Feast Upon My Sorrow

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Feast Upon My Sorrow

Postby delicate-creature » Tue Aug 21, 2012 7:50 pm

feast your heart upon thy sorrow, petals of my tears encase the lovely skies nameless
hard to pen these feelings from inside
harvest the scars of your hatred with precision
and carefully mend your ship abroad the levitating memories
of you,
of me,
from us
into the quivering silence, i cannot hold you in these towering walls anymore
but its hard to forget you, to love you
to erase all of you into
the coming morning, when the night has been washed away by my dreams of grief
your face reflected back to me
like a glittering star of a thousand mirrors
to break over the sun-stricken horizon
for my undying love to graciously leave

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