Your Monster Returns - 6/16

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RE: Your Monster Returns - 6/16

Postby AlexisPaige246 » Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:59 am

Tomorrow, Lord, tomorrow. How the years have flown by. The phone rang and I eased off the couch and left the sanctuary of my dimly lit living room, instead finding myself in the fluorescent migraine inducing labyrinth we call a kitchen. It was my mother. No doubt to wish me a happy birthday airily, delve into aspects of my personal life that are best left untouched, and attempt to make celebration plans. I let it go to voicemail.

I rested my elbows on the linoleum counter top, rubbing my eyes. Thirty already. I loathed it.
“Ellen…” The raspy, moan of an utterance barely registered in my exhausted brain. I ignored it, and moved to massaging my temples.
“ELLEN.” This time my eyes snapped open. I could feel whoever it was standing behind me, hear their rattling breath. I was frozen, incapable of even breathing. My eyes scanned my tiny kitchen frantically for any sort of weapon within reach.

I turned slowly, my trembling hands gripping the counter for support. The being in front of me was something out of a horror movie. The wisps of hair on its head were tangled and knotted, falling past its narrow, hunched shoulders. It’s attire consisted of a tattered and dirty dress, flecks of blood and unmentionable gore splattered across it. Its skin was stretched over its bones in a state of decay, its eyeless sockets peered at me coldly. The woman, for that’s what the creature appeared to be, lifted her arm and gripped my shoulder. Long yellowed nails dug into my skin, and as she opened her mouth, sharp yellow teeth contrasted severely against the black shriveled tongue. She leaned in closer, her foul stench engulfing me, her face a few inches from mine. I opened my mouth to scream..

“You don’t remember me Ellen?” She said suddenly, a slight frown on her face. I took a gasp of air after realizing I hadn’t been breathing.
“Sorry I scared you darling! It’s just sort of my nature.” The pleasant British accent was almost calming. She released my shoulder with a smile and took a step back. Suddenly, it all came flooding back to me.
“You…you were under my bed. When I was little. You were just my imagination…” My mouth must have been hanging open, because the kindly zombie took the liberty of closing it for me.
“No, love. I’m quite real. I was back then too. But you see, parents just don’t want their kids believing. I’m out of work now a days.” She pulled a blood stained handkerchief from her gown and dabbed at her eye sockets.
“So I came to you! You need me the most, child. Thirty years old and you wonder why there’s no man in this place! It’s a dump.” She tutted, gesturing towards the clutter and unwashed dishes littering my kitchen.
“You want…to be my maid?” The grin on her face answered my stuttering inquirey.
“I can start right away, deary.”
What a birthday.

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RE: Your Monster Returns - 6/16

Postby Unwritten » Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:56 am

The monster under my bed has a message for me. Yours has one for you too.
Children always fear dark places. The cupboard under the stairs, the attic, the cellar, the gap beneath your bed. It’s only natural to be afraid of them. We believe that we’ve grown out of this fear. Laughing at our childishness. But in reality our fear has merely expanded. The reason we don’t fear those places is because they are no longer unknown. But as adults, our awareness of what is still unknown has grown. And the darkness no longer hides in small crevices. But stretches out before us in what we call our future. The dark unknown. The black abyss that we step blindly into. Pretending we’re planning, but really just holding onto faith.
The monster under my bed has a message for me. Yours has one for you too.
Their message is.
Don’t you miss me now?

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RE: Your Monster Returns - 6/16

Postby Unwritten » Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:56 am

The monster under my bed has a message for me. Yours has one for you too.
Children always fear dark places. The cupboard under the stairs, the attic, the cellar, the gap beneath your bed. It’s only natural to be afraid of them. We believe that we’ve grown out of this fear. Laughing at our childishness. But in reality our fear has merely expanded. The reason we don’t fear those places is because they are no longer unknown. But as adults, our awareness of what is still unknown has grown. And the darkness no longer hides in small crevices. But stretches out before us in what we call our future. The dark unknown. The black abyss that we step blindly into. Pretending we’re planning, but really just holding onto faith.
The monster under my bed has a message for me. Yours has one for you too.
Their message is.
Don’t you miss me now?

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Re: Your Monster Returns - 6/16

Postby jayjh » Mon Aug 10, 2009 7:51 pm

The noise split the air in my dark room, filled with a big flat screen tv, a laptop, and the hearts of hundereds of innocent victims that i had to prosecute to get them. For a second i just assumed it was my restless guilt of destroying my childhood dreams of being a hero, but no, the laugh that soon followed the noise told me that it was the monster, the beast with fangs and blood dripping from its mouth as it spoke.
"What do you want, I chocked out.? The beast laughed again and responded, " I already got what i want. I scared you enough to make you do exactly what i wanted you to do. You could never escape me. I am all around you. As i child, i was harmless to you. But now, i can finally eat you.
The beast arose out of the bed, bloody teeth forming a grin. The beast had 50 stars, followed with 13 stripes. The beast fattened me up for 36 years, and it had finally gotten me big enough to be consumed.

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RE: Your Monster Returns - 6/16

Postby Garidas » Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:02 am

NOTE: This went beyond the 500-word limit for me, but I felt inspired to write what I did in the spur of the moment. Enjoy!

Growing up in a humble single-wide, I always had a healthy relationship with the imaginary. Unlike a lot of kids I knew whose imaginations comprised of make-believe friends or monsters under the bed, my relationship involved silver saucers lighting up the ebony sky, dancing between stars and constellations as if it were a pilot writing calligraphy upon the roof of the world. I would watch for minutes on end, but to me, at such a young age, it seemed like much longer to me. After having a dance with the little spacemen in the sky, I spun around the dirt outside my front door like a dog circling for a place to rest. I would wave up to the sky, whisper my goodbyes and go inside for the night. Every time I heard this story from my mother, I began to believe I was different, that I too was like them - not of this world.

Several years later, it came close to the time where I was to have my thirtieth birthday. What in the hell have I accomplished with myself? I put aside the childish aspirations in my time in the service, become a technician out in the field rather than simpler pursuits of the time, such as a fireman or cook or professional wrestler. I had the love of my life living with me, much to the dismay of our parents, insisting we marry before making this plunge. But forget them. We were happy. I was happy. Right?

The night before my birthday, I needed to step out of the house for a bit, after nearly suffering a meltdown of sorts. Times were tough for us: I was recently laid off from my network admin position at a local law firm, my girlfriend announced she missed her period and could be pregnant, bills were piling more than we could handle, and my relationship with people as a whole seemed more like a Mexican standoff. I hadn't the faintest idea on what to do with my life; it was almost to the point where I would gladly pack my bags and run away to the furthest reaches of the galaxy in order to avoid my problems. Instead, I always took a moment to look up in the sky, see the stars, be tranquil with the wonders of space, something I could never aspire to do aside from the simple pleasures of looking up at the dancing stars and silver saucers. Wait.

I jumped to my feet and stared, just stared. The calligraphy in the night sky returned to me, toying with my childhood heart strings, remembering the times and simplicity of my youth. I wanted to be like them, up in the sky, carelessly darting from the Big Dipper to Ursa Major and onward to Draco and beyond. I wanted to not have a care in the world and be among my compatriots in the sky. And yet, they heard my desires and began to etch their message. I stared for as long as I could, blinking only out of necessity, anxiously waiting their wizened response to my heartfelt cries. And was all simple. In as much as I wanted to run away from my problems, they would never solve themselves. I needed to make a stand for what is right, what I believed in and persevere. And strangely, it was the spacemen in the sky that reminded me of this.

I turned back towards the house, dropped my cigarette and mashed what was left of the butt under my sole. I stood for a moment and smiled to myself, knowing now that this was what I needed, the encouragement needed to face my thirtieth birthday and the many birthdays beyond it. Before going inside the house, I looked up once more at the sky, etched the memory in my mind as my friends etched in the ceiling of the roof of the world. It said "GO HOME."

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Re: Your Monster Returns - 6/16

Postby Will R » Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:31 pm

I lit a cigar, and blew it. The sweetly sick scents of tobacco filled my nostrils. I glared into my room.

In the past, it had seemed a good place for a man to live. Pictures of rock stars and pretty girls had littered my walls, and toys found themselves caught between my piles of dirtied clothing. Back when I was four, you couldn’t have waded through my room with a machete.

I didn’t have a wife when I was four.

I marched through the darkness to my bed, and then fell into my bed with a thud. My face pressed into pillows, and the warming coolness took me. I glanced to the empty spot beside me, scowled, and then returned my head. Thirty tomorrow, huh? I guessed there were worse ages to be. Thirty probably felt a lot better than a hundred. Still, there were better ages to be, certainly. Life had definitely been better at four. Well, except for-

I heard the tap of footprints against my floor. Great. In a voice muffled by my pillow, I said, “Is it you Beth? I thought you were staying at that shrew’s house tonight.”

For a moment, there was no response. Then, “You know who it is, John.”

I sat up quickly, careful not to blow out my cigar. I took a deep breath of smoke, then blew it out. “So the monster under my bed is back to haunt me?”

A snort. “That’s a bit of an oversimplification, but yes, I suppose you could call me a ‘monster under the bed’. It’s been twenty five years John. How are you?”

“Twenty five years under a man’s bed, you’d think someone would know how he is,” I bit back. I felt the sag of someone else entering the bed. The beast pressed its back against my own.

“Yes, I suppose I should, shouldn’t I? You do tend to mumble in your sleep. The problem is, if I went by that I wouldn’t know if your life consists more of portions where you’re mumbling to yourself ‘Damn her. Damn her…’ or the portions where you’re moving about in a strangling motion. Perhaps you can clear that up?”

My only response was to glare at the wall. We sat in silence for minutes.

Finally, the beast spoke. “She cries, you know. Every night.”

I flinched at that, but said nothing. I felt him shifting against my back. His hand clasped my shoulder. I spun, anger flashing in my soul.

And then I stopped. My heart skipped a beat. My soul sank.

My wife’s face frowned out at me, a touch of a frown poisoning her features.

“Why do you look like my-.” The beast froze me with its soft, caring look. Its hand cupped my cheek.

“I’m your monster John. What do I look like?” Silence. The beast smiled sadly. It gave my forehead a sweet, soft kiss.

Then it was gone.

My cigar burned out on its own.

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Re: Your Monster Returns - 6/16

Postby Neets » Sun Sep 06, 2009 3:02 am

Will, great story! Nice twist, I didn't see it coming, and I like your writing style.

I wish I had the time to read all of these!

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RE: Your Monster Returns - 6/16

Postby missab5 » Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:22 pm

There was a monster in my attic and a demonic circus in my closet. But that’s another story. This story is about the monster under my bed. I always knew he was there. It was just that I could never see him. Mostly he remained hidden in the darkness. That is until 3 a.m. came and he was free to roam for a short time. If I happened to be awake I’d keep my eyes closed. The one night I catch a glimpse of him ends up being his last night under my bed.
He was standing in my doorway with a bright light behind him. All I could see was his outline. He seemed to fill the entryway. How did he fit under my bed? My minds eye created an image of him. Silvery white skin, black hair, and pale blue eyes. How strange that he’d be so handsome. Wasn’t he a monster? Perhaps it was just my childish imagination trying to put some pleasantness into this madness.
That night he talked to me. “I am not what you think I am. You no longer need me so close. Should you need me I’m only a thought away. Darkness surrounds you. Use it. On your 30th birthday I will come for you.” The door shut and he was gone.
As I got older I found I was doing as he told me to do. I embraced the monsters of my childhood. Every now and then I see him in my minds eye standing in that doorway. I find myself talking to him also. They’d probably lock me up if anyone knew.
I had a huge costume party planned for my 30th birthday. The night before I had a dream. I was a child again. Under my bed was a monster. This time he crawled out and onto my bed. His clawed hand closed on my throat.
“I’m coming for you.”
The alarm clock read 3:10 a.m. as I woke sharply. It was now 10/30, and I was officially 30. I drifted back into a heavy dreamless sleep.
That night the house was full of costumed people. At 10:30 the doorbell rang and I opened the door one last time. There he stood in all his beauty. He was just as I’d imagined him. Except he had horns and claws.
“You’re time is up.”
“Your parents made a deal to save your life. There time with you is up. I’ve come to claim you.” His clawed hand wrapped around my throat. He squeezed. Faintly I could hear screaming around us. All I could see were his pale blue eyes.

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RE: Your Monster Returns - 6/16

Postby Lt Dan » Sun Oct 18, 2009 9:33 am

The light touch crawling across Ben's foot startled him awake. Instinct fighting common sense his foot darted up and under the safety of his bed covers. Cursing under his breath he could feel the fire in his hip, already smoldering when he went to sleep, was now going to flare into a full blown arthritic bonfire. A quick glance at the end of the bed showed not a spider nor a disembodied hand not even the occasional cockroach that he saw scurrying about the retirement home on its nightly errands. No, the culprit that had sentenced him to a sleepless night of rubbing his joints was his window curtain and the warm August breeze pushing it out across his bed.

Knowing that he would not be going back to sleep, He leaned over and turned on the lamp with the hope of distracting the pain away for a while. Ben was startled again when the click of the lamp and a wash of light revealed what at first glance appeared to be an overly large cat. Ben's first thought was not why there was a cat in his room or how it managed to make its way into the nursing home-- Restful Acres had strict rules on pets, along with rules on anything else that might bring some kind of joy into its resident's final years-- no, what truly amazed him was that instead of being curled up on the floor as most cats are to be found, this one appeared to be standing on its hind legs, casually leaning against his dresser, and sporting a rather fancy plum velvet smoking jacket. Ben received the third shock of the night when the cat smiled up at him and said, "hello."

With that one hello, Ben's mind began to flood with childhood memories. Summers filled with fishing and fort building, stalking imaginary Indians with his friends through the dark woods behind his grandfather's farm. Riding the wake of these memories was the realization that he knew the creature standing before him. The joy of seeing his childhood friend here at the end of his life brought a sense of comfort and warmth he had not felt in years.

"Hello Minx," Ben said.

Walking over to the bed Minx pointed over to the bathroom door, its edges glowing with an inviting white light. "Its time Ben."

The pain in his hip forgotten he sprang from the bed and grasped minx's soft hand. The door swung open with the smell of cut grass and warm summers. And with the dreams of hundred pick up baseball games swimming in his head, Ben and Minx walked into the light.

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Re: Your Monster Returns - 6/16

Postby shadesofkin » Wed Nov 04, 2009 7:37 am

I looked around and sat down on the mattress of my bed.
Here I was, visiting, making myself at home in my new old room, she'd moved from that crappy house on Penn St. to this hill house that made our old place look like a trailer park nightmare.
She'd moved all my things, even arranged some of the ones that I'd put away, I guess that should have made me feel better, she was trying to remind me that she loved me in her own weird way.

“Darkest Void, boy, what have you been eating!.”
The gravelly voice from under my bed chided me, I sat down on the mattress and heard the 'oomph' from the creature. “You've gotten heavier” it said.

I grinned and nodded though I wasn't sure it could see me. “Yeah it happens when one turns thirty. Gain weight, lose some height, maybe develop a chronic pain or two, and of course come into your child hood bedroom and have a conversation with the thing that whispered in your ear for twenty years. How are you old friend?”

The bed lifted with me on it and sagged again, a gesture not unlike a shrug, before it spoke.
“Been well, your sister isn't like you, she doesn't even acknowledge my existence. Plus, she hardly eats in bed, I get no cookies anymore. What is up with that?”

I couldn't suppress the dark laughter and fell back on my bed, hearing his discomfort I stayed still, staring at the ceiling. “Don't you watch T.V.? C isn't for cookie anymore, kids aren't like me, especially not since mom stopped bein all whacked out.”

“Mmph” he snorted from the shadows. “Figures, well once your darling mother told her you'd be here I figured it was time to have this little chat. It's been far too long, and you haven't been doing as you're told. We both know that you're not happy living your 'normal' life, so why not get on with it, why go along with living like these little humans. You could be so much more...”

“True” I said, reaching over my bed frame to the old object on the dresser. “But I gotta say, there's a little thing you don't realize about me, friend.”

The creature poked itself from beneath the shadows of my bed to look at me as I leaned back over the edge of the mattress. “Whats that? You're special cause you got past the things I told you?”

I smiled wickedly and looked the thing in the eyes, it's darkness calling me in like a cave waiting to be explored. “No, not at all, in fact...”

I thrust the authentic Japanese blade I'd gotten for my 17th birthday down into it's skull, letting those eyes act like a bulls eye. The thing suddenly jerked still, silent for the first time in twenty years and I whispered “I embraced everything you said.”


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