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Re: The Internet an incredible resource for research!

PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:42 pm
by plughmann
[quote="Fishgeek"]I know it's not very profound, but sometimes I'm beside myself when I realize how lucky I am to be a writer at this point in history, where the research resources are literally at my fingertips at the convenience of my home!

How many of you are old enough to remember having to go to a library for all your research?

Additionally I was always one that hated typewriters. It was probably that girl sitting next to me in typing class during timed typing that already typed 50 wpm. She psyched me out so badly my first three words were typos! :? Cutting, and copying and pasting on a computer has liberated me! 8-)[/quote]

I remember the library and the teachers requiring we use 4x6 cards with the citation and quote on every one before we wrote.

I always used an electric typewriter, the manuals were too hard on the fingers.
I taught myself to TT 40wpm in two weeks. The way schools teach typing is inefficient.
I used the Star TT course and it worked. It was similar to a morse code course I also took.

It helped to practice mentally as I drove. Mentally I would key the license plate letters or a sign.
I ended up passing 100wpm when I was working and wanted to draft up notes for my use or wrote a report.