To Say Goodbye

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To Say Goodbye

Postby delicate-creature » Tue Aug 21, 2012 7:51 pm

to say goodbye
is like the sweetened words drifting away of dreamlike notes into the atmosphere
holds me prisoner of my own, ripped through of the cages in saddened time
to say goodbye
as the memories had dissipate under the sunset's golden wings
by remembering you
to remember nothing but to love you
and conquered within compressed, pure emotions
bursting as if a rose awakens and yawns,
her freshened sheets of a new morning
to say goodbye
is every piece of your heart shatters among the transparent nights
without me in your grasp, your tender remains to preserve me near
the silence strums from within myself
and somehow these leavings of my soul turned to withered butterflies
the master of my madness
the reaper of my pleasant dreams
ceased in his spirit, but calls me by my name
and faded between my heartstrings
overtaken from pots of sorrow that flowered into fruits of prospering hope
romance carved like pebbles into stone
the melodies of your voice wrinkles bows of a passionate love
cascades along me like a ghost escapes from your scarlet lips
hidden secrets from you longing kiss
as if the leafy umbrellas of a lone tree, stirs her tears among the hazy August heat
to say goodbye
as your hand freed away from my own
every last note unspoken when the pain drawn from the wells of me
quietly tracing the loveliness between the shivering twilight
to say goodbye
is the porcelain stars birthed there light of the palpitating harp
your face, your voice, and all your love dissolved into porous bones of death
and once more, your presence lazily resembles around me
to say a final goodbye
is fear in thy self to carry on

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