Making Your Bed - 6/30

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Katrina Rychling
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RE: Making Your Bed - 6/30

Postby Katrina Rychling » Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:09 pm

I am going to wash my sheets today after school Mom, so it seemed silly to make my bed just to take them off later.

jaus tail
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Re: Making Your Bed - 6/30

Postby jaus tail » Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:23 pm

i am having a bath when my door is banged,
you lousy david, why did u not make ur bed this sunday, come out right now
mments later
come out right now

hold on mom, i'll come out in 2 seconds,
i take soap n apply on my head, take some more time inside

mom bangs the door, i come out

whats up mom

why havent u made ur bed

i go near my bed
you mean this one

mom hunnn

i start music
nothings hapeing

mom switchess off music

no dont switch off ur ruining the dream turned reality


yes, i dreamt exactly this way, i wouldnt make the bed, go for a shower then daisy would come from the window n


oh yeah then after an hour she'd go, you'd bang the door, then i'd come out, play the misuc n u'll freak out call ur friends dance in the music n give me a 100$ to stay out for an evening

did daisy show up

virtually yes, i did visualize her

then play the music, take a 100$ virually n make ur bed, (she plays music)

she goes down the stairs, i increase the volume n when i take a sneak peek from my room i see my mom dancing to the music beats n making breakfast, she looks at me

you're grounded dont come out of the room in the afternoon

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RE: Making Your Bed - 6/30

Postby Burkeman1234 » Sun Sep 06, 2009 4:40 pm

“Jim why didn’t you make your bed” my mother bellowed from the kitchen “Breakfast is ready, get inside now before you miss the bus again.”
“My arms are broken.” I replied matter of factly
“We don’t have time for any foolishness this morning.” She yelled, getting angrier by the second.

Little did my mother know, my arms, and possibly my left leg were in fact broken. My older brother Mike had convinced me that with my bed sheet used as wings I could fly off the roof. After a few minutes of discussion I agreed that I would attempt this feat, I climbed out of my second story window and onto the roof. Once on the roof I steeled my nerve and jumped. With a running start, I swear I flew a good five or six feet through the air, before dropping like a rock. This is how I found myself in my present state, arms broken in the yard.
“No” I cried out “Mom my arms really are broken.”
“What” she questioned, now sounding scared.
As I lay in the yard now in a considerable amount of pain, Mike ran down the stairs, bursting into the kitchen he informed our mother of what had happened.
“Mom Jim jumped off the roof.” He yelled, “He’s in the back yard, I think he’s hurt.”
“Oh my god, Jim” she screamed. Together they charged out the back door and into the yard.

Upon finding me they scooped me up, laid me across the backseat of the family station wagon and rushed to the hospital. I was treated for too broken arms, a sprained left leg and various cuts and bruises. At home, both mike and I were scolded for the stunt we had pulled, but not seriously punished. That morning we learned a valuable lesson, that like pigs, twelve year-old boys do not fly. In addition my mother never hassled either of us about unmade beds.

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RE: Making Your Bed - 6/30

Postby codeman320 » Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:25 am

i wake up in the morning, toss the covers over me and sit on the edge wiping my eyes. minutes later im in the kitchen making breakfast when my mom notices the bed not made and she immediately looks at me in the kitchen as i pour fruity pebbles into the bowl.

"You gonna make your bed now or next year?" my mom asked.

as drowsy as i still was, i replied without thinking about the words, i say "well if i can get my bowl ready and the tv going for the next 60 years, i suppose itd be made when i'm dead."

my mom was out in town later on and i didn't feel like making the bed, but before she left, she told me that i wouldn't be able to go out tonight if i didn't make it. so i grab a tool box and head to my room.

nobody was home so i got out an electric saw and started making a hole the size of my bed into the wall. as soon as that was done, i pushed my bed out the hole and into the front yard.

later my mom came home and saw the bed out in the sun and asked in shock "What hell is your bed doing out here, i thought i told you to make it!"

I looked out at her through the hole and said "How can i make my bed out there in the heat, i could get heatstroke, don't you care about me at all?" So after that, i had to sleep outside in the cold night "Damn i knew that would never work" i said to myself.

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RE: Making Your Bed - 6/30

Postby bufdell » Thu Nov 12, 2009 1:26 am

I can hear my mum stomping across the landing and into my room, 'oh-no!'
'And what has happening to making your bed this morning, young lady?'
I was to think on my feet and as I stand at the bottom of the stairs, at safe distance I answer, 'Father Christmas said he'd do it as he comes through later!'

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RE: Making Your Bed - 6/30

Postby CamCam » Mon Nov 16, 2009 9:48 am

Hm? What’s that you say? I didn’t make my bed?
Well, it’s simple to explain.
In the middle of the night, these faeries came, and carried me away. I called to you for help, you know, but you probably thought is was play.
But that’s okay, I forgive you.
They took me to their lands, in the middle of a plain, and there I met a dragon, who said his name was Rain. He taught me of the ancient arts, the war between good and evil. He said I was the right person, to help with the upheaval.
You see, there was tyrant, who ruled over them all. And let me tell you, he sure was tall.
He swung his sword at me, you know, but I managed to evade. ‘Cause when it comes down to business, I’m not at all afraid! So he tried again, but I hit him first, then down he went, and no longer were they cursed!
The faeries cried out in glee, and I was their hero, but as much as I was glad, to stay here was a no-no. I missed you, you see, so the faeries I implored, and they brought me back, to my bed without a word! Straight after I leapt up, eager for you to see, that I am alive and well, so now it’s not a mystery.
I love you, Mom, and missed you so, but I’m back now, and no longer will I go!
I’ll be off to make my bed now…

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RE: Making Your Bed - 6/30

Postby andyouthoughticared » Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:32 pm

"Oh! I didn't see you there! Man, Mom, you scared the crud out of me. Ever think of becoming a secret agent with those silent feet of yours? No? Oh, sorry.

"The bed? Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! I totally forgot what with all the... well you don't need to worry yourself over it. Tell you? Well alright...

"Well you know about black holes right? Well wouldn't you believe it, I woke up this morning and went down for a box of cereal. ...Lucky Charms if you must know. Well I was eating it when I felt a pulling sensation. Ignoring it, I finished breakfast and went back upstairs to put my school clothes on. When I got up there I saw it.

"Well Mom, it turns out you nagging me to clean my room was justified! In the middle of my room inside a pile of dirty clothes, crumbs, and old barbies a black hole was forming!

"What did I do? Well, what any smart person would do! I took all the trash piling up in my room and dumped it on top of the black hole. Then, realizing I was late for the bus, I shoved the big pile under my bed!

"I was so worried about missing the bus I forgot all about making the bed. I'm sorry, I know I should have made the bed. By the way, Mom, did you get a new haircut? It looks fabulous, you know..."


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Re: Making Your Bed - 6/30

Postby kherbst » Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:40 am

-it was made, but it then it just didn't feel like home to me
-it has to match the rest of the room
-why should I get to make my bed when thousands of children around the world don't get that privilege
-You're suppressing my creative side
-How do you expect me to dream big and be original and yet conform to the standards set forth by society at the same time?
-I wanted you to feel appreciated for something
-I didn't want there to be conflict over who is the better child
-I'm just saving a step tonight so I can optimize my sleep time.

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Re: Making Your Bed - 6/30

Postby silverweed » Fri May 07, 2010 11:45 am

An angry hornet was perched on top of my covers. every time I tried to pull them straight it started zipping circle around my bed, and if I came any closer it flew straight at my face flashing it's long black stinger. I could have just killed it with a book, or crushed it under a broom but killing animals is a sin- and probably insects too. I went into the fridge and found the carton of orange juice, then I poured it into five small dixie cups and made a trail of them from my bed to the hallway, then I remembered I forgot to put the carton back. Once it was back on it's reserved shelf I went to my room to see if the bee had followed the cups out. I walked through the door-way and slapped my hand over my mouth. Dozen of hornets crawled across my floorboards and swarmed over the little cups of juice, they were crawling into my closet and Mr. Teddy's ears. I booked out of there as fast as I could---You say you didn't see any Cups on the floor and there wasn't any all?? Ok. I just forgot to make it.

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RE: Making Your Bed - 6/30

Postby loganatr » Wed Feb 16, 2011 1:20 pm

Mom, I know how it looks, but you have to hear me out. The cat ate my know-how. I know that doesn't make sense. I know you're going to think I've been spending too much time playing my Nintendo 64 and drinking Capri Sun and now my brain is fried; you might even say that my statement is inherently impossible, if not linguistically absurd. You might further posit that a purely animalistic entity can't literally eat an abstract concept; and that thus, I've failed to advance any point at all, I'm wasting you're time, I'm clearly lying, and I need to be grounded; but you're failing to approach my thesis on a deeper level.
When I say the cat- Mittens, the grey-and-white mongrel we've “known” and “loved” for seven years- has “eaten” my “know-how,” what I'm actually trying to impart to you is that we don't know anything at all about Mittens. Or the demonic beast who happens to be posing in feline form. Sh! Not too loud, I haven't seen it in several minutes so that probably means it's listening.
He? No, “it.” Trust me, I've discovered this after fifty years in the Purgatory of the Efficaceous.
No, I haven't gotten that from Final Fantasy, as far as I'm aware. I could've used some mithril armor, and demonic beasts that cast Hellfire, might've come in handy against Ednard the By-the-book.

Look, are we going to sit around all day and argue or are we going to get this cat euthenized?
Wow, okay, I've never seen you make that face. I feel like I'm back in Purgatory.
Haha okay, okay!! While I admit that I might have crossed a purely theoretical boundary-line, you have to understand that it's impossible for me to stop! I've lost my “know-how.”
Know-how? It's just, when something needs to be done, needs to be executed, and it just needs to just... happen... well... it's not always possible to do that. I've lost a certain aspect of my mojo.
I'm not talking to you about my mojo mom.

Anyway. I think we're done here.

Look, I'll just go to my room and summon a level nine Musical Headbanger, I have to do everything but that's okay because I care about this family. With any luck, the demonic sounds of Limp Bizkit will scare away the demon in Fluffy, I mean Mittens, and if there's a cat somwhere within one of the chief evils preying on all timeless concepts, then perhaps that will liberate him from it.
Yes, that's how I meant to say it, makes sense to you now? Anyway, I figure you might as well heat up some chicken nuggets for me, it's going to be a long and arduous battle, but... OH COME ON!
ARE YOU still FOCUSED ON THE bed!!? There's a demon at hand, mother. A demon. Not the lord of darkness, himself, but a demi-lord, certainly worse than Brian.
...Oh come on, Mom, it was just a dip! I'm eleven!!
I hate when you make jokes about my superhero underwear. Better get a new toothbrush, bitch.
Hahahaha just kiddidng! Just kidding! Just kidding, mom! Just kidding!


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