For This Love, I Die

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For This Love, I Die

Postby delicate-creature » Tue Aug 21, 2012 7:52 pm

our memories levitate across this abandoned sea
like clouds of ships sailing
they linger, they glitter,and they are mine
and for this love, I die

your hands like pens written of you surrender
these words incinerate my hips
and I feel you leaving your mark
passing shadows gather me
lovely with ivory encrusted wings
grasp me tightly, set me free
for this love that hurts me still
my past monsters dissipate
and I die wondering their secrets

Traveling across the tormented desert
my bare feet dissolves in spicy sands
no other fountain of gratifying love could bring be back
drown my insides of unknown dreams
writhes colors and shapes internally in this mirror
reflecting fragments of you and i
all the life twisted me
reborn intertwined, wrapped perfectly for you
and for my love, I die

painted trinkets of my spirit dangle
a hidden jewel you'll never find
unless you cave in deeply, to dwell
shall we quiver in the night of ghosts
shall our last words be spoken too soon
and borrow the burning light of the moon
as the sun melts upon your skin
repair the unconscious pulses of a deep fried heart
excavate me nameless but hold me in forevermore
and for this love, I die

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