May 6 Prompt

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May 6 Prompt

Postby Rox » Tue May 06, 2008 5:53 am

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May 6 Prompt

Postby Rox » Tue May 06, 2008 5:53 am

So, I thought it might be good to add regular prompts, so here goes...

Write a poem about your favorite type or body of water. This could be a pond, a lake, a glass of water, hail, rain, puddles, ice cubes, an aquarium….. Whatever catches your interest.

Here's mine:


Sitting on the cliffs

Wreathed in coffee and steam

I wait

Burning my tongue

And shivering.

Gray sky meets blue-gray water.

Singing softly to me,

Perfumed in salt and brown kelp

This soft, shallow edge of deep water

Reminds me of other daybreaks

Other days spent in the water

Swimming, fishing, playing...



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Re: May 6 Prompt

Postby midwesternskirt » Tue May 06, 2008 6:46 am

such beautiful and lingering imagery, rox! thanks for the poem and the prompt for today! here is my response...


time to myself
for sinking--
and the lavendar
perfumes my sin

i read a book
while my toes turn
to flesh-toned raisins
and i forget
another sweat-
drenched dream

i hide under
water to rinse
and baptize
the guilt of the night

the faucet
and sponge
offer communion
and i accept
another day, clean

-- k weber

Robert Lee Brewer
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Re: May 6 Prompt

Postby Robert Lee Brewer » Tue May 06, 2008 6:53 am

I didn't write this for the prompt--and just shared it with my girlfriend a few moments ago--but I'll add this little start of something that I've been composing on a Post-It note:

Earth worries for water--a gentle mania in the late morning. Where water goes when it's mad is not as important as where it goes when happy. Water goes where water goes; earth waits and worries and wonders when again.

Right now, I'm thinking this will expand into some kind of prose poem, but who knows. Anyway, funny how this body of water prompt just happened to start up this same morning. People must have water on the brain.

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Re: May 6 Prompt

Postby Iain » Tue May 06, 2008 8:31 am


Mystic Alborán
Each morning you greet my vista
Each night lull me to sleep
One day calm like a giant millpond,
Lacking only a majestic willow to lap
Her fronds in your shores.
Next angry, violent with galloping
Horses and great fiery demons
Surging fiercely landwards

So many travellers you have greeted and
Dismissed. Romans, Moors came and
Left your rocky shores.
Now you see fishermen, ferries
Pleasure boats and yachts of all shape and hue.
But constant you remain,
Ever guarding this barren land,
Ever limiting mans domain

Mystic Alborán I watch you
Spreading far away from me,
Reaching out to the curve of the world
And I love you; I am in your rapture.
No other sea could hold me
Mesmerised as you do.
Waiting for the day that I too
Shall cross you and say

The part of the Med where I live is called Mar de Alborán. Now I don’t usually get all slushy gushy so just be grateful I didn’t write about a huge glass of Rum!!

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Re: May 6 Prompt

Postby Rox » Tue May 06, 2008 10:22 am

Robert - Water on the brain sounds like a medical problem; we should probably all have that looked at.... ;-)

Iain - I love the poem, but I gotta admit - I was expecting something in a glass on the rocks from you!

Lorraine Hart
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Re: May 6 Prompt

Postby Lorraine Hart » Tue May 06, 2008 11:24 am

LOVES water preshusses...the blackened nice and juicy SWEEEEEEET!!! Iain....awwww..."reaching out to the curve of the world"...I liked a shorebird too! Perhaps there should be an entire topic of Rum and Sea Shanties! But...about water...I can go on forever...
Nice seed of thought Robert...keep watering...tee-hee!
k. weber...having spent a lot of my life in the bath...I loved jumping in with you!

Joe's Bay

What is it about water
that sets my soul aright?
I'm no sailor of surface,
'tis the depths I feel,
the movement I watch
while still,
the ebb and flow
landscape of change,
constance of change,
colours move me and
movement soothes me,
shorebird, I'm home.

Oh Mother Ocean, Sister Sea

Oh Mother Ocean, Sister Sea
all night I watch and hear thee,
something wild and deep stirring,
in thy roar I hear all I have
ever loved calling my heart,
pulling me into undertow,
oh the ache of the midnight
wind and baptism of thy spray,
oh Mother Ocean, Sister Sea,
thy musky salt on my lips,
I am born again and again
and again in thee.

Two Watery Haiku

falling drumming rain
a wall of liquid rhythms
monsoon horizon

deep end of the pool
chlorine blue this solitude
mermaid and captive

Sorry...just couldn't seem to stop the flow...some days are just like that...I don't cry...I get so full I leak!

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Re: May 6 Prompt

Postby Iain » Tue May 06, 2008 1:05 pm

Soooo... As it goes I was just drinking rum with a german chap, young fella, well it turns out he came west after the wall came down & he told me about how when he was young his uncle who had escaped to West Berlin sent mail to east Berlin via a courier... a guy they called the Dead Postman. Shivers down my spine or what??!! Never said this before but if you were ever in the STASI screw you!!

Sorry have accidently posted this elsewhere too!

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RE: May 6 Prompt

Postby halfmoon_mollie » Tue May 06, 2008 1:54 pm

My favorite body of water is Lake Ontario. Where I live, we have a loved/hated weather condition called Lake Effect - those of us whom it affects understand, those whom it does not...well, here's my poem about Lake Effect


Sometimes in summer
I am a ghost
My presence felt but
not seen until
lightning flashes
and thunder echoes
from shore to shore

A rowdy ride
through a crowded sky
brings me to earth with
those like me

I may land
on bare earth
Or shatter apart
when I collide
with shingled roofs

Maybe, with a hiss
I’ll turn to steam
on a section
of summer sidewalk

I repeat the passage often
may simply disappear
In drier air
But never for long

Where I lie
I am warmer than
the icy blasts
sweeping from the north

Snatched by a roughneck wind
I am tossed skyward
and drawn once more
into a crowded cloud

Pushing and elbowing
we rise to avoid
piling into the
plateau ahead

I drift languidly
there is no collision
with what lies below
only a gentle settling

Soon spring will wake me
and I will join those like me
once again, swept into the clouds
for a rowdy ride
through a crowded sky

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Re: May 6 Prompt

Postby Iain » Tue May 06, 2008 2:03 pm

Nice one Mollie!


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