Text from a Friend 1/13-1/19

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Re: Text from a Friend 1/13-1/19

Postby Pearl96 » Tue Mar 29, 2011 11:31 pm

I pushed my way through the jumping bodies, ignoring the glares I got for throwing people out of their rhythm. I wanted to yell back if they would rather be pushed or for me to pee on them, but the music was too loud for me to bother.

Finally escaping the thrum of the ground I made my way quickly to the toilet, relieved to find no line. Quickly slipping into a stall I finally released two super Slurpee’s worth of liquid. Quickly zipping up, I pushed open the stall and moved to the sink and washed my hands. As I was trying my hands, a vibration raced up my leg. Jumping and swearing, I pushed my hand into my jeans pocket and pulled out my mobile.
Leaning up against the grimy toilet wall, I opened my messages.

‘Ull never guess what just happened 2 me.’

Chuckling softly at my friend, Joan’s, dramatic tone, I considered going back outside to re-join the masses but my feet were hurting and I wouldn’t mind having a rest. Pressing reply, I sent Joan a text back.


I ignored the weird looks I was getting from the other women coming and going, but ignored them as I waited for my friend’s reply.

‘No! U have 2 guess. But ull never be able 2!’

I laughed loudly, making the teenage girl nearest to me to jump in surprise and splash water over her skirt. She glared heatedly at me and I shrugged an apology.

‘U realise that makes no sense, right?’

‘I may be a little tipsy. Guess!!’

‘Give me hints!’

“Tash, you OK?”

I looked up to find my friend Michelle standing above me, hands on hips and eyebrow cocked.

“Texting,” I replied, lifting my phone towards her face.

“I see that,” she replied, rolling her eyes fondly. “But we are at a concert and the tickets weren’t cheap.”

“I’ll be out in a second, I just have to figure out what Joan’s done this time,” I explained patiently, feeling my phone vibrate as I received a message.

“What’s she done this time?” Tash asked exasperatedly.

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” I replied, making shooing motions with my hands. “Leave me to my interrogation.”

“Fine, see you outside.”

Waving goodbye to her, I checked my messages.

‘It involves John, Mira and 2 much 2 drink.’

‘U finally had enough of Mira flaunting that John chose her over u and u gave in2 the urge 2 punch her.’

‘How did u guess?’


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