Instructions For A Poet's Lover

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Instructions For A Poet's Lover

Postby Pericaliya » Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:23 am

Do not fear my words
No matter the vendetta
Strewn throughout them
Despite their sting
For wrath is slippery
And will fall between my fingers.

Do not fear others
A reference to the past
Has no place in my future
Affections or otherwise
My heart and lungs belong to you
Though my brain carelessly wanders.

Do not fear misinterpretation
If a stanza is meant for you
You can feel it
With it’s ocean blue-tipped edges
Packaged in a serenade
Addressed to you.

Do not fear me
Though my heart is occasionally bitter
Though I can be cruel
And I am fickle,
One thing remains true
I only love you.

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