Writing Is Like ... 5/20-5/26

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Re: Writing Is Like ... 5/20-5/26

Postby UnicornBaby » Sat Sep 03, 2011 4:40 pm

Writing is like a world in which there is no fear of what will happen next, for your emotions control the ending. Writing is the state of Oneness in which your heart and soul incorporate and become one. Tears turn into words and laughter creates the happily ever after. It is the moment that the world of the Unknown and a writer's personal reality come together as the pen turns into a sword of inspiration and the Unknown becomes discovered.
My heart is my totem, a blackened beating taunt that soaks the Page with its prevail. Its blood becomes my ink as I stab the Pen into it. I heave forward with my hollow chest, entranced in my decay, sorry to say, that I am a writer of Darkness now.


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