The Twins Shake Four Hands

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The Twins Shake Four Hands

Postby offsetemily » Mon Aug 11, 2014 9:28 pm

the closing of the eyes -
the flowers still bloom, although
their scent has changed to
the smell of resin,
a masque,
their beauty still begging my
butterflies still all
around them,
timidly past them
as a moth, twice-cursed by
this new perception. no lesser the
beauty, but lesser the smell.
the sick intrigue that senses
nothing rather than flower's fragrant eminence.
i, the dimmed one, finding meaning in
thought rather than experience.
my quaking soul angles in the direction of unity.
the twins shake four hands,
they are no longer enemies. coexisting,
they emerge with their wounds,
brought on by one another.
finally at peace.
their contradictory spirits spin
towards the center.
- - -
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