Worst Present 12/23-12/29

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RE: Worst Present 12/23-12/29

Postby BOGIE » Fri Jan 02, 2009 10:41 am

It was Christmas, about 7 years ago. My husband of then 6 years gave me a pair of cat slipers. Big, furry, cat faced slippers. I opened the package and took a look, and was speechless! All I could say was the generic, "Gee, cat slippers. Thanks." When he questioned me if I liked them, all I could say was "I don't even like cats!" It just blurted out of my mouth, and I felt bad, but it was the truth.

I also got a size 2XX green bahrobe that same year. I'm about a size 8 - but I couldn't bring myself to say anythig. Needless to say, I quietly returned them both. His heart was in the right place, but hey, cats????

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Re: Worst Present 12/23-12/29

Postby janicekatz » Sat Jan 03, 2009 7:50 pm

A ladie's group I belong to of women over 50 having fun, called the Red Hats, has a Christmas party dinner and gift exchange every year. Several years ago I and a friend hosted the party. We had people put gifts on the table as they arrived, which we then numbered. I knew that my friend had brought a lovely little set of appetizer plates, and I knew which package they were in and what number it was. We had people draw numbers from a hat then, and later they would pick up the present with the matching number. Instead of cheating and giving myself the number of my friend's present, I picked a number like everyone else.

I watched as everyone opened very nice presents. When my turn came, I was so upset when I opened this ugly little Christmas stocking holder. The person who brought it had mistakenly (so she said!) thought she was to bring a white elephant gift. I was going to put it in my next Goodwill bag, but I put it on the mantel for awhile anyway. I started to get attached to that poor little present that no one wanted, so I have kept it all these years. It has a permanent place of honor on my mantel.

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Re: Worst Present 12/23-12/29

Postby runnerjb » Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:46 am

I work for a delivery service and every Christmas I receive a number of unusual gifts from my customers. Over the years I've gotten dusty old liquor bottles whose seals were already broken, one-third of an angel food cake, and homemade cookies that nobody could identify or were brave enough to eat. But the one gift that will forever stand out as the worst gift I ever received was the matching hairbrush, comb and mirror set. It wasn't that the matching set was especially ugly, even if the decorative pink climbing roses on the handles were unattractive. No, what made the comb and brush set the worst possible gift I ever received was the fact that I'm a bald man! Talk about your useless gifts! Did they ever even look at me? Although my mouth hung open in stunned disbelief when I opened it, it never fails to make me laugh whenever I think of it.

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Re: Worst Present 12/23-12/29

Postby pegasus90 » Mon Jan 05, 2009 6:59 am

Absolutely the worst Christmas presents that anyone could receive are the ones they don't ask for. This has been my case every year for the last several years. Why bother asking me what I want and then getting me something completely off-the-wall? Last year from my mother when I was gifted with a cosmetics case filled with blush, lipstick, eyeshadow and nail polish that would never be used; it begged the question, do I need to wear makeup? This of course furthered my own self-esteem issues and feeling of being visually inadequate. This year I received from my now ex-boyfriend, pajamas that can only be described as "Granny jammies", after he ignored my multiple pleas for simple t-shirts. No I didn't break up with him over a Christmas present, but it certainly added to my reservations towards him. Better luck next year?

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Re: Worst Present 12/23-12/29

Postby gorskytl » Mon Jan 05, 2009 4:39 pm

This is my first post! (and first attempt at writing in a long time).

The Best Gift

1994 - THe Christmas of the Black Reebok Hi-Tops. These shoes had been in style for most of the school year with the junior high girls. No one is sure when theis shoe first appeared in the halls of Boardman Middle School. They certainly never graced the pages of YM or Seventeen. However, the shoe was trendy and all I had wanted since September was a pair of my very own Black Reebok Hi-Tops. I had already purchased shopped for my back-to-school clothes and new shoes for the school year so my mom refused to buy these. I suspect she thought they were so appallingly ugly and hoped the shoe would fall out of fashion soon. Yet, the item remained an object of my desire while I feared becoming the only girl in school without a pair up until Christmas. My dream came true on Christmas morning when I unwrapped a square royal blue box. I
jumped up screaming, hugged my parents, and rushed to try them on. Rarely did I show this much emotion and even rarer, this much excitement. I don't remember what else I received that Christmas day. I only remember the joy of finally being "cool" like the popular girls at school. These shoes would match everything (in my mind) and I wore them until the soles wore thin. Today, my mom and I laugh about my excitement over those shoes and how really ugly they were. But that Christmas, the wishes of a pimply, awkward, nerdy girl came true.

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RE: Worst Present 12/23-12/29

Postby RobGeo » Tue Jan 06, 2009 3:10 pm

With Christmas only weeks away, mom and dad would begin their seasonal rituals. Dad strung the outside lights like a sacrament followed by bringing home a real pine tree for the living room (which he complained about after the holidays because the dried needles dropped everywhere). Mom loved to spend hours in the malls buying practical items for everyone then planning and shopping for her special dinner menu. Together they made Christmas a time of love balanced with the message of Christmas.

Once dad passed on Christmas became less consequential. I tried hanging the lights outside but the same pizzazz and dignified flavour dad brought to it wasn’t there. The real Christmas tree was replaced with a recyclable one until it turned into a bother. And the delicious homemade dinner Christmas day became a restaurant’s bland meal.

For years and my mother’s sake I dragged myself to have supper at my sister’s home. We were allowed the day before Christmas because her condescending husband was expected to be with his family Christmas day.

It was no treat visiting the day before as we gracefully endured my brother-in-law’s malice and sister’s silent acquiescence of his behaviour. As for their trinket gifts purchased every year from the Dollar Store bargain bin for us, the necessary “Gee thanks” was grudgingly conjured up with a ‘Why bother’ look on our faces.

A few years ago my sister stopped inviting us for the day-before-Christmas rodeo. Mom remarked one day, “If she really wanted us she would call.” But my sister never telephoned again.

I tried to make up for the loss with dinner reservations that got cancelled and giving mom a gift card “ . . . to get whatever ya want” but it no longer mattered; her worsening health helped her forget Christmas. That was fine; she and dad went without lots of things most of their lives giving to us. And now mom was failing why expect her to give more.

Once mom passed away Christmas became less tantalizing because the worst gift now is the one that will never be received from those you loved and are no longer with us.

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RE: Worst Present 12/23-12/29

Postby TheProdigy2010 » Fri Jan 09, 2009 4:03 pm

Worst present ever, eh? Well, there is... one.
It was at my 16th birthday party and after my friend dragged me into opening my gifts, I was at this point on a role. I then picked up the wrapped gift from one of my closest friends. Well actually it was two gifts. It was one of them that had me over the edge. It was a DVD of "High School Musical 2".
So how is this discouraging you ask? Well, you see, here's the thing... I HATE the "High School Musical" series, period! To me, it's one of the most obnoxious and craziest musical series I have ever seen in my life! (That is why I didn't see the third one when it was released into theaters.)
At that point, after coming face-to-face with that title that I always want to wish away, I thanked my friend and moved on to the next gift.
Later on, I gave it back to him for two reason: (1) I didn't want it (obviously) and (2) he didn't even have his own copy of the movie. Well, as of this day, he now does and I am free from the burden of THAT musical.

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Re: Worst Present 12/23-12/29

Postby tcrof7t » Sat Jan 10, 2009 1:31 pm

Re: Worst Present

Again, and again we were reminded that naughty kids got lumps of coal from Santa. I did extra chores upon extra chores. Even tho I was still young enough to believe in Santa, I was good at cleaning house. The dishes sparkled, the laundry was folded just so, the bathroom cleaned, and the furniture was dusted! Surely Santa would see that I deserved a huge present. The biggest, best and latest toy. Dreaming, I planned to show off the present when I received it. Day after day I worked on being "Miss Goody Two Shoes" from the game 'Old Maid.'

At last it was Christmas Morning! Eagerly, I waited for everyone else to wake up. Finally, we could open presents! After being handed a strange shaped package, I carefully opened it. A lump of coal. Tears welled up in my eyes. Once again, I heard that I wasn't good enough to get a present. As usual, I put the coal in the fire place. I knew what Cinderella felt like, but there was hope. Maybe, some day I would meet my prince, and he would give me great Christmas presents.

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Re: Worst Present 12/23-12/29

Postby Mister Charlie » Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:47 am

I was working a two-bit book keeper's job where I had been fortunate enough to keep my mouth shut for more than 3 months without resorting to an self-righteous attitude and hurling profanities.

I really thought my boss was a good soul, one of those beings who occupy the upper eschelon of benevolent and competent leaders. He would allow me to have an hour for lunch, to take care of personal errands during the day, and even pay for my bar tab if we had some kind of after-hours company function where we were dining a client. All of this was good. My boss was also well known to give presents--expensive ones--to each employee when their birthdays rolled around. It wasn't too much out of expectations to get a watch or a three day vacation.

Yeah, well my birthday was rolling around during the Pet Rock fad at that time. The morning of my birthday I walked into the office, and there on my desk was a 6 in. by 4 in. box wrapped in a glossy red. In the presence of my fellow workers, I opened the present, only to find a rather large grey pebble. It wasn't even a pet rock--just some rock casually pick up somewhere.

I was not amused. I cursed. I condemned my boss to the deepest bowels of hell (luckily he wasn't around at that time). I placed the rock on the in basket on top of the papers waiting to be processed, and I went back to work, dealing with credits and debits. It could have been worse I mused. I could be out of a job with just a rock.

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RE: Worst Present 12/23-12/29

Postby storysparks1214 » Sun Jan 11, 2009 8:43 am

When I was ten years old and under, I would always sneak down to the Christmas Tree at 5:00 in the morning, to check out my "loot", as I affectionatly deemed that guarenteed heap of presents peeking out from under an abundance of flamboyant ornaments. The year I was six, my grandparents neglected to properly wrap that present I so loathed: a book, Cheaper by the Dozen.
Yet the conniving inner devil residing within that cute, chubby cheeked child saw that tag claiming that was my gft could be easily replaced with a fresh one...while that Make-Your-Own-Perfume extravaganza my sister would have recieved could be mine...
I stayed up until 11 o' clock that night making perfume.
My sister went to bed at 8 o' clock, after discarding Cheaper by the Dozen in the trash.


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