Shopping for Mom

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Shopping for Mom

Postby Patty80926 » Thu Nov 21, 2013 1:49 pm


Do you think my Christmas wish list
Is for toiletries and lace?
Is for chocolates on the counter,
Maybe lotions for my face?

Is there something else I'm missing?
Is there something else I need?
Is there something you're forgetting?
Any thought or word or deed?

Do you think I want for Christmas
One more knickknack in the house.
One more soft angora sweater?
One more convoluted blouse?

Do you think my heart's not aching
For the bickering to cease.
For a little less contention
For a little household peace?

Just one meal without indifference
Just one look without disdain?
Causing heartbreak with your backtalk
Causing tears to fall like rain.

Do you think that I'm not longing
just to have my children back
Back before the teenage drama
Back before the constant flack.

Can we drive to school one morning
Without kicks or jabs or shrieks?
Can we work on solving conflict?
Maybe try some new techniques?

If you knew that all I wanted
Was a morning without hate
Was a drive without derision?
Where you bicker and berate?

If I asked you, would you give me
Just one happy little smile?
Could you hold it for a moment?
Could you hold it for a mile?

If you had the power to change me
Douse my sorrows, ease my pain,
Is that something you’d consider?
Something you might entertain?

If I gave to you my wish list
Would you listen, would you hear?
Would you muster up the courage
To say "This is what we fear."

Would that be too much to ask for?
Is that too much to expect?
That my children show compassion
That my children show respect?

Would you give up sneaky stealing
Maybe give up cigarettes?
Stop your foul and vulgar swearing
Stop your hostile little threats?

If I asked you take the razor
Off of your own Christmas list,
That you find another outlet
for a bunny that you missed?

Do you think I wouldn't give up
All the years left in my life
If you’d promise no more cutting?
If you’d promise no more knife?

I’d trade Santa all my presents!
Let him turn them back to coal
For the magic words to make you
Feel the value of your soul.

If I told you what I wanted…
If I told you what I need,
Would it be too much to ask for
Would it be too much to heed?

Would you listen to my rambling?
Would you minimize my fears?
Would you stomp away in anger
Would you leave me to my tears?

Would you smother me with kisses?
Would you wrap me in your arms?
Would you trade with me your sorrows
Would you calm me with your charms.

Would you say I don't deserve it
Would you leave my soul bereft?
Would you walk away so slowly
No one even knew you left.

Patricia Calloway

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