The Starlet

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The Starlet

Postby Storylover02 » Tue May 20, 2014 9:06 pm

This is one I wrote for a poetry class in school. I got the idea from watching HBO's Girls, which s a great show, so the girl in the poem is lot like one the girls in the show, just a bit more extreme.

The Starlet

She has known all along how it will be,
just as she planned in her purple notebook
With glitter on the cover and each page filled
With red ink or pink for a special star,
A guy who deserves hearts around his name.
Her story has already been written:
One long script, each act constantly rehearsed
Characters cast and costumed like she wants.
All that is left is her director’s cues,
And the show will begin as she planned. But,

Something is not right. Her cues have come, but
No one is in their place. Where are the friends
Trailing after her, begging for her favor?
Ugly hatchlings clamoring for her worms.
Where is the fame that was meant to rain down
Upon her as she showed the uncultured,
world the special talents she longs to show?
Where is her co-star, who she had dreamed of?
Spent so much time casting and recasting?
The most critical role aside from hers;
Someone as handsome, and rich, and famous
Enough to have such a noteworthy role?

The cues have come and gone. She stops the play.
An intermission of wiping tables,
Flipping greasy burgers and serving them
To her would-be sycophants for curt thanks.
“Maybe,” she sighs through smiles, forced and fake,
It’s time to do one hell of a re-write.

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Re: The Starlet

Postby Billie Bowman Daddario » Sun May 25, 2014 3:19 pm

This is a great character study. It is filled with hope even in the disappointment.

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