Diet Journal 6/3-69

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Re: Diet Journal 6/3-69

Postby weavinwords » Wed Jul 02, 2008 11:26 pm

You're trying to lose weight and decide to keep a weekly diet journal. Write four short journal entries that show your progress (or lack thereof) over the span of your first month.

The Battle of the Bulge

July, 2008
Week 1

The Water Diet: Consists of 32 glasses of water a day and a very fast pair of roller skates.
I chained my refrigerator door shut, taped pictures of gorgeous women on the door
(and on the cookie jar)
and counted to ten before I ate and chewed each mouthful of chocolate chip cookies 100 times.

Week 2

Hate excercise but better get with it. Maybe that’ll help.
But aerobics shmarobics! Why in the world would a woman older than dirt – after a sedentary, but happy, lifestyle –
ever want to run like a rabbit, jump up and down like a pogo stick, bend and stretch like a rubber band and inhale, exhale, till she gets the bends? Beats me.
All right, so my blood only travels at 40 miles per hour, so what? I'm not going anywhere.

Week 3

I haven’t had this much excercise since I saw a mouse in my kitchen!
I feel good good though, I know I dropped some pounds, in fact, I felt so good I went out and bought a new pair of slacks in my ‘before fat’ size 10. They fit perfectly….but only on one leg.
Then I began to notice other things.

1. I couldn’t fill the tub as high as I used to.
2. When I traveled by plane they always put me in the middle.
3. An ant crawled across my body while I was sleeping and dropped dead from sheer exhaustion.

Week 4

I tried, I really tried. It’s not for me but don’t mistake me I'm not knocking it. Anything that makes you feel better is worth a shot- and to you who prefer to spend your remaining days in perpetual motion- good health to you!
As for me, I'd much rather burn off my calories sitting in my favorite chair with a good cup of coffee, a good book, and an occasional Twinkie.

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RE: Diet Journal 6/3-69

Postby arunner » Sat Jul 05, 2008 8:33 am

I had not seen my naked self in a full length mirror for almost a year. One can only imagine the horror of catching this new sight in a huge master bath mirror, complete with thousands of watts of light, right before she is about to have a tryst with an old boyfriend she hasn’t seen in over six months. His comment when he bust into the bathroom to find out if I had drowned in the loo…what happened? What happened indeed besides the truth of hitting thirty and no longer being able to subsist off fast food and whole frozen pizzas every night! So, now I’m resolve to get rid of all the excess. It won’t be a painful, though, I will be living off two of my favorite things—coffee and alcohol, my own version of a liquid diet.

Week 1: My morning routine consists of a visit to the local coffee house and ordering the largest size they have of a red eye—espresso and coffee, heaven mixed up complete with 5 packets of Splenda. Afternoons are a healthy dose of calcium and caffeine as I order a Venti soy latte (I think there is calcium fortification in soy?) and a sugar free flavored shot-as not to get bored with my routine I’ve learned to mix it up and chose a different flavor every day. The baristas at Starbucks are amused by Friday . Evening, I get my dose of vegetables and fruit by having a tall bloody mary complete with extra celery and olives and a glass of pinot or cabernet. I finish the night with a bit of desert—a shot of Frangelica and a decaf coffee.

Week 2: Ah ha! I still don’t own a full length mirror but I can tell things are happening because my pants are fitting a bit like days of old. The local coffee place has started a tab for me since I’m always running late and I forever am without cash—they don’t care for debit cards. Starbuck baristas have decided that they would like to amuse me a bit more by letting them decide the sugar free latte choice of the day—one is very clever and mixes the sugar frees—he gets the biggest tip! I think I have an admirer at the hotel bar I’ve frequented for my liquid dinner.

Week 3: My skin is beginning to show the effects of this effective diet—my pallor is a tidge grey and skin a bit crepe. I’m a bit shaky and without a lot of energy. No one even asks for my order any more, they just great me by name and hand over my beverage. On the other hand, it is a bit like cheers at the hotel bar—it seems there are quite a few of us on a liquid dinner diets. One saddled up to me at the end of last week and I had to tell him that as part of AA, I was not to date. The man didn’t even blink, makes me wonder if he put it all together as I sipped from my wine glass?

Week 4: Coworkers are expressing concern. They have noticed I’m lethargic, looking pale and losing weight. One commented that I seem to wobble, not walk. I tell them I’ve got an ear infection. Not sure if I can continue much longer—I hear my liver moan. Besides, my drink debt is weighing me down!

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RE: Diet Journal 6/3-69

Postby delsotrom » Sun Jul 13, 2008 4:51 pm

June 20, 2008
This is it! This time I’m going to do it. I’m already off to an astonishing start. I have been to the gym everyday this week. I’ve had this gym membership since February. I actually went to the gym more in this one week than in the whole five months I’ve been paying them. Last Friday I weight 173 pounds. Today my scale said 171. Two freaking pounds! I hope that I don’t blow it. 18 lbs. to go!

June 27, 2008 – 168 lbs. (3 freaking pounds!)
Cardio, Cardio, Cardio! My gym has a Cardio Theatre, which is It is exactly how it sounds, a theatre. Except instead of stadium seating, screaming kids, and sticky floors there are treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers and some other machine that I can only describe as a heavy duty, high tech contraption like the one that pony tale guy Tony Little hocks in his infomercial. The best part is that there is always a movie playing. It is so easy to just zone out to a movie while your legs are pushing, feet are pounding, knees grinding, and your whole body is oozing in sweat. What is awesome is that it is so dark in there that I feel like nobody can see me, which is absurd because I can totally see them. I can tell who is fit and who isn’t. I guess what we can’t see is the expression on each others faces when were sizing each other up. Oh, it is totally true about how endorphins make you happy. As I’m pedaling my little heart out on the bike I’m also laughing hysterically at a movie that I had seen once before and deemed disappointing and stupid. While high from exercise I am laughing my ass off. As my lungs expand and my heart races the sweat and muscle strain is somehow cleansing? Strange, I’d like to think that I’m above fads and crazes, but I have to say this exercise stuff makes me feel pretty good.

July 4, 2008 – 171 lbs. (3 freaking pounds!)
I totally blew it this week. I got cocky and sabotaged my weight loss. I ate out, I drank beer, and I skipped the gym twice this week. I totally suck and want nothing more than to drink away my misery. Might as well get it out of my system this 4th of July weekend, because come Monday it’s on!

July 11, 2008 – 170 lbs.
Well I guess 1 pound is better than nothing. I went to the gym 4 times this week and I started sitting in the sauna for ten minutes after my workout. It makes my muscles feel better, not so tight. The scale is pissing me off! It isn’t showing a significant weight loss, but I can feel the difference. My clothes are fitting better and my legs and butt look damn good! Even my arms appear a little less flabby. I’m not going to give up!

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RE: Diet Journal 6/3-69

Postby LadyCupid » Tue Jul 15, 2008 2:56 pm

Entry 1--
It been one week since I began my diet and I must say I'm doing very well. Salad truly is my calling. All the lettuce and tomatoes, I wonder why I never ate more of them before? I have more energy which leads me to turning off the tv and finally taking Fido out for a jog he more than deserves.

Entry 2--
I can feel all the toxins evaporating from my body, leaving me feeling cleaner and healthier. Fido couldn't be happier, with all my extra energy he seems to be reliving his puppyhood. Cooking has never been easier. Just sllice and dice a few carrots and celery stick and WHAM! You've got lunch!

Entry 3--
Still great... yeah. Healthy food has led me to exploring more parts of my life. Seeing as greens were nothing I ever ate before I decided to start something I've never thought of doing before. SKYDIVING!!! Yeah, I'm so healthy I'm jumping out of airplanes (while there in flight!).

Entry 4--
Mom, Dad, I know you've been reading this and I have to say I LIED!! Stop feeding me that crap! I swear the guy at the Panda Express aready knows my name! I was hoping the skydiving bit would dissuade you but you where happy!? What the hell is wrong with you guys? Health food is disgusting! Theres no way anyone in their right mind would be able to live through that diet. I love chocolate and I have a secret stash in my sock drawer! Just take it all and leave me alone!!!!

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RE: Diet Journal 6/3-69

Postby pencilandpaper » Tue Aug 05, 2008 1:48 pm

Dear Journal,

I am not a little girl anymore. So, tell the tooth fairy to park it! I am not a teen ager. So, tell Johnny Depp, I am soooo over him. I am not a supermodel. So, tell Kate Moss, I am going to eat like it's 1999. Sorry, Prince.

Day One:
I'm going with Dr. Phil on this one. Write it down, make a food journal. Well, how's it working for me? It ain't. My goal is to shake 50 pounds by December 25, 2008. My start date was January 1, 2008. My end date was January 2, 2008. I tried to shake off the left over fruitcake. Hey, my Aunt Tessie's fruitcake has---fruit in it. On January 3, I called my support group leader--Captain Dee. She's a lifesaver...umm tastes pretty good. Back on track, girl. She provided me with some words of wisdom. She told me to set small goals. Not bad. Gonna try that.

Day Two:
I'm going with Dr. Phil on this one, again. Write it down, make a food journal. Well, it is May 2008. Yeah. I know. It's been awhile. But, I did fit into that one piece, orange and blue swimsuit with the high thigh cut. Mark and I drove to Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head for the summer. I looked pretty, darn awesome. My husband thought so. And, so did the cute guy at the oyster shack. And, the twentysomething at the ATM winked at me. Maybe, I can get some action--not that kind. Called Captain Dee. She maintains: "Set small goals."

Day Three:
I am not going with Dr. Phil on this one. It's July 30--my birthday, dammit. My mantra is from that Leslie Gore classic hit, "It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To". I cried. Truth be told, I got off my diet. I started slipping Little Debbie cakes into my lunch bag. The Fun Yuns were an after dinner treat. And the Coca-Colas, well, it is pretty hot where I live. Plus, I can get a 12-pack for a discount. All this, after I returned from Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head. My husband started chirping: "Your butt's jingling and it's not Christmas." Called Captain Dee. No response. Texted Captain Dee. No words on my LCD screen. I spiraled out of control. I used my bonus check to put a down payment on the local All-You-Can-Eat bar. Teena, the waitress, knows me by the plates stacked on my table. I'm a regular. A regular with benefits--the dessert bar.

Day Four:
I am still not with Dr. Phil on this one. Matter of fact. I threw away his books and tapes. I need help and listening to positive energy....well. I finally found out what happened to Captain Dee. I drove by her house. I stopped my white Neon in her manicured driveway and lawn. I rang the doorbell. Captain Dee answered. She shuffled me into bathroom. What the....

She nervously said: "I have guests. Skinny guests. They told me to cut the fatties in my life. Or, they will kick me out of THE social circle. Look, honey. I love you. But, I need these ladies. The tennis club. The private schools. The swanky parties. You know, hon."

By now, I am mystified and mad. I am sweating under my arms--pit stains are a bear. And, I want out of this bathroom.

My comment to her: You are the biggest loser.

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RE: Diet Journal 6/3-69

Postby Lizz18 » Wed Aug 27, 2008 6:45 pm

Dear Journal,
I wouldn't be writting to you, if this wasn't an ememercy. Its basally a matter of life and death, and no I'm not being overly dramatic! Willard Scott, the quaterback on the school's football team asked ME to go to the prom with him! Only probelm was I nearly fainted when he asked me, second my mom had this total crazy faesty that I should go to the prom with Wilard in her highschool prom dress that made her prom queen. However I don't fit in it! I nearly broke theythreading, while trying it on! Not fitting was a total understatement!
So here i am, stuck trying to make my mom happy, who insisted i was just, "chubby around the hibs", that I could lost the pounds with no problem. And not to mention keep Willard happy, who feels uncomfortable at school when I'm practically eatting air, and he alawys orders lunch from the school cafeiteria. However PROBLEM! just wait and see, and don't tell me I didn't warn you!

Week one
My mom said to stay away from sugary foods, so i did (when she wasn't around)
Lost five pounds at the beginning off the week, but had a sugar urge, and gained three back. My friend Malissa hid all her fridos, and other good stuff in her lunch box, amnd when we got to school after my mom dropping us off, (since she just livesd next door) gave me the extras she picked up from her home.
I rode my bike like crazy burning off the extra calories, with unhappy results!

Week two
The stay away from bread week. She packed me meat and chese baggies with no bread expecting me to eat them! Willard felt sorry for me, and traded lunches. I happily ate his bean and chese burrio with a ice cream cup, and a apple the size for the umbaloobas off of The Wizard of Oz. Rest of the week Malissa and Willard "helped out."
Lost five pounds after working out at the school gym, but I had gained four, so not much .

Week 3
The veggie week. I know my mom was realizing I was getting feed, because the diet and the exerize wasn;t paying up, plus I'm a lousey lyier. She says she can tell by looking at my face, that am that I have a problem looking people in the eye when I know I'm lying, and don't want to get caught.
She called Willard's and Malissa's parents and told them they were ruining my diet. Embrassed, I stopped eatting full meals, and ate very sparingly. I'd eat some of Willard'as food, but only bites, and I'd call that a meal. Malissa, knowing her was so shocked about the phone call, that and her mom getting upset at her, stopped feeding me. Willard didn't care.
I lost seven pounds, while exercising like crazy.

The Suirprise week. I thought my mom would surprise me with a dessert week, but instead it was not much of a surprise if ytou ask me. The seafood smelled so bad Willard started making the "see food joke", while i threw it in the garbage, and ate nothing until I got home. Malissa surprised me and gave me some Nutter butters. The next day I traded 3 guys who were oriental my "see food" for their apples, oranges, and any other fruit that had in their lunch boxes.

I lost four pounds, and my mom said knowing I was going behind her back again eatting someone else's lunch, hugged me and actually cried, saying how beauiful I looked in her prom queen dress and proud of me for trying so much to please her and fit it, that even Willard didn't have anything to say when he saw me.

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RE: Diet Journal 6/3-69

Postby spicymamacita » Wed Nov 19, 2008 4:20 am

A Month of Change

14 November 2008

Okay, this is it. I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to do it this time and do it right. I have to get this weight off. I caught Jeff watching me while I struggled into a pair of jeans, and I was horrified by the look on his face – a mixture of disbelief … and disgust – before I managed to slam the bedroom door. We’ve been married almost ten years. I think he’s getting itchy. I know I have to lose this weight if I want any chance of keeping my husband.

Later …
Enrolled in the local Weight Watchers. Height: 5’3”. Weight: 203. I want to cry. I want Oreos.

21 November 2008

Have been attending weekly meetings. Actually lost weight! 1.8 pounds in the first week! Yay! I keep telling myself that little victories add up, but -- dammit -- Oreos are on sale at the grocery store this week! I wonder if I can resist the little devils?

Last night, Jeff was watching me eat dinner (a grilled chicken salad, dressing on the side). He still curls his lip like he can’t hold in his disdain. I know I don’t look like I did when we got married. I’m not stupid, and I’m not blind. I know that the labels inside my jeans read size 20 now, instead of the svelte 6 I used to be. I see myself every day in the mirror that doesn’t lie. I KNOW what I look like. But seeing the look in his eyes, like every good thing about me is meaningless because I don’t look beautiful to him just kills a little bit of me. This weight loss HAS to help!

26 November 2008

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Oh, crap, how am I going to get through this?!? Jeff and I are going to his parents’ for the holiday. I have to be careful, since I only lost 0.4 pounds at my last meeting. (Still at 200.8) If I go up, I know I’ll binge. I feel like I’m holding on by my fingertips, and the holidays are stomping the crap out of my hands! What if I fall?

1 December 2008

Whew! I did it! I survived the holidays! My weight is now 199.6! OH MY GOD! I DID IT! I ate and had a good holiday – I just love seeing Jeff’s sister and her family – and I fell right out of the 200’s! Thank you, God! I think it’s going to be a good 2009! Woo-hoo!!!

Later …
Just got a call from Jeff. He said he’s sorry. He said it’s hurt him to see me struggling with my weight for so long. He said he misses the old me. He said he met someone new. He said he’s sorry.

Ben and Jerry’s is on sale.

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RE: Diet Journal 6/3-69

Postby superreader » Tue Jun 22, 2010 3:03 pm

 Chapter 1:

Are you heavier than you'd like to be?

Well, duh.

Are you always hungry, stressed and lethargic?

Why do you have to rub it in?

Brand-new studies have shown-

Uh-huh, I'm listening!

-that the SpeedySlim diet is the only certain way to get your pounds off and your energy back on!

Nu, so get to the point!

For more information or to buy the introductory packet for only $9.99, please call 1-800-674-9229. That's 1-800-674-9229. We can't wait to hear from you!

I switched off the radio and reached for the phone.

Chapter 2:

As soon as the booklet came in the mail, I delved into it.

People will tell you that it's your fault that you can't lose weight. But that's not always true. (Atta boy, Doc!) Failure to lose weight can be genetic, if you had obese parents; medical, if you have a thyroid of other issue; or, your body might be holding onto that excess weight, making it harder to get rid of it. This is quite common.

What you will do is so simple, that it's bound to work! All you need to do is eat regular sized meals, supplemented by SpeedySlim products found in your local grocery. Yes you heard me right, regular meals. But regular meals aren't what you think! The key is downsizing.

I read enough. But something catches my eye.

The easiest way to keep to your resolutions is to keep a dieting diary. If you enter an entry every week, than you will feel motivated-

I'm already on my way to Staples.

Chapter 3:

Week 1: Well, the book says, The best snacks are vegetables. Their nutrition and relatively low calorie content- Well, I have enough trouble choking down my five daily portions of fruit and vegetables. I'll stick with potato chips. Potatoes are a vegetable, no?

Week 2:

Apparently now we get down to the real dieting. Now, I should eat Whatever you like, just less of it! It doesn't matter what, because the biggest cause of obesity is not fattier foods, but too much of them! Perfect. So now I go to McDonald's and order a triple cheeseburger with the works, supersize fries, and a chocolate shake, but I only eat half! This diet is the best!

Week 3:

Next week is the Day of Judgement: weighing time. But in the meantime, I introduce a new food in my diet! SpeedySlim bars, shakes and cereals are a delicious, nutritious supplement to your diet. Filling and tasty- yeah, they taste like sawdust. But, "by accident",  I throw my SpeedySlim bars out instead of my Hershey bars. At $20.00 a box, I'm not buying another one. Oh well, I'll have to eat my Hersheys instead. What a shame.

Week 4:

Now, it's time to see- did it work? I step gingerly on the scale, wincing at the groan of the plastic as I stand, and peek at the number Omigosh! I weigh- no, forget it, let's just say that I weigh ten pounds more. What a scam! I should sue- and after I followed the diet to the letter!

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Re: Diet Journal 6/3-69

Postby Trissa » Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:31 am

Day One of my diet...or "life style" change if you will.
Drink eight ounces of this, then take this little pill.
I'm allowed broth, no bread for the first three days.
By Day Four I am starving and the room starts to sway.

Week One is down and my moods are erratic.
I'm now allowed lettuce, cabbage, and haddock.
These pills are giving me a caffeine high
And I would throttle my granny for homemade peach pie.

Week Two arrives. I stand on the scale.
I look in the mirror. I'm so drawn and pale.
But I'll stick to my guns and tackle this weight
As I need to lose twenty more by my wedding date.

Week Three crawls by slowly. But I'm still kickin'!
I'm now in hog heaven eating grilled or broiled chicken.
My vision isn't fuzzy, my hair is growing back.
I've lost fifteen lbs. Think I'm getting the knack.

Week Four and I've made it! Twenty lbs. shed.
Time to slip on that dress; it's my day to wed!
What's this? It won't fit...I've lost too much weight.
It's baggy and droopy on this my big date.

We're padding the bra and buying a foam JLo butt.
My mother shoves pins in to cinch up the gut.
Now I promise to love, honor, and never forsake.
But when it's time for the reception -- hand over that cake!


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