Swim Club Scare - 8/11

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Re: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby zacksmilendespair » Sat May 14, 2011 6:09 pm

I hate rock, paper, scissors. That's why I'm climbing over a damn fence and listening to every word Tom is saying to me. "Just climb the damn fence" was all he was saying.
My hands hurt, and having to deal with Tom isn't fun either. I hear him from below, "Hurry up! I'm dying of old age down here."
"Screw you. If you think I'm doing horrible job then you climb up and open the gate."
"You lost. And that's the way the game of shoot is played."
Oh, I hate him sometimes. Tom is such a jerkass, but for now my adversary is the fence. About fifteen minutes I finally get my torso over the fence and as fate would have it my body shifted in weight while trying to get over the damn thing. Losing balance and saw that me and the earth were about to meet face to face.
I couldn't help the scream, "Ah, my goddamn face! Tom you stupid ass, why the hell did make me do this?!"
I could hear him laughing on the other side. "Whatever, man. Just open the gate." Thankfully fate was smiling at me. The gate was only a few steps from my infiltration and all was going according to plan.
When I open the gate Tom, instead of thanking me said, "You took way too long. It's like eleven and we've haven't even got wet yet, K." My name's Keith, but you couldn't pay Tom to call me something else. He led the way to the pool, and I was looking up at the full moon. Until this came out of his mouth. "K! Look! In the pool!"
"Huh?" That's when I saw Lazarus. The club owner and a friend of my father's older brother. He was floating face first in the pool, with a noose around his neck. I scream and yell, "What?! That's my boss from last summer!" Tom jumped in the pool, and pulled the body to the edge. I knew I had to help him even if I sort of hated Lazarus.
"I'll check his pulse you go inside and call an ambulance!" Tom sounded more freaked out than I thought he would. Once inside I grab the phone and dial 911.
"911, what's your emergency?"
"Somebody drowned."
She went on to ask me the apparent questions this type of emergency and told me that they were on their way I dashed back outside. Then it hit me, the noose. I was going to tell Tom about my suspicion, but I think he realized it to.
"K something isn't right."
"The noose around his neck."
"Seems someone moved the body."
We waited, and the ambulance arrived. Tom and I are told to go home. I whisper to Tom, "I'm going home, meet me after work. We've got to talk."
"Lazarus, what else?"
A noose around his neck and drowned in a pool. I didn't like the looks of this.

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Re: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby zacksmilendespair » Sat May 14, 2011 6:12 pm

Hey, could you guys tell me what you think? I'd really like it if you did.

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby Henry B » Mon May 16, 2011 8:51 am

It was a beautiful night. Me and Stephanie decided that tonight we will just walk and stroll around the neighborhood. I still wonder why someone so hot would want to spend time with me. We found ourselves at the pool house where I go to my AA meetings. Although we're not alowed in the pool this time of night we decide to go for a skinny dip. I can’t believe this is happening. Stephanie was out of her clothes in a flash and jumped in the pool already. I hurried and stumbled out of my pants, ripped off my shirt and jumped in a hurry. Wow, the water is cold. I hope there isn’t too much shrinkage. It was so dark, I can’t see poop unicorns and rainbows, I don’t know where she is.

I swim around feeling for her. Ah ha I got her leg. She doesn’t struggle has I keep hold of her and move up to caress her body. I know its cold in here but she is really fridgid and stiff. I move forward to kiss her, my eyes are closed but something is wrong. I open my eyes then all I can do is scream on the top of my lungs in horror. I can feel myself starting to sink. Water in my nose and throat as I choke. I flail my arms looking for the side of the pool. I feel like I’m drowning at the same time repulsed by what is in the pool with me. I find the edge and jump out grasping for air while slapping the water and the death that I feel on my body.

Stephanie sees me and jumps out of the pool in shock wondering what the hell is wrong with me. All I can do is scream and point. My words are inaudible; they have no apparent meaning just pure terror. I follow her face as she scans the pool to see what I’m pointing at and then she puts her hands to her mouth with a silent scream.

Floating naked in the pool face up is Abigail from the meeting, ice cold dead. Her body beginning to turn blue, lips purple. I can see her eyes ripped from the sockets still oozing puss and blood. As I look closer I can see words that were carved into her body. YOU WILL NEVER NEVER INTERUPT ME AGAIN I’m like “what the heck" and then I remembered that Abby stopped Josh from speaking at the end of the meeting just because it was 8 o’clock and he stormed out of the room in a fury. I can feel the hair on the back of my neck begin to rise. I turn, there is Josh standing there panting like a wild animal, beady little black eyes staring at me. All I can think is” why couldn’t we just go to the movies”.?

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby Chronic Daydreamer » Sun May 29, 2011 2:01 pm

They'd known something could go wrong, but they'd never have thought it would happen like this.

"We're just gonna get in trouble," Nerissa commented, surveying the peaceful night scene, though she and Zane appeared to be the only ones by the lake. "I mean, what if Vance catches us?" She shuddered at the thought of the counsellor's stern glare.

"Heh. I live for trouble. Why d'ya think I got sent to this camp?" Zane replied, grinning, as he stripped down to his swimming trunks. "And that guy's all bark and no bite."

"You say that," said Nerissa, her dark eyes glinting mischievously, "but wait until you see the dungeon he keeps unruly campers shackled up in!"

Zane chuckled, earning a little smile from Nerissa, who was pulling off her dress to reveal her swimclothes. Ever since she'd met Zane by the campfire, she'd loved to tease him with the crazy stories she always had at the ready.

"Oh Rissa, what am I going to do with you?" he said, shaking his head. "Now, ya ready? Let's go!" With that, he ran towards the lake and leapt in. Laughing, Nerissa followed. The moonlit water rippled around them.

"Well if that doesn't scare you," Nerissa continued once they'd resurfaced, "This will. See these woods? Who's to say they're not home to the ghosts of lost travellers? Or a pack of werewolves? And... isn't that a full moon?" She quickly turned around and made a howling noise. "Hear that? That's them!"

Zane splashed her. "You really are impossible."

"Hey! That does it!" she said, giggling, as she moved up closer in a flirtatious gesture and splashed him back. "And I bet you haven't heard what else lives here?" she whispered, thinking back on a story that wasn't a product of her overactive imagination, but a rumour she'd heard. "It travels around these lakes, searching for victims to drag down and feast on..."

She fell silent as something bobbed up next to her.

"Holy s**t..." Zane muttered, his smile vanishing.

It was a body. A half-eaten one, strips of flesh hanging from its sides like mincemeat. That once-severe gaze was now blank, directed at the night sky.

"Vance..." Nerissa gasped, drifting backwards. Something else caught her attention, causing her to gape.

Something was surfacing. A horse. A horse with bulrushes tangled into its mane.

"Th-The kelpie?" Nerissa stammered. "I-I thought it was just a rumo-" She stopped abruptly and stared, transfixed, as did Zane. All they could do was move forward, compelled by the magic it worked on them.

"No, no, no!" the girl yelled internally as she found herself and her friend climbing onto the horse's back. It was no good. They couldn't break away. They couldn't even scream. The corpse floated in front of them, a reminder of their fate.

Grabbing Vance's leg with its teeth, the kelpie plunged into the murky depths. By morning, there would be no trace of Vance, Zane or Nerissa.

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RE: Swim Club Scare - 8/11

Postby darnellreid3 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:20 pm

The water was cool it feel good after a hot day in the sun. Me and Cora was splashing each other, all of a sudden a body was floating on the water. At first Cora stop splashing me and I move in to give him a dunk when he told me to stop. "Look over there, there's a dead body." I swim over to the body and it was Kevin. He look badly beaten, and he wasn't breathing. Cora call over, then he got out of the pool and call the police. The police comes and they tape off the scene. Me and Cora is soak and wet. The people who own the house was yelling at the police that me and Cora broke into their house. And they should arrest them. The police was trying to find all the clues to why this young kid was dead in their pool. :(


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