Special Detective 03/14-03/20

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RE: Special Detective

Postby SovietPineCone » Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:21 am

On many TV programs, detectives have special abilities—such as psychic power, an awareness of details, etc.—that help them nab the bad guy. Write a short story featuring a special detective.

He is perfect crime fighting machine.
Yes commissioner, and I hold firm to my recommendation despite his obvious disadvantages. Yes I realize that… but he has been quick to supercede his superiors in the field and outwit his adversaries, with a strong sophisticated mind, and an untamed vigor for crime fighting.
If you really want your man… yes yes, he has gained an extensive service record since he was inducted. Tactful, calm, and has astounded judges all over the country.


There was a case in Los Angels California, one of his first in fact; his mere entrance into the courtroom was met by shock. After babbling unceasingly for two hours, the court ruled in his favor, this was despite his lack of experience, and the defense’s pressing of this issue. “He’s only a baby!” they screamed, but with that the judge stood and addressed audience; “He may be baby… but he’s the best damn baby I’ve ever seen.” He is young but that commissioner is where his power lies. This young man dares defy the criminal mind and at the same time understand it.

One instance of this peculiar gifting, was when we were tracking a serial killer in Indiana. The twisted man was kidnapping people, killing, and eating them. Like a shark he would play with the dead bodies. The young detective had no fear of entering the mind of such a villain. Slowly approaching a body, he placed a small matchbox car on the bloodied forearm of one of the mutilated bodies, and proceeded to slid it up and down the torso. He stayed there for nearly six hours.

Before his crime fighting days his ability of flight where noticed by teachers, who labeled him as odd and peculiar, but he would not let their judgments- sorry? Yes flight.

Reliable? Of course this information is reliable.

People say he isn’t reliable. Criminals say he only wins because he’s cute. He is far from cute, and closer to the battle hardened hero he is; two tours in Chicago prove that. This is the best exactor of justice in the world, nay, the universe! Never has he lost a case, never has he been wrong. Never- Hello?


I’m sorry super baby, it looks like this career track just isn’t going to work for you. Don’t worry we will find something…

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Re: Special Detective 03/14-03/20

Postby Trissa » Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:18 am

"Hey, watch where you're going!"

"Sorry, Imogene. Didn't know you were standing there."

"Come on, you know what those really cold spots are. Didn't you feel the change in temperature?"

"I wasn't thinking. Besides, it's really hot outside. You could have been a draft from the air-conditioner."

"Fine, fine. Let's get going. We're late. The Lieutenant is waiting for you to do your thing."

Lieutenant Spasky sat in an easy chair across from a distraught looking couple. They all looked at me with expectancy as I entered.

"These are the Wilsons, detective. They came home after a two week cruise only to discover they had been robbed."

"What was taken?" I asked.

Mr. Wilson leaned forward. "My wife's jewelry. Thousands of dollars in cocktail rings and an especially nice platinum bracelet."

Imogene chuckled. "Liar!" "Shut, up," I whispered.

"What was that?" My Lieutenant eyed me suspiciously.

"Nothing, sir. I just said 'what's up' as in 'what's up with that'. This is a nice neighborhood. I noticed a Neighborhood Watch sign at the end of the street. Funny that no one called in suspicious traffic while the Wilsons were gone." I walked around the room as if I was looking for clues. The Lieutenant rose to follow me.

"Nice save," Imogene laughed. "And you can tell your Lieutenant to save his shoe leather. This is an inside job."

"How so?"

"Head down the hall to the bathroom." I did as Imogene suggested. "Now go into the bathroom. Check out the soap."

I wandered as if thinking, then headed to the bathroom. Picking up the soap I noticed it was two bars plastered together. Imogene's voice became urgent. "Take out your pocket knife and pry it apart." I did and...voila. Stuck between the two bars of soap were two cocktail rings. I showed them to the Lieutenant.

"Well, I'll be," he gasped. "Guess we don't have a case of robbery but insurance fraud."

"Yes, sir. Must have been one expensive cruise and they needed the insurance to help pay for it."

Lieutenant Spasky put the soap into an evidence bag and headed back to the living room for a chat with the Wilsons.

Before leaving the bathroom myself, I looked into the mirror over the sink. Over my shoulder I saw the face of my 1920s "flapper girl" friend, Imogene.
My young ghost friend gave me a sly wink. "Another job well done, detective."

Lieutenant Spasky


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