You're My Inspiration

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RE: You're My Inspiration

Postby angelinblack » Mon Apr 17, 2006 10:14 pm

J, you are so encouraging to us all. How could you possibly doubt that you have no impact on the silent ones amongst the great and noble such as yourself? And, no, this is not an ego boost, lol. We always love your feedback. Keep it coming.


RE: You're My Inspiration

Postby maika » Wed Apr 19, 2006 8:26 am

When I was in third grade, I was as shy as... a ... shy thing. My best friend {yet to be at the time} came up to me in the playground and asked me if I wanted to write a story with her. Never met her before in my life but I had nothing to my name {seeing as I was... what... nine?} so I said yes. And it opened me up from there. I am confidant that it made me the person I am today, her getting me to start writing. My parents never introduced me to any way of expressing myself as a child and writing my first opportunity. One of my favorites, I might add. Out of everything artistic thing I've learned, writing is the one that I have never stopped doing. Corny, I know.

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RE: You're My Inspiration

Postby ms. novel » Fri May 19, 2006 5:56 am

I think I've been a hopeless romantic since i started walking and talking. but when I met my husband in high school he was the icing on the cake for me. he is my true soulmate. in every sense of the word. a lot of my inspiration comes from him, the things he does for me, to me, and with me. the things he says to me. his every jesture is that of a knight and shining amour. I know it sounds crazy, but family and friends all say that he's a keeper. he's unbelievable. and he is my true inspiration.

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RE: You're My Inspiration

Postby Varthikes » Wed Jul 19, 2006 10:32 pm

There isn't really any ONE person who has inspired me to write. More like a collective of individuals.

Going back to when I first decided that I wanted to write...

I'd say Gene Roddenberry through is creation of Star Trek, which, over time, gave me a desire to create my own science fiction stories. As time passed, J. Michael Straczynski also came to be an inspiration through is Babylon 5 creation. As of late, Anne McCaffrey has become my greatest source of inspiration. I've often found myself modelling my writing style after her's.

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RE: You're My Inspiration

Postby Princess Belle » Thu Jul 20, 2006 10:39 pm

I loved writing so much that the thought of the field alone inspire me to go on even if it won't land in editor's desk.During extreme sadness I find comfort in my writing, it seems as though I felt a pair of arms around me, or when I'm happy it seems that my journal is the only person I can share with whatever things that makes me no particular person, events, or place that inspire me to write. I think when you really love the writing profession and you've got the passion to scribble thoughts in the pad there's no need for any inspiration. The simple thought of having people appreciate your work is already a factor that fuel your energy to write.Though there are established writers I always look up to, the likes of M.Scott Peck, John Gray, Leo Buscaglia, Khalil Gibran and Bo Sanchez, because their writing style is so unique you couldn't put the books until you explore the last page and I think because of the great christian values they presented and shared, but they are only my models in writing not inspiration.

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RE: You're My Inspiration

Postby JonathanD » Thu Aug 10, 2006 4:21 am

Who's my inspiration? Well, to be honest, you are. Yes you the person sitting at a desk with coffee in one hand and your mouse in the other. Yes you person reading over the shoulder of the person sitting at a desk with coffee in one hand and thier mouse in the other. Yes you everyone.
I find inspiration comes from everywhere, from everything. Not just one person or place.
But, I guess if I had to title a single person for why I write, I'd say a few different people for different reasons.
Stephen King for giving me hope. If so many people like his writing, doensn't that mean that someone - at least one (Mom unincluded) just may like my work?
My seventh grade english teacher for telling me I couldn't do it. I want to be on the bookshelf of the local bookstore, have her look at the title, and then recognize the author. Oh, I'd die if I could see that.
Then, finally, my high school senior yearbook. Remember those stupid idoitic "firsts" students assigned thier classmates? Yes, well, I wasn't one of them. One of my friends was votes "first to be published." True he's not working to be a writer, true I work for a magazine and have been published that way a few times now... I just like feeling I'm proving something wrong somehow. As if to say, "Hey, ********! You didn't know me, nice pick stupid."
But mostly its you again.... you're where I get my ideas. Keep 'em coming public, those silly things you do in the news and while talking on the phone just gets the tornado in my mind a-spinnin.

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RE: You're My Inspiration

Postby Pat Pechon » Thu Aug 10, 2006 5:38 am

JonathanD, Sooo much energy!!!I think it's great, you remind me of my younger son, only his passion is Art. I had an English teacher in High School who swore I plagiarized my Senior Term paper. Cos I couldn't have possibly written anything that well. He wanted a re-write, I refused and failed his class, years later when my husband was taking a college course in English Comp. I wrote all his papers, and he pulled an A. Someday you'll get to look back and go Neener Neener...Neener. I heard someone say "Acomplishment is the best revenge"

My inspiration is someone like you, who keeps going to see their dream happen.

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RE: You're My Inspiration

Postby Nico Corvus » Wed Sep 13, 2006 9:45 am

Kat Martin


RE: You're My Inspiration

Postby uhvanna » Sun Sep 17, 2006 4:59 pm

I guess my sister would be my main imspiration. When she had cancer and was recovering from surgery, I would go read to her. She just kept saying no to the books I would start to read. I had started writing, didn't even know at the time, I was going to call it a book.
I printed out what I had written, took it to the hospital, without telling her it was mine.
She loved it, wanted to know the name, so she could buy it and finish it.
From there I started letting others read my stories--always without telling them who wrote it, I got good reviews. But my sis is the main one, because I know she knows a good book.

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RE: You're My Inspiration

Postby Nico Corvus » Fri Sep 22, 2006 6:30 am

I need to add Stephenie Meyer and Alexandre Dumas. :-)


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