Side Effects

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Side Effects

Postby innerFury » Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:58 pm

I was watching TV as I do everyday
I saw a commercial and it had a lot to say

It claimed to cure the ills that have destroyed me
Just one pill a day…..will wash the pain away

For the most part it is true
Ever wake up with a headache? What do you do?

You take a pill and you hope for the best
Over time your headache goes away
You no longer feel blue…you are able to rest

But did you ever stop to think what that pill did to you?

I saw a commercial today and it had a lot to say
It claimed to cure the ills that have destroyed me
Just one pill a day will wash the pain away

The pain was washed away but what did it leave behind?
Did you hear all the side effects? If not……please hit rewind

Upset stomach, diarrhea, cold/hot sweats, insomnia
Anxiety, restlessness, unusual weight loss or gain
Are these side effects from the pill prescribed to me?
Or what happens after a night on crack cocaine?

Isn’t this is insane?
You take a pill to help you overcome depression
Now you can’t even remember your own name

We live in a world of reality TV
It makes you believe in everything you see

If you are one of those take a moment to think of the editing crew
Is everything you see really true?

No one thing on this earth can take your pain away
What do you have to say?

Did that commercial really convince you?
Did you think it would wash your ills away?

I too fell into that trap many, many times
I fell for the quick fix, I failed to see through the disguise

So I suggest you give this a shot
Pray to our Lord and Savior. Why not?

Don’t believe in him? Don’t think he can protect?
That’s ok. One things for sure

Saying a prayer to our heavenly Father
Doesn’t come with side effects

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