You Can't Name Your Baby That! - 7/14

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Re: You Can't Name Your Baby That! - 7/14

Postby America101 » Sun Oct 11, 2009 2:41 pm

I just came from St. Joseph’s Hospital at the full moon light. My X-husband, Kyle, who had been killed at a car accident and was no longer with me and the beautiful little girl we have. My little girl was born at October 11, 2009 at 7:52pm. She had beautiful blue sky eyes, her smile made all of my crying go away, and the best part of her she won’t cry most often like other babies do. But I still didn’t give her a name. She was different than my other boy, John. I knew why I give him the name John because he looked like my Uncle John. He had green light grass eyes, he has the same personality as Uncle John and even has everything from him. John is 14 years old. He’s in his freshman. Not a nerd but more normal.

I was home. John was carrying the baby while I was with my sister, Jessica. She had brown silky smooth hair and gorgeous brownish-black eyes. We talked all about the new little girl in the family. Suddenly, something came up my mind. I told her, “Jessica I know what to call her.” She smiled. The room was quite. My family was thinking what was going to be her name. Jessica said, “Well what is it?” I came up with a smile. I said out loud, “Her name is going to be Mili.” My family’s reaction were like ‘what kind of name is that?’ Jessica said, “I like that name.” Then my ma said, “Why did you name it that?” I said “something in my mind or from someone up above told me that’s the perfect name.” Everyone smiled. Mili was sleeping. And I was happy.

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RE: You Can't Name Your Baby That! - 7/14/yes I can

Postby pencilandpaper » Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:46 am

"I'm so tired of your bullship. All your life...this is some stupid stuff."
That's my mom.

"Well, young lady. That's unique."
That's Uncle Henry.

"Chile. That's some messed up stuff. You trippin'"
That's my co-worker, Sherisse.

"Ahem. Well, what is his middle name? I want to be correct as possible."
Yep. That's Father Pete. Always careful.

"That's messed up. Or maybe I'm messed up. Where's the chips?"
Yeah. That's my younger brother Tico's reaction.

"I like it. I like it. It's a green-like, environmental namesake."
Tee-hee. My yoga partner, Star, really digs it.

"Honey. Don't let it bother you. He will grow into the name."
That's my husband, Manny. God bless him.

A pillar of strength, that man. Through the storm, no hurricane, of opinion. I can't believe the ugliness of family and friends on my naming by 9 pound baby boy, Burrito.

Burry. For short.

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RE: You Can't Name Your Baby That! - 7/14

Postby jillian7682 » Thu Jan 07, 2010 10:52 am

“Tell them.” I urged. I just couldn’t wait! I thought this name fit perfectly. We had prayed and wished for this little baby. Now we had a name to call him. It was actually real.
“We finally picked out a name.” Miguel told his parents. I was just sitting there waiting for some reaction other than a blank stare.
I had bought a baby book and began methodically scratching off names. If I didn’t feel a gut reaction to a name, I marked it from the list. A few days earlier I randomly flipped through the book, came to a page, and just pointed. It felt like fate. Mike was telling his parents how we picked our son’s name. They rose in slight anticipation.
I said, “It took me a couple days of practice before I got the pronunciation right.” It’s perfect because it’s Latin, too. We wanted an ethnic feel our baby’s name.
“It’s Desiderio” Miguel said, “It means one who is desired and hoped for.”
His parents’ reaction vibrated on a more positive note than my own. All my mom could say was, “Well, that’s unique.” It fits. It’s our son.
Now we get jokes from friends who want to call him Dorito, like the chip. At first I was offended. Miguel practiced that name in public and wore it as his own when introducing himself. He tried it on a couple of cougars at a local bank the other day. With his accent, they practically melted to the floor. Yeah, we picked the perfect name.

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RE: You Can't Name Your Baby That! - 7/14

Postby LillyAinigriv » Fri May 28, 2010 2:01 pm

After many discussions and numerous unsuccessful explorations of boring baby name books, we had finally agreed on a name for the little person growing in my belly, who until that point had become known simply as “the kicker”.

Looking back now, I cannot recall which one of us said it first but I remember what it sounded like on my husband’s lips. It was distinct and enticing, and I pictured what a man with that name would exude when he made an introduction. I adored the name as much as I had grown to adore the small kicker who would make it his own. It was right from the moment the name was out in the air, like a tangible claim on our first born, the name belonged to us.

Sometimes, while alone at home I would doodle the name with different spellings adjusting it phonetically or adding a silent vowel and either way it looked elegant; almost foreign. I was proud that we had thought of such a wonderful name for our baby; such a perfect name that would be the very definitive word of his being. We would get to say it all day long for the rest of our lives and each time we would be reminded of our creativity, our originality yet classic taste which is so evident in the name.

Seeing it written in its final form initiated my desire for birthing announcements so that all of our friends and family could see it before hearing it. I chose thick olive colored paper and golden print to enhance the presentation, and after all but the last one was sealed and mailed we made dinner plans with my parents and sister so we could see their reaction immediately after opening it.

I waited in anticipation as we nibbled on our appetizer, my sister sulking in her emo attire and my mother gossiping. Finally, I had to prompt them to open the envelope. My father was the first to see it, he passed the card to my mother and looked at each of us as though he were confused. He had obviously never heard the name before so it was possible that he didn’t know how to pronounce it. He and my mother exchanged glances and my sister snatched the card from her hand to see what the silence was all about. What ever she had been pouting about was no longer relevant because she laughed obnoxiously until her eyes watered and no sound came from her body; just a jerking silent laugh and wide eyes that quickly turned into something malicious.

My husband picked up the card from the table and checked the spelling, he clarified the pronunciation, but they just didn’t get it. The name was lost on them. They actually suggested nicknames to use in place of it! I was flabbergasted by this disappointment. It was just like them to not recognize refined taste, in anything, even in a name.

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Re: You Can't Name Your Baby That! - 7/14

Postby silentwriter3 » Tue Feb 15, 2011 4:31 pm

Finally after weeks of debate and many emotional fights about what we would name our baby before we went into delivery. I never thought we would come up with a name. But when we saw him, he wasn't what the name we had in mind. I looked over at my husband kind of hurt by the fact that the name wasn't good enough. My family and his family sat in the waiting room as I was giving birth and waited to hear if he was healthy. My husband went to talk to his family and mine. I looked at the doctor.
"Do you have a name?" He asked, looking over the chart at me.
"No, not yet." I said, smiling weakly. I just wanted to hold my baby. I looked at the door as my husband came back in with our families.
They looked at me smiling. I was tired and looking like crappy. They all hugged me as they came into the room. The doctor came out of the room letting the family have time with us.
"So do you have a name for him?" My mother asked. My husband looked at me and then to my mother.
"Sorta." He said, smiling.
"What is it?" His mother asked.
"Clayvin Owen Sweden." He said, smiling. Everyone looked at us and thought that we were weird. We had put the name Calvin and Clayton together to get the name.
"Well that's different. But he sure does look like a Clayvin. Congrats on the new baby, guys. He's adorable." his sister said. Smiling.


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