Everything was spinning; I was slipping into insanity, battling hysterics.

"Mark," I choke out, and she rushed to me, nearly knocking over her brother's dead body as she ran as fast as possible--in the water, anyway.

His dark, emo-like hair is dull and lacking in it's usual shine; he has nasty wounds covering his body; I could still see hints of green in his glassy eyes. I leaned over and retched, only adding to the mess on his body.

"It's horrid," Jane started to sob, her loud wailing doing nothing for my mood.

"I know," I said in a raspy tone, holding her up to keep her from fainting.

I can only imagine what had happened to Mark before we found him.

We should have never come to the pool.

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby cagney » Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:17 am

Both Jen and I had agreed that August was not our favorite month. Eleven o’clock at night and it was still a hundred degrees outside. It was too early to go home, besides it was just as hot there. The old homes in Georgia had yet to catch up to the 20th century as far as air-conditioning went, they still had the old bamboo ceiling fans; quaint but ineffective.

The high temperatures made us long to be anywhere but here; the Antarctic was sounding pretty good! We were walking we passed the swim club when Jen said; Listen Grace why don’t we hop the fence and go for a swim? Jen and I scaled the wire fence with ease.

The pool looked sooo inviting. Last one in is a rotten egg we shouted; Jen and I splashed down at the same time. Ahhh, the water felt good. Stop shouted Jen! Stop what Jen? Stop pushing me Grace. It’s not me, I’m across the pool, it’s not me. Then what is it, it’s dark and I can’t see. As I neared Jen something hit me; tree branch I thought. As I reached out to grab it and pull it towards us both Jen and I screamed, it wasn’t a branch at all, it was a human arm attached to a dead body; and the body belonged to Heather Maxwell the most popular girl in school.

We were not sure how much time had elapsed but Sheriff Watkins arrived quickly; neighbors must have called him. The Sheriff spotted Heather’s lifeless body right away and cuffed Jen and me. The coroner arrived while the Sheriff was grilling us as to what had happened, and what had we done to Heather.

Terrified, we stood there crying. The Sheriff wanted to know why we had murdered Heather, and why we were in the pool after hours. We had heard through the grapevine at school that Sheriff Watkins did not like teenagers or kids in general. All Jen and I could do was cry which only irritated the Sheriff. As he led us to the squad car the coroner pulled the Sheriff aside. Both men talked for a few minutes. Jen and I trembled in fear; we were being taken to jail and being charged with murder!

When the two men finished talking the Sheriff sauntered back to the squad car. He motioned for Jen and me to get out; he unlocked the handcuffs. It seems the Sheriff said that Heather had been dead for over an hour and since neighbors reported the two of us entering the pool only fifteen minutes ago, we were no longer suspects in Heather’s death. The coroner had said that it appeared that Heather did the same thing we did, she jumped the fence but Heather had apparently hit her head on the concrete then stumbled falling into the pool and drowning. Sheriff Watkins gave us a break and let us goes home but not before reading us the riot act.


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