Unsettling Fast Food Conversation - 8/18

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Re: Unsettling Fast Food Conversation - 8/18

Postby shortstorygirl15 » Wed Aug 19, 2009 1:17 pm

"Yeah, I'll have a Number One, ketchup only, with small fries, and a strawberry shake." I sat in my car, the window down, and leaning out to give my order. I blasted the air conditioning, the music turned down so that it was now just a faint murmur of lyrics and base. I was on my way home for dinner, when I found myself suddenly craving a burger, so I swung through the drive-thru, and was currently waiting for the cashier to parrot back my order.
I waited for a full minute before I heard a pair of voices crackling through the speaker.
"Lisa," pleaded the voice of the adolescent cashier, "please! Let's talk this out."
"Talk what out?" came the hysterical voice of a young woman. "The fact that I caught you with that trashy Sharon? The fact that we haven't been on a date in three weeks? The fact that you have broken my heart?"
"Lisa, I told you already: there is nothing between me and Sharon! We're lab partners, we were just working on an assignment!"
"Yeah, right! What were you doing? Measuring the volume that closet I found you in?"
"That was an accident! She went to get a sweater, and I tripped and fell in!"
"Yeah, then you just fell on top of her, and your lips just fell on hers! What do you take me for!"
"Lisa, come on!"
"Don't tell me to come on, Brandon! It's over! I'm leaving!"
Lisa's voice disappeared, and there was silence.
I waited a minute before saying, "Just cancel that order," and driving off.

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Re: Unsettling Fast Food Conversation - 8/18

Postby Brett_M_B » Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:51 am

“”Double latte, milk on the side” is back again.”
“Dare me to do it?”
“I'll buy ya a six-pack if you do.”
“Do you think he'll notice?”
“Then he won't come back again.”
“Good point.”

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Re: Unsettling Fast Food Conversation - 8/18

Postby Amaboo » Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:10 am

I ordered my usual two double cheeseburgers with everything, pink lemonade and small fries. I waited for a repeat back. Dead air,
then suddenly a loud thud, then a conversation between two female co-workers.

"I can't believe it, fat butt fainted." one of them said.

"It was bound to happen some time. He was always coming to work out of breath. the other said, making a loud heaving, sort of panting
noise in ridicule of him.

I couldn't believe it. The guy who was taking my order had just passed out. I grabbed my cell phone out of my purse and dialed 911.

"Don't they know they shouldn't hire fat people here. It's like waving a huge t-bone steak in front of a pit bull."

"Aren't you going to call 911?"

"Why? He 's finally out of the way."

"We should give him CPR or something?"

"I'm not touching that fat thing."

"But, you're the only one who knows how. You took that CPR class at the Red Cross last summer."

"Just because I'm certified doesn't mean I have to save everybody. Especially not fat people. It's his own fault."

I was appalled by what I was hearing. I wanted to throttle her. The ambulance had finally arrived. I prayed that the man had survived.

"I'll finish the order that fat butt flaked on. Ma'am, you wanted two double cheeseburgers, pink lemonade and small fries? Um,
excuse me ma'am, but don't you think you should go on a diet?"

I said a few expletives to her and drove off.

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RE: Unsettling Fast Food Conversation - 8/18

Postby writingonmydime » Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:54 pm

"Oh my god! What do you step on??"

"Uh? Oh, oh!!!! Oh my gosh!!"

"That's the biggest one I've ever seen!"

"Ewwww, get it off, weeee, before it crawls up my leg!"

"Here, here, I got it."

"Yck. That's so disgusting..."

"Gross, gross, ewwwww, get it offffff!"

"I got it, I got it!"

"Is it still alive? It's still moving!"

"No, it's not. Look! Look!

"Uhhhhhh, yewoooowwww!"

"Stop jumping around!"

"Hold still!"

"Okay, okay, okay, I got it, I got it!!"

"kdlfskljfdjsjlfjdlsjfdjsj!!" (unintelligible)

Some rustling and moving about then.....

"Hey, did you get this guy, #1, already?"

"Oh, yeah, I think so."

Then a clearing of a voice and.....

"Sir, that will be 2.69, thank you."

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RE: Unsettling Fast Food Conversation - 8/18

Postby eyesus34 » Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:26 am

“Welcome to Zaxby’s would you like to try our chicken parmesan sandwich meal?”
“No thank you let me get the Blackened chicken salad, no croutons with Greek dressing on the side and a half sweet, half unsweet tea.” Silence. Marjean waits for a response. It’s not like a dropped call but the silence on the other end has her wondering if the worker got her order. Just as she is about to say something the speaker crackles to life.
:…when I fell at Krogers I got ten thousand dollars but I didn’t have to pay anything to the doctors.”
“I heard you take a grape and ‘slip’ on it”
“Yeah but you have to fall right or you’ll end up in the hospital”
“So how do you - -?”
“ Shhhh…that’s a blackened chicken salad and a sweet tea?” Marjean sat stunned. How dare these women plan how to slip and fall at an establishment just to collect a payday. She may not be a business owner but she wouldn’t mind being one someday and the idea of people out there plotting to get over this way was unsettling to say the least. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to own a business what with the economy the way it was and now these people trying to swindle you out of a few more bucks. Marjean suddenly lost her appetite.
“Never mind” Marjean said as she cut her wheel to the side and pulled out of line for her food.

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RE: Unsettling Fast Food Conversation - 8/18

Postby Conga J. » Fri Aug 21, 2009 12:52 pm

This is the first short story I have ever written and would love some constructive criticism. Thanx

“May I take your order?” I hear Christy say. As I place my order I modify my voice so as not to be recognized. “I would like a blah blah, and a blah blah, and I’ll have a blah to drink please.” Hee hee hee. It’s what I always got but she would never notice because it was such a common order.
We both started working here at the same time. She was also in one of my classes at school last year as a junior. Christy and I have been going steady for a month now. So today, I’m surprising her with flowers and candy. Then when she gets out in a half an hour I’m going to take her to a real restaurant followed by a play at the local Theatre House. She said she always wanted to go.
As Beautiful a girl as I have ever seen in person, Christy was a dream come true. Senior year and I was dating the prettiest girl in town. With a smile that could be an antidote for depression, and a laugh that bounced off the air like bubbles on a windy day, I thought for sure she was it, the one.
Why she was with an out of shape, clumsy oaf who was in the computer club and on the debate team? I wasn’t sure. But I also wasn’t going to push the matter. I’ll take it. One shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth should one? I think not.
“Hhmmm!” I thought “she didn’t repeat my order.” Turning down the radio to hear better, I notice voices in a hushed tone coming over the speaker.
“So are you still messing with that Tyler kid?”
Oooohh they were talking about me.
“Yeah,” Christy said very unenthusiastically. “Can you believe I have to stoop that low?”
What on earth was she saying?
“I can’t believe you did it in the first place.”
“It’s the only way I’ll pass Advanced Algebra AND Chemistry this semester so it will be worth it. Just barely worth it though.”
Hearing that, I drive up to the window and yell “Hey Christy!” through the glass. Startled she looks over at me and says “Oh! Hey Ty, I didn’t recognize your voice. Want to do some homework later?
“Sorry I cant. I just stopped by to give you these flowers”, I handed her the bouquet, “I can’t see you any more.”
“What!” her voice got a little shaky “What do you mean?”
“Well, I mean that you are too fake and your intelligence is lacking by several degrees. Good luck with that. See ya Monday in Chem. Lab.

The Chocolates made great comfort food. Next!

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Re: Unsettling Fast Food Conversation - 8/18

Postby Bleumonk » Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:57 am

It was 3 AM and I was finally heading home from work. I let out a deep sigh as I pulled out of the barren parking lot, relieved that another day of office drudgery was behind me. I hated how late my job ran, but at least I could look forward to visiting my favorite fast food restaurant that, fortunately, stayed open at such a late hour.

I pulled up to the empty drive-thru and shouted an order of my favorite meal: The Gutbuster. It was a behemoth burger consisting of several meat patties and a variety of cheeses fried together on a bun. My wife always called it “death on a bun”, hoping health threats would deter me, but I think the phrase made me want to eat it more.

The slightly rusting speaker, however, did not respond back, and I could hear faint crackling in the background. That wasn't very unusual at this time of night because most of the employees went home in the evening and the only people inside were the two restaurant owners, being able to handle the meager number of customers that visited at this hour by themselves. Sometimes it took a few seconds for one of them to notice someone at the drive-thru, so I patiently waited while getting the money for my meal ready.

The rustling got louder before I finally heard a male voice buzz from the speaker.

“Allan, another crate of meat is ready to be picked up from Shady Meadows. You should get it tonight so we don't have to worry about running out tomorrow.”

Shady Meadows? The two words tugged at my memory as if I had heard them before but I couldn't quite remember. I assumed it was the name of a butcher shop and tried to ignore the nagging sensation.

“I always get the meat, you make me do everything. Why don't you ever get it?” Allan grunted. “Besides, I'm still uncomfortable about this whole thing. I don't even think it's legal.”

“Of course it's legal,” The other man countered. ”The government even encourages it. What we're doing is benefiting society, our food can be sold cheaply, and if we didn't use this meat, it'd just take up valuable land. It's a boon to this overcrowded country.”

“Yeah, but Joe, most people aren't aware of what we do. Don't they have a right to know what they're eating?”

“It's fine, Al, just go to Shady Meadows. About half of the restaurants in this city use this method and it's getting more popular all the time.”

A few seconds later, Allan left the building and drove away in a car. Soon after Allan left, Joe's voice came over the speaker and asked me to place my order, apologizing for any waiting I had done. Still disoriented, I quickly placed my order again and only had to wait a minute for my food to be prepared and handed to me. I paid the bill and headed in the direction of my house.

I was starving and too eager to wait until I was at home to eat so I started eating the burger in the car. As I passed the ordinary buildings that I had seen hundreds of times in my years of taking this route, a glint in the moonlight caught my eye.

Holding the remaining half of my burger, I saw an old sign with large, silver letters that read:


I haven't eaten any fast food since then, much to the delight of my wife. I haven't found the words or courage to tell her how true her “death on a bun” statement was.

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RE: Unsettling Fast Food Conversation - 8/18

Postby LoReina » Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:03 pm

"You better not go back over there." a young lady protested, "I don't care if he wasn't married, he's too old for you."

"Yea, I know," the other girl answered. "But, Mr. Patton..."

"I'll have a large fry, a medium Sprite and a chili burger with cheese." I interrupted; I doubted that the two knew they were broadcasting live and in living color.

"Would you like to try one of our new dessert shakes?" The voice, filled with youth, glee, and familiarity clamored for a response. I thought about how good a thick Oreo shake would taste going into my belly; but it was already after 8 p.m., and I knew having dessert wouldn't do the forty-five minutes I had just spent working out any justice.

"No, that's it."

"Okay, your total is $7.64 at the first window."

"Thank you." I replied. Why am I thanking them? They're the ones giving me an earful of the secret life of the American fast food worker.

"So, do you think his wife knows?" The first twit continued through the speaker.

"No, of course not," the other twit answered. "She's not that smart."

"She's gonna put two-and-two together and find out that you're sleeping with her husband."

the second attendant giggled and said, "trust me, you don't call what we do 'sleeping'."

I cleared my throat and hoped they'd hear me through the two-way exchange and shut up.

"Young people have no tact!" I said, aggrevated, while I searched for sixty-four cents in my car's console.

The workers' conversation continued:

"Besides, her daughter and I are best friends." She says devilishly, "It's the perfect cover. So how could she ever find out?"

Surely, this had gone far enough. Once I pulled up to the first window, I was prepared to cut-off those little dummies' conversation with my well thought out speech on decorum.

"Young lady, I heard your whole conversation." I said. The cashier jerked at the sound of my voice and her side profile turned into a full frontal view. Oh, ship!

"Uh, that'll be seven..." the cashier, Gwen, paused as her eyes made contact with mine; her jaw widened and dropped nearly down to her knees, "Mrs. Patton?"

The awkward pause between the three of us left little to be imagined about what I was going to do next. She abruptly shut the window nearly catching my wrist between the panes which I tried to pull her through by her soft, caramel blonde hair. Her face was well warmed from the slap that I did get in, and that, that was payment enough.

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RE: Unsettling Fast Food Conversation - 8/18

Postby sjshark » Sat Aug 22, 2009 4:41 pm

I don't usually come here for lunch but I'm in a hurry and ever since Dateline investigated this place there's hardly ever a line at the drive-thru. It's not like they really found anything. People are so picky.
"Welcome to Greasy Chuckle's Bottomless Taste Factory."
I enjoy delicious tastes. The more bottomless, the better. "Yes, I will have the Chuckle's Chicken Knuckles and a large milk."
"Right on."
"How much is that?"
There's a long silence. I assume it's just because maths is so tricky. Still, I have a lot of important eating to do so I decide to just leave it and hope the sticky coins I have in between my seats is enough. As I'm about to pull up, there's a quick screeching sound and then the box starts talking again.
"What's your favorite thing about it?"
"It's dirt cheap and, frankly, delicious."
"I like that you can actually taste how endangered it is. You don't get that with chicken!"
"Yep, nothing beats high quality, extra tender, super illegal meat from--"
Sorry, I couldn't stay for the end of that. I had to pull up to the next window before he said something gross. I'm so hungry and I have to be back at work in ten minutes so I don't have time to go somewhere else. Well, ignorance is bliss. Tasty, tasty bliss.

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RE: Unsettling Fast Food Conversation - 8/18

Postby El Sid » Sat Aug 22, 2009 8:56 pm

There’s no where else I want to go when my gut is playing the staccato grumbles. I roll up to the St. Gibert’s Drive Thru on the main drag, not so far from my place. Of course, St. Gibert’s is only the walk-in, dine-in name, the name reserved for those special folks who dress up in their best pair of jeans and nicest shirt from Wal-Mart. But that’s not me. I’m drive-thru all the way. You drive thru, you’re St. Gib’s.

Doesn’t matter to me. I’m hungry. Got the jonesin goin on. Gotta eat, pronto. Stat, as some might say.
The guy in the blue Pontiac pulls forward, heading for that all important window, the happy window, the prize window, the one where the deal goes down—here’s my twenty bucks. Ya got my stuff?

But then I don’t seem to notice that blue Pontiac anymore. See, someone’s gone and forgot to turn their headset off. Someone wasn’t so careful with their equipment. Someone missed mike training one-oh-one.
“The **** you mean he’s not dead?” crackled over the speaker, sounding more like an out of tune TV than a real human being. “How much did I pay you Harry? Huh? I thought we had this covered? ****!”

“Sorry man.” Different voice, same idea. Crackly, out of tune. Hissing like a fourth of July firework gone wrong. It’s not wrong though. No, I’m hearing exactly what I’m not supposed to. “I took the shot, I did. ****er rolled over. Don’t worry about it. I got it. Tomorrow, I’ll try again.”

”You ****in nuts? Seriously? You wanna try that poop unicorns and rainbows again? ****in cops are prolly there right now.”

I’m not the brightest bulb in the box but I’m not entirely stupid either. By now, my heart is jack-hammering, doing its level best, it seems, to execute some daring escape from between my ribs and I’m praying whoever that is over the open channel can’t hear me idling there. If there’s anyone who thinks I so much as let out an S.B.D, they’re out of their goddam minds.

“Can’t be that hard. I’ll **** em up for ya. No problemo.”

No problemo. Who says that anymore?

My cell phone is in my lap. My nice new Samsung cell-phone—just bought it last week. It’s got a touch screen and everything. 911 is just a quick dial away. For some reason though, my fingers won’t respond to my brain’s command; I’m suddenly the human version of the HMS Bounty: my brain is Captain William Bligh; my fingers, Fletcher ****in Christian.

Blue Pontiac has finally pulled out, driven away and that seems like an a-prime, number one, you-go-get-em idea to me. See, I've got a wife and two kids. I don't think it's the best thing in the world for me to get involved in this poop unicorns and rainbows.

I think I’ll try McDonalds tonight.


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