A Crush

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A Crush

Postby Storylover02 » Sun May 18, 2014 4:28 pm

A Crush

Funny how the mundane act of speaking
Can quickly become so terrifying
When we are confronted with great beauty
That turns a silver tongue to heavy lead.

A steady and lucid mind will go dark
Turn to mush when met with sweet pangs of love
A dazzling smile or a merry laugh
Can charge our hearts and leave our minds stone dead.

A warm word of praise or a friendly touch,
Such simple gestures from compatriots,
Though from sweet lips and soft hands of angels
Our hearts tremble, eyes falter, faces flush.

Such beauty lights fires within us all.
Strength in sculptors’ picks, ink in poets’ quills
And warmth, love, and resolve in all our hearts.
As we find ourselves smitten with a crush

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