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Postby overmind » Tue May 14, 2013 6:30 pm

Intersecting lines and dividing waves,
They radiate from an eternal source.
Yet the points are many in number
In this midnight sky so cold.
A warm glow emanates from within,
My insides ignite like a roaring fire.
A star lies in my heart and mind,
Its attraction greater than before
As it rises to the surface in flame.
I become the dawn before daybreak
Under a frozen sky.
I am one with the world and forevermore.
A forgotten past comes to mind
Carrying eternity in its grace.
I know truly what I am,
And it is not merely the fire that I feel
Or the light pouring from my skin.
I am a child of the stars
And I am their creator.
I am beyond the creation
And within it.
I am one in one trillion,
And one only-begotten.
Eternal at heart, yet still so young;
I am a growing beacon
Among many I will know.
Flying through stardust
To illuminate my home.
I will become a star in the sky,
A sky still chill at midnight.

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