Haunted House - 5/12

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Re: Haunted House - 5/12

Postby bhakti108 » Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:25 pm

I feel sick I've sacrificed and worked so hard to buy this house and I feel totally creepy and scared to be in it. Life is such a strange journey I finally get to where I want to be and feel like I wish I could go back to where I was. Well the reality is I now have a mortgage to pay on this house and I can't live anywhere else. Maybe if there are other entities living in the house I could make friends with them. I could chant the holy names of God and purify them and we could live peacefully together. Just then and hear some strange noises coming from the basement in a panic I grab a knife and go downstairs and there in the basement I see a shadow I freeze and from behind the door my sister says I've was knocking on the front door and you didn't answer so I came around to get in thru the basement. Do you like your new house love?

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Re: Haunted House - 5/12

Postby TorleifJS » Thu Jul 31, 2014 9:18 pm

“Who would think you’d get a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on 6 acres for $40,000?” marveled a petite brown haired woman
“I know. It’s great. In the hills two. The great thing about these haunted houses is that they knock the prices way down because someone died in it. Thank you stupid Montana ghost believers.” said a large, brawny man
The house was 2 stories, with chipping paint. It was in a very rural area, with a view of a green plain below. When the couple arrived at the tall and thin door, the woman began to tense up and muttered “I’m not so sure about this.”
“Too late now, Sheryl, ya pussy. Open up you!” the man shoved the key in the keyhole but it wouldn’t go all the way in. He kicked the door of and then yelled. “STUPID DOOR!” to hear his voice reverberate through the whole house. Looking down at the wood chunks at the ground, he put his face in his hand saying “$40,500 now”
“It’s okay Steve, there isn’t anyone here for miles, nobody is going to come in.”
“That’s true”

“Ugh, I ate too much, Sheryl, honey, I’m going to bed.”
“All right dear.”
Steve made his way up the stairs, one of which broke under his feet as he walked on it, revealing the dark basement below. Steve retracted his foot before he fell over, saying between his teeth “I’m not that fat stupid floorboard.”
Arriving at his bedroom door, he realized somebody had written on the upper right corner “Leave Now”
Stupid teenagers thought Steve.
Opening the door, Steve heard a loud crack in the ceiling and screamed. His wife, yelling from the kitchen, replied “Who’s the pussy now? It’s just the house settling.”
The beginning of the night was silent but all of a sudden, there was a tapping on the wall behind his head. A constant tap, one per second. Steve woke up and said to himself “It’s just the house settling.” Then the tapping became a loud scraping noise. Now Steve began to be nervous. A breeze picked up outside, and then he heard his wife scream in the next room over.
“I’m coming honey!” Steve got up and ran out of his room. The scream turned to a laugh.
“Are you that stupid? It’s April Fools.”
“I hate you, now could you please get rid of that ugly bear?”
“What bear?”
“Oh no, I should have never kicked down the door!”
The bear looked up at Steve and started walking slowly up the stairs, not seeming agitated. Steve tried to talk in his most soothing voice possible, unsuccessfully due to his intense fear.
“Hi bud. No hard feelings… uh… Help!”
Steve stood still, hyperventilating as the bear ran up the stairs, only to get it’s legs caught in the missing floorboard. Steve and Sheryl could hear the bear’s legs crack and the bear howl in pain.
“See, nothing haunted about this place”
“Not quite”

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Re: Haunted House - 5/12

Postby dearowl » Sat Feb 21, 2015 6:22 pm

Haunted House
By Kendall Robinson
((Exactly 500 words! Huzzah :) ))

Mark promised he wouldn’t be long. We purchased the house in March, a massive Victorian relic. In his eyes it was a magnificent piece of history. In mine, an old building ready to be condemned.

I told myself, I didn’t have any say in which house to chose. It was Mark’s money after all and he worked so hard, he deserved to live somewhere he could relax and enjoy the space. But there was something about the house that perturbed me, something not quite right. It may have been the odd layout, or the old gaudy wallpaper. But what disturbed me the most was the sensation that someone was watching me.

Unfortunately since Mark was so busy at his firm I had to spend the first night in the new house alone. I didn’t moan or grumble but instead smiled and told him not to worry, that I would be fine.

But I wasn’t fine. The house upon entering seemed to know I was there and made the whole experience as uncomfortable as possible. The temperature fluctuated in a matter of seconds; the floorboards and walls creaked and groaned, and a loud howl from unrevealed windows were my constant companion throughout the night.

The furniture was worn and outdated. If I hadn’t had brought a book and a smart phone along there would have virtually been no form of entertainment. I wouldn’t have lasted an hour let alone the night if I hadn’t have brought my own form of distraction.

After dinner, some fried chicken and vegetables, I called Mark to let him know that I was all right and to check in on him.

“How is it out there, all settled in and cozy?” He asked warmly.
“As cozy as I can be without you here.” I answered.
“So miserable, huh?”
“Yeah, pretty much.”
“Well don’t get too down because I’ll be out there first thing tomorrow.”
“You promise.” There was a pleading tone in my voice that I didn’t expect.
“I promise, hang in there, alright. I love you.” He reassured me.
“I love you, too.”

After the phone call I settled in much easier, suddenly the floorboards and the wind didn’t bother me as much. I retired to one of the upstairs bedrooms, the one that was most habitable as the others gave off an eerie unwelcome attitude. The furniture will be the first thing to go, I thought. And then we’ll work on fixing up the place. Mark will want to keep some of the old furniture, which will be fine, just as long as we can bring this old house half way into the next century.

Suddenly the sounds began to grow louder, angrier. I looked around for a window but there was none. Frightened, I reached for my phone but it wasn’t there. Where had it gone? I kept it with me; there was no chance of me leaving it elsewhere.

Then all the doors slammed swiftly open and I knew.
I wasn’t alone.
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Re: Haunted House - 5/12

Postby Pareidolia- » Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:53 am

"Stupid, stupid, stupid." Tiffany whispered as she bumped her forehead with the heel of her hand. Her cheeks were streaked with tears and her whole body was shaking.
A thud sounded through the bedroom and she flinched. Her curling lips trembled and she let out another sob. Her hand immediately went up to meet her mouth with a soft smack. Her damp eyes went wide as she looked through the slit of the closet door. A faint bluish glow highlighted her skin, creating a thin rectangular strip of light, like a middle eastern veil was placed over her face.
"Come on, Tiffy. Don't you miss me?" a voice came from the bedroom. The voice was unmistakable.
She could see his waist to his knees, his fists clenching and unclenching.
He's dead. You're dead, she thought. Her chest rose and fell quickly as she pushed her back against the closet's farthest wall.
"You're not stupid. You wanted to see me again." he said. He paced the room slowly, looking under any furniture that could hide a small female. "You missed how I bent you to my will."
She bit her finger and tightly closed her eyes. Inside Tiffany, a volcano was building up to erupt. A volcano whose lava consisted of fear, hatred, and self-loathing. She could almost envision it with her mind. You should've left with the first sign of him in this wretched house. She told herself now.
The light began to dim and behind her eyelids she could see that. Tiffany opened her eyes and dropped her hand. Her body froze, every vein was hardened, like her blood was crystallized.
"Hi again, beautiful." He said, his eyes meeting hers through the slit of the door.
She let out a shuddering breath. "Please." a shrill version of her voice said. She hysterically thought how that sounded like another person and not herself.
He opened the barrier that separated them and looked down at her. He frowned with mock sympathy. "Please what? Please take me?"
"I-" The insides of her throat were sandpaper. "I - I saw you die."
"But.. dear." He looked up as if to ponder something. "Even if I am dead, I can still be with you. Don't you want that?" He creased his eyebrows and put a hand out to Tiffany to hold. "You remember how liberating it was..."
The voice of an angel she had thought when she first met him. The face of an angel. The inner workings of his mind like a hell spawn. The son of the devil, perhaps the devil himself.
"No." She whined and let out another sob as behind her eyes flashed the memories of the worst 5 years of her life. "I watched you die." She sucked in breath with a hissing sound. Hatred slashed her chest and squeezed her rips. "And it was liberating." Her voice darkened.
Something sparked in his eyes because he lunged forward and grabbed her forearm. She cried out as he pulled her out of the closet. Her knees scraped against the wooden floor as he dragged her to the middle of the room. She looked up at him and whimpered. "You'll be mine again." He breathed out as he lifted something that flashed silver.
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